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Right, that's it! Fabulous Forty Somethings ttc want our bfp's and we want them now! We have waited long enough!

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hopefulgum Tue 05-Mar-13 09:51:11

Here's our shiney new thread. The one where I finally get upduffed with everyone else! smile

Diege Wed 27-Mar-13 17:27:36

Congratulations jbrd!!! I had a feeling you would get it grin flowers
Calibee ouch, poor you, some flowers too. Fingers crossed the anti-Bs kick in soon x
Gum don't eat your beret just yet but agree lower temp again isn't great sad It must be very confusing to have continuing symptoms...I suppose if it were to be implantation, a test would take a few more days to show though? I suppose you have the 'heads up' if af arrives, but must be very frustrating and so disappointing for you if not to be this month xx
On harmony test, the all in £180 is a special deal, only valid at 10-11wk pregnancy. I have a feeling they want to compare with their own nuchal, so after that time it's around the £500 mark. Have seen it quoted in other places in UK at £750 so doubt it will be available on the NHS anytime soon.If it wasn't for the offer I couldn't afford it.
Have horrible sore sinuses here and have had a very unproductive day work-wise. Fell asleep this afternoon (wfh) and had a very odd and disturbing dream about the fireman from Corrie (Eileen's boyfriend) on our wedding night <shudder>

hopefulgum Wed 27-Mar-13 22:14:26

Jbrd, that's great news about the job. Fantastic. I hope they give you the payrise too.

Calibee, I am glad you have the anti-biotics, but sorry to hear of how uncomfortable you are. You poor thing. I hope it improves very quickly.

Mozzarella, I hope the timing was perfect for you this month. Don't worry about the antibiotics affecting your DH's sperm this month. When I was ttc my DD my DH was on a strong dose of anti-b's and I asked my doctor about the sperm being damaged. He said the damage would come later because it takes 70 days for the sperm to develop.

Thanks Deige, but I am pretty sure its all over.sad Symptoms have actually gone now, had a tiny bit of brown spotting, so I reckon I'll see AF tomorrow. My temp was low today, still above coverline, but it should be much higher. And the BFN this morning kind of makes it a definite thing. I felt dizzy all day yesterday,kept losing my balance,and was hoping it was some bizzare preggo symptom, but I think I am just sick, so I am staying home today, which means I get an extra long weekend, which is fine by me. I have a headcold which I think must have affected the fluid in my ears because I am very off balance, particularly if I bend over. I guess I shall just have to try to do very little today.

What have you all got planned for Easter? Over here we have an egg hunt on Sunday morning after the Easter Bilby has delivered the eggs. We don't have an Easter bunny because they are vermin in Australia and do so much damage to the native animal's habitats.

DS has an Easter hat parade today (and the kindy teacher made the hats at school, what a star!), and he's getting very excited about it all. I love the innocence of children at this age (4) it's such a

Where's the menu Deige,for the Friday night bistro???I want to start thinking about what I'll be scoffing!

jools70 Wed 27-Mar-13 23:05:15

Evening ladies

Ttc for 10 years, ivf twice, preg with twins lost both, 2nd cycke dudn't take. Moved out of london to kent and got pregnant in September the month we moved!!! Unfortunately it wasn't to be, but it was a bitter sweet as we knew we could get preg au nautural lol.
The midwife told me after mc it can happen quite quickly again.
This month ad due 3rd april, 10dpo and I have lots of symptoms, cramps, sore bb's, felt queasy cooking, vivid dreams & crying at everything on the tv.
Would love to hear what you ladies think x

hopefulgum Thu 28-Mar-13 02:41:43

Hi jools, so sorry for your losses. Symptoms do sound promising. I hope this is it for you! When will you test?

Morien Thu 28-Mar-13 07:02:22

Sorry for your losses, jools - and welcome. Fingers crossed for this month!

gum what with not being well and it looking like it's not your month you must be feeling miserable. Hope your day off does you good and that you'll be able to enjoy the Easter weekend. I love the Easter bilby! Here it's not bunnies's Easter bells. Which I suppose is no weirder than an Easter Bunny, really, but it just seems odd.

jbrd congratulations! Fingers crossed for a higher salary offer.

Diege no, that was exactly my question (ie the answer was 'walkers'), you didn't misunderstand. Thanks! Actually if I'd waited 2 more days I wouldn't have needed to ask - we've moved on to season 3 and it's in English (with French subtitles for DP) rather than dubbed into French like seasons 1 and 2 were. I'll watch it to the end but I'm not enjoying season 3 as much - partly because I think the dubbing artists are actually much better actors than the original actors so in a way it was better in French even though I normally prefer to watch in the original version. Also, I'd got used to how they speak in French and now suddenly they're speaking English and it's like it's a whole new set of characters!

