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Right, that's it! Fabulous Forty Somethings ttc want our bfp's and we want them now! We have waited long enough!

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hopefulgum Tue 05-Mar-13 09:51:11

Here's our shiney new thread. The one where I finally get upduffed with everyone else! smile

greenlizard Thu 21-Mar-13 22:18:31

Firmly and resolutely crossed for you hopeful - in fact so hard my fingers have gone white!! smile

Off on my travels tomorrow. Wishing you all luck when I am away. FF decided to move my O date from day 12 to day 14 for no reason I can ascertain but as I thought this was when i had ovulated anyway it kind of makes sense! Sadly this means a whole extra 2 days in my 2ww hmm


sparklysapphire Thu 21-Mar-13 22:48:10

I too will cross my fingers very hard that this is your month hopeful! I hope the cold spell doesn't last too long. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm going to tell MIL tomorrow (Friday) I think, so hoping that's ok. I'm feeling a bit more positive about the holiday having just spoken to my friend who's been there a few times. And so much looking forward to some warmth after our grotty winter.

Morien Fri 22-Mar-13 08:42:06

I'm sure you can all guess who I just bumped into in the corridor...confused

Fingers and toes all crossed for you, gum.
sparkly good luck with telling MIL. And I hope you have a lovely, relaxing holiday. Where are you going?
jbrd good luck today!

JBrd Fri 22-Mar-13 09:12:59

Fingers crossed for you, gum

green Have a fantastic holiday and enjoy it to the max - who knows when you'll next be able to have an exotic trip wink

sparkly Good luck with MIL and the holiday - hopefully, it'll turn out really nice and enjoyable. Where are you off to? Try and make the most of it, even if it's to get some me-time, if MIL or DH can look after your DD.
Do you think MIL could talk some sense into your DH?! Here's hoping...

I have my interview this afternoon, keep your fingers crossed for me! Was trying on interview outfits last night, and funnily, the last time I wore the outfit I'm going to wear today, I had also just found out I was pregnant! Let's hope that's a good omen - back then, I was offered the job (although I turned it down) grin

hopefulgum Fri 22-Mar-13 10:13:10

Good luck for the interview Jbrd!

DH did download five episodes of the walking dead. I'm h-a-p-p-ygrin

Diege Fri 22-Mar-13 14:04:13

Oooh are you on series 3 then Gum??? I have read about it but alas are not experienced in matters of how to access it - not sure it's due in UK for many mths? Btw looking at my temps the mth I conceived they were extremely low (just above cover line though quite 'scissor'-like with a few highs) Will you test early this time or hold out?
jbrd best of luck for the interview!!
morien how typical you seeing the work woman again grin. I bet she thought 'ahhh, that's where I know her from' when she spotted you today!
sparkly and green enjoy you trips smile
Well I have bitten the bullet and made an appointment for a nuchal scan and bloods with the fetal medical centre in London. I'm lucky enough that 'the Professor' (Nicolaides) will be doing my scan, and can do the cvs if indicated at the time if I wish. That's a massive bonus for a worrier like me - having to go away and come back a few days later isn't something I can do. Will need to seriously give this some thought now, as I know it's akin to opening pandora's box with this screening lark...

mozzarellamummy Fri 22-Mar-13 14:05:21

gum I join the common fingers' cross for you!
sparkly I hope holiday will still make DH relax a bit.. and hope MIL will behave well..
no positive opk yet but quite a lot of EWCM.. and a self-defining ill DP not willing to DTD.. I think I may jump on him tonight..AIBU?
..I never know how much pressure can I put on him..
Today is a warm and sunny day so I'll try to make him rest as long as possible and enjoy some quality time with my DD in the park..

Diege Fri 22-Mar-13 14:17:20

Warm and sunny??!!! You're not in the UK then mozz? grin

DoctorWhoFan Fri 22-Mar-13 14:23:38

Hi ladies. Very puzzled this morning as ff said I ovulated on Sunday, which according to the opks makes sense, but today I got my third temp above the coverline, so it's moved my ovulation date to Tuesday...which may mean we didn't dtd enough ffs! Last 5 months or so I've ovulated on cd12/ it's saying I ovulated on cd15. NOT helpful! Although we last dtd on Sunday so we should still be in the running, yes? Trying to get pregnant gives me a headache!

Sorry for the me post...

notsoold Fri 22-Mar-13 17:11:21

Fingers tightly crossed for you gum!!! Xxx

Good holidays sparkly and green!!!

Jbrd good luck on the interview!!!xxx

Mozza...hi there!!! Please send the sunshine to us in the north....

Diege....I found out about the harmony tests here in Manchester! DH is keen but not on the price ( over £600). Good luck with the test. I am sure all will be well!!!

