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Emmsys Weebles - moving to the Greenhouse for spring and summer!

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4everhopeful Fri 08-Mar-13 00:09:16

Onwards and upwards lovelies... Bfp's, bumps, babies and young graduates, growing nicely back in the warmth of the greenhouse...

CloudOfStarlings Sat 13-Jul-13 09:54:08

Hi barbie! smile haven't heard anything from 4ever so assume no news...I'm lurking constantly! Wow, your ds going into a bed already? shock Your pics on instagram are gorgeous, what amazing experiences your children are having in all these countries! Plus they're such BEAUTIFUL children!!

4everhopeful Sat 13-Jul-13 18:08:02

<sigh> still no sign..

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 13-Jul-13 23:28:01

Ooh 4ever I'm so excited for you smile just popped in for news and you know there's always news when I pop in!!! I reckon it'll be tonight smile

Waves to everyone and big grin for 30 weeker moon

Shroomboom Sun 14-Jul-13 13:03:09

ooh curly I hope you're right!

Good luck 4ever for whenever it happens - I reckon tomorrow night grin is it induction day tomorrow? Will be thinking of you...

Am now 12+1 with scan on Tuesday so am terrified. Still feeling sick sad

Love to all xxx

CloudOfStarlings Sun 14-Jul-13 14:51:34

shroom!! 12+1 that is beyond exciting! I'm sure this is your time and boy were you made to wait for it! That little girl will be just fine on Tues ;)

4ever I was just coming on to ask if tomorrow was induction it? You know I was despairing with my ds2 about waiting so long once again, and he managed to turn up at +13 (by hospital dates) which was the very last day I would've been allowed to deliver on the MLU so I got my wish smile I'm with curly, I reckon ds is coming tonight too !

4everhopeful Sun 14-Jul-13 17:45:05

Hey ladies I do hope you're right, would be lovely tonight, but am quite resigned to the fact I'm going in for my induction tomorrow now.... I have to phone at 6.30am, though wont be expected to go in at that time, so we are all ready and prepared to go... I'm excited and nervous all in one, but also desperately sad to be leaving my gorgeous girl for so long, though obviously she will be visiting as soon as I have him! Mad to think within 48hrs I should hopefully be holding him in my arms.. smile

So, Ill probably attempt a post or two while I'm waiting for the induction process to kick in, and will of course let you know any news as soon as there is any...

Also, must say, thanks so much to all of you for your ongoing support and just for being there through my weebles, can't believe I'm about to have my 2nd miracle baby, when I didn't dare believe we'd even
have one! grin I count my blessings daily, trust me!

Lastly, shroom Ill be lurking for news on tuesday for your scan, and I'm praying for you, but truly believe its time for your miracle too! I know the nuchal scan no doubt fills you with fear, understandably so, but, like I say, I've every belief this is your time... smile

So, you never know, you could hear from me later, but if not, until tomorrow ladies! smile Love u all xxxxxxxx

CloudOfStarlings Sun 14-Jul-13 19:42:03

Oh 4ever bless you, I know precisely how you feel (apart from not having gone through all the crap that you have obviously) ...but I just felt so so sad to leave my ds1. I promise you it will all be fine though, you'll be focused on the birth and you'll know that Summer is being well looked after. She's an independent little lady she'll be just fine. I remeber rumours saying the same things to me when I was so worried about it though and it doesn't make much difference beforehand does it cos you're just so worried about everything... but yes, as you say, you WILL be holding him within 48 hours, I'm just SO excited for you! smilesmile Still v much hoping it happens tonight for you but I'm glad you've accepted it will be induction. Get some really good rest tonight lady. Loads of love xxx

Rumours Sun 14-Jul-13 21:31:25

Best of luck for tomorrow 4ever, wishing you a speedy easy birth. S will have a lovely time being spoilt by whoever is looking after her, after all she's about to become a big sister, and that will be so special and important to her.

shroom second trimester smile good luck at your scan, not that you need it, it will be fine xx

Waves to everyone smile

littlebellsmum Sun 14-Jul-13 22:21:52

So exciting, Summers little brother will be here soon. Hope everything goes well - it will be quicker than last time and those first cuddles will soon be yours.

boom I can't believe you are 2nd trimester - I'm with the others, sure this is your time and Tuesday will only have good news.

Hope our lovely blooming ladies are coping with the sun and that the rest of us are enjoying it as much as possible. Just been to a lovely garden party at school today -would have been more lovely if I wasn't organising it and we had such a great take up with 200 people attending!