DP has gone off to the hospital this morning for his blood and semen tests. I know he didn't want to do it so I was really touched he made an appointment right away; I had fears it would become a real sticking point and that I'd have to nag him.

Today's the first day of the long weekend for me - I don't have to go to work again till Wednesday as Tues I'm working from home. Still had to get up at 6.30 to get the DSCs ready for school (today and tomorrow aren't holidays in Belgium, only where I work) but it's so nice to be sitting here in my dressing gown with a cup of tea and the day ahead of me...

Hello to everyone else! isabeller any more news? Thinking of you.

jools70 Thu 28-Mar-13 09:15:20

Gum - i'm going to visit my doctor today, with all the problems in the past I thought it might be a good idea, how are you doing today?

Morien - thank you x. Good on Dp, my dp made a bit of a fuss the second time, don't think his heart was in it and that could have been the reason for the failed attempt. Couldn't believe that a move of house would see me having au nautral pregnancies must have been very stressed living in london i guess.

Praying I'm pregnant although all my symptoms seem to have disappeared this morning!

greenlizard Thu 28-Mar-13 12:18:05


Back from my quick long weekend away – ‘twas fabulous even if I managed to get a sunburn though it was raining/cloudy most of the time smile and I was slathered in factor 30 – damn my pale Irish skin! What a beautiful island it was and everyone was really friendly and happy wherever we went. Spent quite a lot of time socialising with DP’s friends but did manage to explore as well and swam in the sea – the locals though we were mad – they never, ever, ever swim before May without a full wetsuit. To be honest it was quite “refreshing” but hell we had gone all that way I was getting in the sea (I have never seen sea that colour before!) Another bonus was that we got upgraded on the way back – business class is so much more civilised darrrrrling so now have bought my lottery tickets as there is a lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed grin grin grin

All in all, I managed to distract myself from my 2WW obsession (well a bit, kind off, ish….) My temperatures went a bit nuts on my travels as they were up in the 37’s (which has never happened before ) but they were back at within my “normal” range of 36.80 this morning. I am supposed to be DPO10 today but I had all that jigging about on my FF chart when it moved my ovulation date from CD12 to CD14. I am now getting pre-AF uterine twinges and my cm seems to have a discouraging brownish tinge to it. I know it isn't over till the fat lady sings but she certainly seems to be clearing her throat sad. I don’t know why but I really thought that this month might be my month. <Stamps foot in style of Verruca Salt>

Hope you are all well…will have a read back over the thread and see what I have missed and welcome to all those who have joined us!

hopefulgum Thu 28-Mar-13 23:03:01

Good Friday Morning to you all. Welcome home greenlizard, it sound like you had a lovely,lovely time. Corr...Business class 'eh? Nice. For some reason my Dh seems to jag business class when he flies without me, but the one time I tried to get an upgrade they wouldn't give me one because I was traveling with a baby. They didn't say that, but it was clear that despite there being ample empty seats, every time I tied to upgrade my seat they said none were available. Bastards....

Sorry that you think AF is on her way. She is definitely here (for me) now. So I am having fried beret for breakfast (as I said I would eat my hat if I wasn't pregnant, I was so surehmm). I think FF definitely got my O day wrong, because if I go with what they say my LP is only 11 days. If I go with my calculations then I have a 12 day LP. Either way I am a bit worried as it is getting shorter. I seem to be ovulating earlier too, so overall my cycle is shorter. Years ago when I was "fertile Myrtle" I had a 30 -32 day cycle. It is clear that things are not as they used to be,and despite seemingly "regular" cycles, there are so many changes that I am obviously getting close to menopause. I hate this helpless feeling of time running out. Somehow I have to change that feeling of helplessness into a feeling of acceptance. How the heck does anyone do that???sad

I noticed on Fertility Friend this morning that I have 93 days membership left. I have decided that I will keep charting til my membership is up and I will not renew. I suppose I have to give up the quest at some point, so I'll start weaning myself off ttc by starting with giving up charting...Hoping my little miracle will be snug inside my belly by then.

Morien, when will DH get the results from his tests? What is the next step for you ?