Had a private scan today. Dates agree with me (9weeks) and I heard the hearbeat. I am a soppy girl and I started to cry the baby moved and it was a good remainder for me to stop stressing!!!

Hello ecerybody else!!!

Diege Fri 22-Mar-13 18:23:38

Hmmm puzzling drwhofan. Was this third temp the third that was above the coverline, or was it distinctly higher than the preceding two? You may well find that your own dates are in fact more accurate and I wouldn't necessarily be worried x
notsoold many congrats on your scan, that's lovely news smile. I am actually 9 wks today (is 8 weeks plus 7 days 9 weeks? blush) on the new dates from my scan so edd 24/oct which brings me forward a little. They are going by this scan date for the nuchal. Are you going for the harmony? I'm just having the reg nuchal and bloods, taken same day. She did mention the harmony on the phone but at the £500 quoted I think I'll leave it!
Wondering how jbrd's interview went?

JBrd Fri 22-Mar-13 20:20:10

Hi all, my interview went really well, thanks for thinking of me! I'm keeping everything crossed that they will offer me the job, they will let me know next week.
It was a nice confidence booster, I'm quite chuffed at how it went. It's a very young and dynamic company with big plans, and I'd learn loads (well, until about end October/beg of Nov, if all goes well...wink). Thinking about the finances now, and what salary I could accept - there is no way they will offer me what I'm on now, but I'm hoping that it won't be too much of a drop.

DrWho - if you've been using the OPKs and had a decent result with them, I would go with that to determine ovulation. I still think that temperature can be a hit-and-miss, and lots of things can influence it.

Diege Oh, wow, the Prof Nicolaides at the Fetal Medical Centre. It's like the Mecca for first-trimester women! You only ever hear good things about him and his work. Will have to think about that for my 12-week scan and the nuchal measuring... Really hoping I will be as low-risk as with DS, but the stats are against me here. Might also look into the Harmony test... So much to think about.

But now I will have a nice cup of tea, treat myself to some chocolates and try to get DH to finally start watching series 2 of Game of Thrones! Had it for weeks now, but we've both been crazy busy.

hopefulgum Fri 22-Mar-13 22:43:03

Good Morning my lovelies smile Thank you so much for the communal finger crossing.

The symptoms are just incredibly obvious and strong, and it's so early so I am beginning to feel like I am crazy! Perhaps it is all hormonal and nothing to do with pregnancy? Some months seem more symptomatic than others. I really do have a constant and distinct taste in my mouth which I do get whilst pregnant, but it may just be a hormonal thing as I don't remember it happening so early in the past.

Anyway, had a really nice temp hike this morning, but I still have a few days before I can test or wait for AF. I think AF would normally turn up on Friday (Good Friday), so I might just get my very own special easter treat this year (a fertilised egg!)I reckon it would be best to wait til 11 DPO to test.

deige, great that you are in to see the professor and can have the CVS right away if necessary. That was offered to me last time (not your professor, but one here in Australia) and it sounded like the best way to go. I do like the sound of the harmony test, as it is non-invasive, but its so expensive. In Australia, I would have to travel to Sydney to have it done. The flight itself would set me back about $800-900. Hopefully the Harmony test will become more available and cheaper in the future.

Jbrd, I am pleased to hear the job interview went well.

So I watched a few episodes of Series three last night (The Walking Dead), and it is still thrilling and amazing! More changes happening, and more interesting characters. I am surprised at the cast turnover though. But then again, in that situation, you would lose so many.

I stayed up so late watching it that I am now feeling really tired and will probably have to have a nap later! Also woke early again....I hope it's a good sign.

Happy Saturday everyone thanksThe sun is shining here too.Now I can catch up on some laundryhmm

Diege Sat 23-Mar-13 12:06:44

Morning! Wow gum I am getting excited for you! I know, I know, it could but other things BUT it could also be a teeny bean bedding in. I am also envy that you are getting series 3 of Walking Dead - has the baby been born yet? Am assuming the worst (which may be for the best taking into account the bigger picture!)
jbrd will keep everything crossed for you and the job - exciting times ahead on many levels for you. IF you do decide to go to the Fetal Medical Centre you might want to choose a wednesday as that's the only day the prof is in - he also does the cvs on wednesday pm. She asked on the phone if I wanted to be seen by the professor so I said 'yes please' very quickly grin I don't actually think I would terminate for ds tbh, but for some reason I do feel I need to know about any possible issues as early as possible rather than waiting it out and having a surprise at the 20 wk scan.
Love to all - very cold and snowy here today!!!

hopefulgum Sat 23-Mar-13 14:25:18

I am a bit jealous of your snowenvy But the sun was nice today, despite there being a strong Easterly blowing. DS and I took a walk after my (incredible) 2 hour nap this afternoon. It was nice to get out in the fresh air, but I really don't have much energy at the moment.