Barbie1 Mon 15-Jul-13 05:35:13

Popping in to wish Emma all the best x

Loueytb3 Mon 15-Jul-13 08:03:02

<Knocks on greenhouse door>

Hello! Just had to pop in to wish 4ever the best of luck smileHappy induction day - hope it all goes smoothly and you have your little boy in your arms very soon. Can't wait to hear the news! xx

And oh oh oh - shroom I had to scroll a long way back to find out who the name changer was and I was praying it was a monkey wink So excited for you and will be keeping it all crossed for you tomorrow xxx

Moon - you have my sympathies with the pain and the heat. Take it easy x

Waves to the rest of you. RL is crazy but when I next get a free half hour to properly catch up I will. I think of you all lots xxxx

bluesatinsash Mon 15-Jul-13 11:46:07


bluesatinsash Mon 15-Jul-13 11:54:55

Wishing 4ever a speedy labour today, your long journey is about to bless you with a bouncing baby boy smile

shroom you've been in my thoughts a lot, tomorrow will be a huge milestone, keeping everything crossed lovely lady xx

Mindful I've not been around for a while, I keep up to date with most of you all through FB but still lurk to keep an eye on our pg ladies and non-FB's smile

Life is good, hectic but good. We're currently at the caravan and enjoying the best weather we've seen in years!

Waves and high fives to everyone xx

moonmrs Mon 15-Jul-13 12:18:22

4ever lots of luck for you today, will be thinking of you lots and hoping your little man arrives safely and without too much pain. I’m so excited for you! Soon you’ll be a family of 4! And like you said, you never thought you’d even have 1 so have 2 little ones is amazing, I am absolutely over the moon for you and will be waiting excitedly to hear the good news!

shroom wow 12 weeks already, that time seems to have flown, although maybe not for you. Will be thinking of you tomorrow for a happy scan.

Hi to louey barbie curly and rumours nice to see you popping in, hope you’re all ok.

And blue smile so lovely to see you, and really glad to hear life is treating you well. I’m not on FB, I am very anti-social at times lol, everyone been trying to get me to sign up to it for years but it doesn’t hold much appeal for me.

cupcake I’m afraid my best laid plans for a quiet weekend didn’t happen! It started off well, but got a phonecall from my mum on Saturday, she said she’d had a virus for the last few days and wasn’t feeling very clever, had fainted twice and she’d hit her lip on the toilet the last time she fainted, so we drove to go and get her thinking we’d just look after her for a couple of days til she was feeling brighter – it’s not nice being ill on your own is it. So we picked her up and drove her home, she was a bit wobbly and her poor face looked a mess, and ended up taking her to a & e to get her lip looked at. When she showed me inside I insisted on her taking her to get it checked as it had a massive gash in it, you know when you butterfly a chicken breast or similar, it looked just like that and it was continuously bleeding. So anyway, sat waiting in a & e, Saturday was the hottest day, there was no ventilation and suddenly she grabs my arm and she’d fainted again, so I shouted for some help, thankfully loads of nurses came running and bundled her onto a trolley. They ended up doing loads of tests thinking her heart had a problem and said her heart trace was abnormal, so they wouldn’t let her come back with us that night, hooked her up to a drip and were doing obs constantly. At this point it was getting late and I was so tired and had no chair to sit on in the cubicle (all taken!) my bones were aching so much they hurt, so my sister came to take over from us, and we went home to get some food and some sleep. They moved her to a ward overnight and we went back yesterday, she seemed loads better and they’d glued her mouth back together. We finally got the all clear from the doctor in the afternoon, and now she’s at home with us, well I’m at work and dh is looking after her and he says she’s fine. All her tests came back clear and they re-did her heart trace which was normal, so not quite sure what happened, guessing a combination of not eating and drinking properly with the virus, and it being so hot and she was probably stressed out at being in hospital, who knows. I’ve said she can’t go home yet anyway! Will keep an eye on her for a today and tomorrow and least. So it was an eventful weekend and I am worn out! Feel really achy now in my legs and groin area, and walking is hard again, but I guess I just need to take it easy now and things will improve. Couldn’t leave my poor mum, and at the time you don’t think do you, even though dh kept saying are you ok, shall I take you home, you just keep going. Anyway sorry for the ramble, I only came on to wish 4ever lots of luck!

<waves> to lbm and cupcake and anyone I may have missed.

Hope you all had good weekends and enjoyed the sunshine.

4everhopeful Mon 15-Jul-13 14:01:52

Ah wow bless you lovely ladies! grin Thank you so much, I'm honoured to see all the de lurkers, blue, louey, barbie smile

Rumours, shroom, cloud, moon, thank you too! Especially relating to my heartbreak at leaving Summer, I shed quite a few tears yesterday, I was really emotional! Today however I'm resigned to the means to an end, and know she'll be ok (even if I'm not!)

Moon your poor mum and you! Glad all turned out well! This heat is horrendous, normally Id be loving it but was in tears (again) last night at how Ill cope in a sweltering delivery suite & maternity ward!

So, update is ; I'm still at home! Woke at 3am, couldn't get back to sleep, phoned in. at 6.30am, got told phone back at 8.30am, no beds!