When I was home sick yesterday I watched a Spanish movie called "The Orphanage". Gosh that wasn't a good idea when I was feeling sad already. Not good to watch if you have a little boy about 4 or 5 years old. I also watched a documentary Love on the Transplant List which also had me in tears. They were happy tears thoughwink. I still have a very fuzzy head feeling, but I am not too sick and think I might be able to give some gardening a go today. I have left the garden to its own devices for far too long and it is feral. I am just hoping the resident python ("Petunia") has slithered off somewhere as I wouldn't want to step on her accidentally. She isn't venomous, but she can give you a nasty bite which will give you a nasty infection. She was very inactive, hanging around the same spot for a while, which could mean one of three things: She was sunbaking, she was hatching her eggs (on,no,more snakes shock ), she was getting ready to shed her skin. I guess if she was shedding I'll find her skin down in the garden. I just hope she has gone now.grin

Wow, I managed to ramble quite a bit didn't I?? Sorry.

Although I feel disappointed that I am not pregnant this month, I am okay, and happy knowing that my next ovulation should be around the time that we start school holidays, so at least I should be able to get some SWI happening. Hopefully a bit more than this last cycle.

Fingers crossed for anyone else in the twwthanks

notsoold Thu 28-Mar-13 23:16:07

Gum...a python??? Ooohhhh my gosh!!! You are very relaxed as I would freak out!!!

The agnus castus made my cycles longer ( back into 32 days) but it kept the lp of 14.....what do you think??? Xxx

Green business class girl!!! How great is that!!! Xxxx

Irishmammybread Fri 29-Mar-13 00:06:41

Welcome to the thread Jools,so sorry for your losses,it's heartbreaking,a lot of us have been through miscarriage, we know how you feel. x
Welcome back from your holiday green ,sounds like you had a great time . I didn't know you were Irish, I have skin that burns very easily too, with freckles, very celtic. We're going over to Ireland for Easter so I don't think I'll need to pack the factor 30!
Morien well done to your DP going for tests, things seem to be moving along for you.
JBrd congrats on getting offered the job, you certainly have a lot going on at the moment!
gum sorry AF has arrived but hopefully timing will be good for next cycle. Imagine having a python in your garden!

We're heading off on the car ferry to Dublin tomorrow, back next week, hope everyone has a lovely Easter !

Diege Fri 29-Mar-13 08:32:51

Morning smile. Ahhh Gum bloody af sad. You do seem to be taking it well though, and it's good to focus on the next cycle where the timing seems quite good. I wouldn't worry too much about an 11 day LP - think that's still fine, though take your point about changing cycle length. Am also alarmed about the python and the way you talk about it so casuallygrin. I'm not sure I could step into your garden at all!
Green wow that does sound a relaxing break - bet you're feeling the cold now eh grin
Irish have a lovely break too - though as you say I wouldn't worry about packing the sun block...
morien ahhhh subtitles!!! Now it all makes sense grin. Enjoy your DSC-free day!
Welcome jools!
notsoold Agnus castus also lengthened my cycle too, and also LP from 9 to 11days.
Bistro at the snug today! I am having crispy yorkshire puddings filled with chicken and gravy. Herb dumplings as a side, as well as buttery mash. For pudd tarte au citroen (sp?) Any takers? Just let me know what you'd like so that I can let chef know in good time (he's funny about working bank holidays!)

mozzarellamummy Fri 29-Mar-13 10:33:40

jolls , I feel for you getting through all this.. I hope this thread brings you good luck, the quicker the better! smile
gum .. this is what scares me about Australia, all these wierd animals.. snakes and all kind of insects and spiders.. when I was in Sydney I really enjoyed but couldn't avoid to worry a bit, I'm rather an urban type.. we have a little mouse in our garden and it's already driving us crazy..
I'm on 2ww now, my new strategy is giving for granted it won't work and start to think about next cycle.. I hope I won't be that upset when AF comes..hmm
morien good to hear about your DH support, I wonder if my DP would ever go so far..

jools70 Fri 29-Mar-13 11:13:15

Gum - sorry to hear af caught up with you x
Diege - enjoy that yorkie pud sounds delicious
Irish - enjoy your break

Thanks for all the lovely welcomes ladies x
Today, still have a little cramping and bbs are still a bit sore, not sure if that is just af trying to make an appearance?
Looking forward to my Fish & Chips tonight, got to have fish on Good Friday.

Diege Fri 29-Mar-13 11:26:27

Ahhhjools I should clarify that thread bistro (or 'snug' bistro as we call it) is sadly virtual, designed to cater for cravings as most of are limiting our diet in some way due to ttc-ing/pregnancy etc. So feel free to join me in my fantasy of yorkshire pudds! grin

jools70 Fri 29-Mar-13 12:10:30

Lol thanks for pointing that out Diege x

greenlizard Fri 29-Mar-13 12:12:10

A virtual bistro meal is all I am likely to get won't start - waiting for the AA now but as at home and not stranded somewhere am low on the list. There is a scrumptious feast waiting at my sisters which I may miss sad

Aside from that have thumping headache, temps took a dive to 36.67 (above cover line but only just) negative HPT, twinges and have started spotting brown sludge... I am in a complete huff angry which sadly is just another sign of impending AF.