Deige, how much of a spoiler do you want for series three??? All I will say is that the baby is born, but I will reveal nothing else...grin

I had better go to bed,as it is after 10 and I'll probably be up before the sun again in the morning.

Good nightsmile

Diege Sat 23-Mar-13 19:36:50

<throws snowball over to gum> I am happy to take a many titbits of spoilers from your table as you will allow grin, though you may have to message me to avoid splurging and getting other people cross. My current theory is that the baby is born a zombie as that would fit with some other stuff in series 2..
Better go, all kicking off in the kitchen!

hopefulgum Sat 23-Mar-13 22:57:13

Well....I really think I should make you wait Deige, otherwise it won't be so exciting will it?

I suppose I shouldn't say this here <whispers>, but I am pretty sure you can find series three episodes online. So far I have had them all handed to me from my DS as I am not very computer savvy. I am up to Episode 8, there are 15 in this series so far.

All this Zombie watching has meant I've quickly knitted up the back of my new jumper/poncho. I am making it in red. It's very roomy which may come in handy should I be sporting a bump this winter and spring - everything still crossed here - temperature up a bit from yesterdaygrin.

It is a bit quiet on the thread, what's everyone up to?

Will you open the bistro for special Good Friday dinner, Deige?

I am looking forward to some time off work - we get Friday,Monday and Tuesday off. I really need it. I am starting to feel a bit burnt out lately. Last week,teaching Health Ed proved a bit challenging as the kids did an activity "what activity constitutes sexual activity?" So there I was having to find the right terminology for "tit fuck", "blow job", "licking out". Geeze, it was hard to keep a straight face and not get completely disgusted by some of the stuff they were saying. If that wasn't bad enough (I haven't been trained to teach sex confused) I then had one of my tutoring students reveal something sexual to me, which I'd rather not have known, and in my year 11 class a boy thought it funny to put a highly pornographic gay image onto the desktop of another student, so that when he opened his laptop I got an eyeful of that! Bloody hell, it seems to be rife at the moment at our school. It is disturbing how exposed kids are to sexual images. Does my head in.

Anyway, it will be good to have the Easter break, then a week and half til term break (two weeks - yippee).

Deige the baby is fine and gorgeous, but the birth is traumatic and Lori doesn't make it...

Diege Sun 24-Mar-13 07:53:50

Hee hee gum I love the way you said at the start of your post that you weren't going to tell me anything and then wham at the very end landed a biggie grin. I have to say, that what happens is a relief for everyone all round I'd imagine, though the practicalities of a new baby in zombie-land add a certain added dimension to life with a newborn. Love the poncho - aren't you clever! Temps sounding good too smile
Have decided to get up early as I felt so ill after yesterday's lie-in. I have noticed with the sickness that if I get going early I feel reasonably ok, whereas if I go back to sleep I feel very groggy, headachey and sick when I finally get up. Have promised the dds a visit to a local car boot sale at the school so no going back to bed now anyway.
Yes, definitely a snug bistro on good Friday. I am only able to offer tinned rice pudding, eggs and cheapo fisherman's pies (ie, with no fish in) at the moment so thought it better not to offer!
Love to all xxx

CaliBee Sun 24-Mar-13 09:52:55

Hello to all. Just a quckie.
I confess to feeling really down just now. Ican deal with all of it but find the non-ovulation the hardest. Something i can only share with you lovely ladies. So despite darkening opk lines (only ever so slightly) i have started the provera today
Wedding day set for 1st june. Dp bought his ring yesterday and i managed to pick up a never worn monsoon dress of ebay which i remember my friend trying on last year....i so hope it fits.
Sorry for not namechecking....i will have more time later x

hopefulgum Sun 24-Mar-13 10:38:25

MORE SPOILER WARNINGS :*Deige*, the baby's birth is extremely traumatic, especially for young Karl, but it does seem to have the effect of growing him up somewhat. However the death of Laurie makes Rick a little bit crazy...
Calibee, I am sorry you are feeling a bit down.I can certainly understand that. Will you take the clomid again, or will they try you on something else? I have heard that Femera is a better choice for the over forties, perhaps you could ask your fertility clinic about it?

I am glad you have set the wedding date. SO exciting! I'd love to see the dress - is there a link??

Well, if I am not pregnant this month, I will eat my hat and get psychological help hmm. I have had a non-stop taste in my mouth which is like sucking on a dirty coin, which in turn makes me feel a bit sick and causes me to eat constantly. Blah...I always put on too much weight in the first trimester because of it.