Ooooooh oooooooh they just called, gonna make our way there. after a bath...

ill be back to update! xxxxxxxx

Rumours Mon 15-Jul-13 18:29:12

Lurky lurk smile

SabsFabulous Mon 15-Jul-13 18:29:30

Stumbles in a a sleep deprived haze grin Hello lovely ladies

4ever we've been chatting on WA but best of luck with everything, I'm so excited that you're going to meet your little man soon smile Will be lurking for updates

Shroom I have everything crossed for you for tomorrow. I just know everything will be ok x

Moon 30 weeks already, wow! I bet it's gone slowly for you though. Sorry to hear about your mum. Make sure you take good care of yourself too.

Waves to everyone else. I love how the lurkers come back at a time like this.

Z will be 5 weeks on Wednesday. I was staying at my mums until last week so it was great to have the help. DH is currently on paternity leave but as its Ramadan is fasting which is quite tough in the heat and longer hours. I'm not fasting.

Have had quite a few issues with breastfeeding, problems with latch, severely cracked nipples which means I can only feed from one side and express from the other. I've just finished a course of antibiotics as I had an infection and Z has suspected posterior tongue tie.

SabsFabulous Mon 15-Jul-13 18:32:25

Oops pressed the button before I finished.

Hoping to get a second opinion re the tt and also considering whether to go private.

S loves being a big sister but I do have to watch that she doesn't get over affectionate!

Sorry for the lack of personals.

SabsFabulous Mon 15-Jul-13 18:32:53

Hi Rumours how are the holidays going?

Rumours Mon 15-Jul-13 18:35:49

Hi sabs not too bad thanks, got the boys into playschemes which help smile

CloudOfStarlings Mon 15-Jul-13 19:56:38

Eeeep 4ever just so excited for you (though I have visions of you sat on a hospital bed now twiddling your thumbs having a heart trace done while waiting for a midwife to come and tell you what's I right? I so hope not.)

Hellooooo to louey and blue and barbie how lovely to see you all smile

moon shock about your poor mum! How horrible! But she must feel so blessed to have you and your sis nearby and willing to take her in and look after, that's so lovely of you. Hope she feels much better soon!

littlebellsmum Mon 15-Jul-13 20:02:09

hurrah, 4ever, how exciting, your little man is coming soon. hope you are not too hot in the hospital and that he decides on a speedy arrival.

how lovely is this sun - unless you are 30 weeks pregnant and have t OK spend ages standing up in a hospital. now fun moon but at least your mum is feeling better

or fasting in this heat - doing 5 v 2 is hard enough but real fasting, that must take real strength of mind.

go to go - fasting day and I need tea!

Rumours Mon 15-Jul-13 22:05:25

Hope you're pushing now 4ever

Good luck for tomorrow shroom will be thinking of you xx

4everhopeful Mon 15-Jul-13 22:43:20

Hey lovelies...

Nothing yet! Got here at about 4pm, waited an hr for our room, not in actual delivery room yet as that's for established labour/birth, but in same little room we were in for 4days with Summers induction! Really lovely for memories sake smile & brilliant air con thank god! Took til about 6.30pm to be seen by midwife, was brought a dinner before even saw her!
She was lovely though, apologetic they are really busy, did a trace/monitor and was having regular contractions the whole time! shock Got excited that meant it was all happening on its own, and they'd of broke my waters & not bothered with the pessary, but alas, one internal later and not dilated, just a fingertip, and cervix still high, though softening, so to proceed with the pessary, but would you believe the consultants been caught up with emergencys so still waiting for it to be issued! shock Midwives handed over and we have lovely same male midwife by name of Angel would you believe, (spanish) who was our midwife through the night, before the lovely lady that delivered Summer! He was really lovely and we often talk about him so bizarre he is looking after us tonight in the same room we stayed in too! Anyway, as clearly nothings gonna happen tonight, DH & I already discussed that if it was slow moving he'd go home to be with Summer, so his mum & dad can go home & get some sleep too, and at least Summer won't be freaked out we're both not there in the morning, his mum & dad are literally a couple rds away, so could be back in minutes if need be, & we are 6/7min drive from hospital, but doubt any mad dashes will be necessary, so DH will just come back first thing... So, there you have it! Really hoping it will happen tomorrow! Its BILs birthday tomorrow and we already asked him to be Godfather so would be apt! Very wierd being here on my own, DH just called as not long home, only other time we've ever spent apart was the 2days I was in hospital after Summer was born! Anyway so I'm gonna attempt some zzzzs & hope the consultant blummin hurries up with this pessary!

Ill be back with updates! Xxxxxxxx

CloudOfStarlings Mon 15-Jul-13 23:27:28

Aw 4ever bless you I remember the feeling of anti-climax, everything takes so long in hospitals! really hope you get seen soon & it all works quickly. Do lots of walking once it's in, even up & down the hallway, it's meant to help. Lots of hand holds x x x and for you too for tomorrow shroom x x x

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