Well nowi have that off my chest my bistro meal would be - Middle Eastern Mezze Platter (stuffed vine leaves, humous and flat bread, baba ganoush, baked artichokes with broad beans, falafel, chargrilled asparagus & courgettes with haloumi, figs with pecorino ..and those potato croquette thingys .yum! Washed down with a glass of ice cold Sancerre.

A girl can but dream.........

Diege Fri 29-Mar-13 12:15:35

<salivates at green's virtual meal> Ah sorry af seems to be on its way sad - would it be expected around now?

CaliBee Fri 29-Mar-13 15:27:28

Afternoon ladies and welcome to sorry for your losses sad

May I join tonights table?? A good night out is just what I need.

Sorry to hear af has got a couple of you...I have just finished my last day of provera so lets see how long it takes af to show up this time. It took 2 weeks the first time I took it...however it was the cycle which started from it in which I got my BFP so fingers crossed.
I think my genearal low mood is also what is making me see a babyless future, I am sure all of you have at some point felt that utter hopelessness that comes with bodies not behaving properly!! I have stopped all supplements now. It'stime to get back to basics.

Have a very happy Easter all of you.

hopefulgum Fri 29-Mar-13 22:22:27

Well, I am not sure if the Bistro is still open, as I've been asleep whilst you've been posting. However, I'll still put in an order: I am thinking good old fashioned roast pork with crackling and roasted apples,crispy roasted potatoes and cauliflower cheese. However, I've always traditionally had fish. So perhaps some crispy skinned wild caught salmon with crispy potatoes and crunchy green salad with a sweet chilli dressing?

Having said that, I forgot to buy fish for Friday's dinner, so we had homemade sushi which had salmon in it, but also some had chicken,and I admit to eating it (besides I'm a terribly lapsed catholic and haven't been in a church for years).

As for the python - don't be alarmed- they are pretty harmless creatures. If it was a dugite or a tiger snake I wouldn't be stepping into the garden at all. Thankfully, we don't see many and I've never had a tiger snake near the house, but did have a rather large dugite which DH had to kill. I can see how alarming it would be for someone who hasn't grown up in this environment, but from a very young age we learn what is and isn't venomous, what to do if we see one and how to deal with it, and also how to deal with snakebite. I've never been bitten, and I only know one person in RL who has been and he's fine.

So, yeah, we've got our fair share of nasties down here, but as a trade off we have a great big country with wide open spaces, the most spectacular start show at night, very little crowding and I live a five minute stroll from a pristine, white sand, turquoise water, beach. My house is on a hill surrounded by big beautiful trees and bush - hence the snake, but add to that the amazing birdlife,lizards, visiting kangaroos, possums and other little marsupials and it is a great place to live and a wonderful place to grow children.

Greenlizard, sorry to hear that it feels like AF is on her way. Perhaps will get to be preggie buddies next month?? Wouldn't that be lovely. I really need to get pregnant because I stumbled upon a gorgeous American website for maternity wear,called "Hatch", which,though too pricey for me, has some gorgeous items which I could copy and sew. Of course I could copy and sew non-preggo clothes, but I like the excuse of "needing" the new clothes. I love having a bump to dress up - it's just really nice to have a fat belly that is "allowed" IYKWIM. So, I probably don't want a baby at all, just want to be pregnant for the clothing...confused

Calibee, I was thinking about you and the DHEA last night. I think there is a possibility that the DHEA could have mucked up your cycle, because it is used to raise testosterone, and I am guessing too much of that would affect your other hormones, particularly estrogen which is what we need to ovulate. Then that got me thinking: your clinic should have done blood tests to see what your level of DHEA was to start with, and then monitored it to see how it was. My Doctor measured mine,and it was on the low side, so she suggested homeopathic DHEA because she believes regular DHEA is too strong for women. However, I didn't think the homeopathy would do anything, so I took the DHEA. It didn't affect my ovulation, but I never took the full dose. Anyway, it's clear you've stopped taking it, so hopefully everything will be sorted out soon. I just thought that your clinic should be doing more for you.

As for the vitex, Deige, do you think I should take it again? I guess it might be worth a try. For the last few days I have taken no supplements at all. I feel sick of the whole thing really. I can't begin to imagine how much I have spent on supplements, opks, epts,clearblue monitor sticks etc over the last four years in this quest to have my PLB. Perhaps if I'd done nothing at all, wasn't ttc, by now I would have had a happy accident? Who knows??