When I was peeling dusty potatoes tonight the smell of the dirt made me feel sick. Surely that can't just be because of progesterone in the run up to AF???

I am still keenly aware that I get a tonne of symptoms most months and they mean nothing. But boy, my biscuit biscuit 's are sooo very tender, my bra feels too small and is very uncomfortable. It is still far too early to test, but I am tempted. We shall see what happens in the next few days. There is nout to do but wait...At least I have the new series of Call the midwife on telly tonight. I love

nobeer Sun 24-Mar-13 10:55:19

Hello all, I'm 40 and we've been ttc for over a year and a half. Now going for IVF with ivi clinic. Just had a hysteroscopy and had a septum removed - this is apparently quite rare. My case is a bit complicated and nerve racking cos I have epilepsy and I had a massive reaction (Stevens Johnson Syndrome) to the meds which are supposedly safe in pregnancy. Next step is going back to neurologist just to make sure my current AEDs are safe in pregnancy and don't interact badly with IVF meds. Am on high dose of folic acid just in case I miraculously get pregnant the old fashioned way.

Good luck to all and hope to read good news of BFPs soon. xx

Morien Sun 24-Mar-13 13:10:57

<puts hands over ears and sings very loudly so as not to overhear gum's spoilers> We're halfway through season 2. Oh, I have a question for all you The Walking Dead fans. What do they call the walking dead in English? As in, 'the barn is full of xxx', or, 'the gunfire will attract more xxx'. We're watching it in French and as it crops up all the time I'm curious to know what the original is (in French it's rodeur, which means prowler).

cali sometimes it just all seems so hopeless, doesn't it? We're here for you. Great that you've got the date for your wedding - that's something to look forward to. We've just decided in ours too - 3rd August.

Hello nobeer, welcome to our friendly thread. Here's to your miraculous old-fashioned BFP wine

Ooh, got to go, DP has just lined up the next episode...

Diege Sun 24-Mar-13 15:30:25

ummm <wracks brain> 'walkers' I think?confused. I think I may well have misunderstood your question morien. The 'original' if I correct is from a USA comic book series, and as we don't have subtitles in the UK for it the language is exactly the same. I think Rick et al devised 'walkers' and other groups in the series iirc call them by other names.
Welcome nobeer! Looking forward to getting to know you.
gum you have driven me to try and source out series 3. Legally of course - I don't have the skills to do anything else anything else!
calibee I totally missed your message before! So sorry you're feeling down, but we are always here for you to share and offload. Your dress sounds great - I bought my wedding dress from Monsoon and had so many comments - I'm sure you'll look stunning flowers

CaliBee Sun 24-Mar-13 18:08:35

Thankyou all...and big welcome to nobeer.
morien we nearly picked 3rd of August....[smile].

So I called my Mom earlier to tell her the date and after gently listening to her story of her sister and brother in law for the third time this week (Aunty had recently had surgery and a colostomy..Uncle has vasculitis, leading to dementia type behaviour) I told her we had a date. "what?? for the wedding?" she said (I've not mentioned it to her again since she chose not to mention it to DP when we visited) when I said Yes...the wedding !!and told her I hoped she could make it she actually said she would have to see nearer the time. This was the straw that broke the camels back and all hell has ensued since. I quietly said I had to go...she asked if she had upset me to which I replied "yes Mum, I'm very hurt...I do understand that you have a lot going on with Aunty and Uncle , however, this is my wedding" I then retreated very quickly. She tried about 10 mins later to phone and apologise but I was too upset to talk to her.
Dp is starting to think she doesnt like him...which isnt true. I actually think that maybe she finds it all a little embarrassing...the age difference, the interacial aspect...the miscarriage even (infact me even ttc), the fact that I have a failed marriage behind me already. sister (bless her) has had her counselling hat on and has been with Mom for the last couple of hours, trying to explain how we all understand she has been so wrapped up in her sisters family but feel a little like she is neglecting her own. And of course I realise she is worried things will go wrong between me and DP , so is infact worried for me.
Raaaaa......this is shit.

ShootingStar71 Sun 24-Mar-13 21:07:49

I hope you don't mind me popping in to say hello, have never posted on here before.. & must admit I'm a tad nervous smile but I've been reading this thread for a while now as now actively ttc & all that, although not worked yet, quite possibly a bit late in the day but like many others have finally found a lovely man that know is the right one for me if you know what I mean smile. Everyone sounds lovely & very supportive here & hope it will be ok to join you?

I've just read CaliBee's last post & wanted to say that what's going on at the moment sounds very hard for you, I hope everything gets better soon.

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