On a happier note, I am off to the farmer's market for supplies this morning. I am going to make a roast pork for Easter lunch, I like to do something special on the day. I am hoping I'll have all my kids together, though my eldest son seems to be uncontactable,except through facebook, so who knows if he'll make it home?

Have a lovely Saturday. BTW forgot to say, there was no sign of the python when I was in the veggie patch. However I have a feral pumpkin patch with meters and meters covered in pumpkin vine, so she could be under there. Don't worry, I'm steering clear of that particular jungle for the time being...loads of lovely Japanese Pumpkins though. They are very sweet and delicious roasted - also make an amazing soup.grin

jools70 Sat 30-Mar-13 10:08:09

Morning all,
Had stabbing pains on the right side yesterday, when I was off to bed I noticed blue veins around my bb's and my areolas looked enormous lol, Af due on Wed.
This morning I bit the bullet and poas, it's only a cheapy from Sainsbury's but said can detect 4-5 days before.......BFN i'm sorry to say.
Why all the symptoms?
Why do we put ourselves through this, agonising every month.
Sorry to have a moan but I really don't think it's my month.

Green - your virtual meal sounds amazing

hopefulgum Sun 31-Mar-13 10:01:57

Hi everyone, and a great big Happy Easter smile

I have had a lovely day. Egg hunt this morning, DS (4) delighted.

Long walk and swim at the beach. Sun shining, water warm, perfect.

Big lunch with DH's DM and his DS.

Another walk and swim on at the beach. DS had the time of his life. Had to drag him out of the water shivering!

And to top it all off, DR Who is on tonight! grin

Ao, nothing to complain about. Everything lovely.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely day wink

P.S. I am well proud of myself. Not a skerrick of chocolate all day. Amazing!

Isabeller Sun 31-Mar-13 10:30:08

Happy Easter everyone smile xx

Diege Sun 31-Mar-13 10:44:39

Happy Easter everyone smile
Gum that sounds a lovely way to spend the day - odd that your easter day is coming to an end (is that right?confused We saw Dr.Who last night - dd2 is the expert and she says it looks like being a good series.
Parents due over any minute - I'm recovering from sinusitus so have an excuse if they say I look crap (which I do!). Not telling just yet.
Have been thinking about calendargirl these last few days, and also remnant hope you are both ok if lurking xx

DoctorWhoFan Sun 31-Mar-13 13:11:25

Hi ladies. Sorry for absence but been suffering badly with the depression. Bastard thing!

Hello and welcome to the new ladies.

Gum, I'm very jealous of what sounds like a gorgeous place to live. It's been horrid here for what seems like forever now. Last summer was a wash out, and winter just won't piss off! We had a load of snow again the other day. It was really windy overnight and blew my little plastic greenhouse over, scattering all my carefully planted trays of seeds all over the patio, some of which had started to sprout, so I was a bit cross (mahoosive understatement).

Congrats on new job JBrd...

Sorry not to do massive namecheck loves, but concentration levels still pretty piss poor.

But...I'm on 12dpo, and I have absolutely the worst backache of my life for no apparent reason, a stuffy nose (eeewwww bogies!), and I'm so frikkin tired, I'm in bed by 9am snoring my head off. Had a temp dip at 8dpo, it then soared high, and I had a pretty big dip this morning.but, I had a tiny bit of blood on the loo paper the other morning. It was the size of my little finger nail, and nothing since. Got cramps, but really hoping that doesn't mean af is on her way. Any thoughts my lovelies?

Oh, and Doctor Who rocked!!! grin

DP has gone fishing in the freezing cold on a nearby lake (saddo!). If I didn't have a rice pudding in the oven, I'd be tempted to take a nap.

Apologies for length of missive... practising to outdo Paul and his letter to the Corinthians...not religious, but seemed a good analogy. Don't eat too much choccie and make yourselves sick.

Smooches x

CaliBee Sun 31-Mar-13 15:54:51

Hello....hope everyone is having a restfull and enjoyable day.
Nice to hear from you drwhoofan..sorry to hear you havent been so well. Symptoms sound promising, keep us up to date

Today is cd35 for me. Provera finished a couple of days ago but no sign of af yet. I wish I wasn't so damn impatient...its just that all this fannying around is such a waste of precious baymaking time.
Sadly DP didnt get any of the bank holiday off so he was home for only yesterday and is now on his way back up. We seem to have family and friends randomly inviting themselves to the wedding.....something tells me there will be friction ahead eeek

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