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Cycle 10 ttc #1, AF just showed up at 9 dpo, gutted :(

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LatieK Mon 04-Mar-13 20:17:21

Hi Red, thank you for replying to my post. I've managed to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow afternoon. I think I will just be honest and say we've been trying for 10 cycles, but I'm genuinely concerned that something isn't right. My luteal phase is "on the short side of normal" at 11 days, and I regularly get spotting at various intervals between ov and AF. That, coupled with the random early period yesterday (which I hope was just a one-off) is making me think that I may have low progesterone or something... I'm thinking what's the point of waiting until we hit the year mark before going in if I'm seeing signs now that something may not be right with my cycles?

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this with their luteal phase? Another thing is there is no consistency from month to month e.g. sometimes my boobs hurt from 1 dpo (sorry for TMI), sometimes just a day or two before AF, and once not at all. Before ttc I was on the pill for 13 years(!) and I'm just surprised that I feel so different each month. The timing seems fairly consistent though - except this month.

Also Red, do you mind me asking what supplements your dh is on? We haven't had a SA yet but I'm thinking anything to boost our chances! I really hope you get your BFP soon thanks

And thanks again for the support rabbit. I'll check out the other thread thanks

rabbitonthemoon Mon 04-Mar-13 06:47:52

The 10 months plus thread is very friendly. A lot of us have been on there rather longer than we would like but we welcome new folks as we all know how tough it is, if you'd like some ongoing support. Good luck both.

RedRobin1 Sun 03-Mar-13 22:56:39

latie I am on cycle 10 and just started spotting to. We got some checks done at 8 months of ttc. We lied saying we had even trying a year because I just wanted to know if there were any problems early on. And I am glad we did as DHs SA came back with low morphology and antisperm antibodies. He then put himself on vitamin supplements and 3 months later his sperm has showed fantastic improvement.

No bfp yet, but getting the tests done early meant we could atleast do something about it and if anything it put my mind at ease to know I was ovulating and my ovaries were in working order.

Also we found out sperm takes 3 months to be created errrm on the production line. So was very glad we took the supplements 3 months back. Hoping for that bfp soon. Cycle 11 now sad didn't think we would be here.

LatieK Sun 03-Mar-13 21:38:49

rabbit thank you so much for your replies. I'm currently sitting here crying my eyes out but the 'shit boat' made me smile.

I was so excited when we decided to ttc and I look back at myself naively thinking that every 'symptom' meant it was definitely 'the month'. After 10 months I'm just feeling bloody depressed about the whole thing.

You're right about the hormones - I'm sat here stupidly thinking about how 'unfair' it is that my friend who started ttc at the same time as me is now 5 months pregnant. Ridiculous.

I think I will book an appointment with my GP - you're probably right that it will make me feel better if I'm proactively doing something about this.

Really hope that it happens for you soon. Thank you again, you've genuinely made me feel a bit better smile

rabbitonthemoon Sun 03-Mar-13 21:03:48

Also, I have loads of things I could say about 'coping' with ttc (I'm rather past the opk and cough medicine phase) but an important thing to consider is that hormones really do exaggerate the horribleness of your period coming, it's like it triples how you might feel about it at other parts of the month, if that makes sense. Try to keep hold of that and the thought that you know in a few days time it will feel like a fresh start and things will look brighter. I'm nt sure if this is helpful, but I feel many many times better at two years ttc than I did at 10 months, which may seem odd but I am very used to being here and have found lots of ways of managing the ups and downs. I still have blue days but they are a lot less and I feel hopeful about the future, however that pans out. Be good to yourself, limit the googling time and know that you aren't alone.

rabbitonthemoon Sun 03-Mar-13 20:58:30

Sorry to hear you are opn this boat, one which hs been known on these boards as the 'shit boat'. Trying really is only fun for a relatively short while before it becomes rather brain consuming. You are right that you are within normal limits and the odds are in your favour that this will happen for you very soon. Just because you feel something is wrong, it doesn't mean it is. My GP was great and at 6 months ran some simple hormone tests and did an SA for my husband, so you could go and have these done if you think it will make you feel as if you are doing something. I joined a thread on here and that has helped me no end to offload and also talk to some amazing people, some who have become real life friends and others who I count as friends because I've been talking to them for so long! Have a look around, there's lots to choose from and the groups are welcoming.

I hope things work out as quickly as possible for you.

LatieK Sun 03-Mar-13 20:14:55

Hello ladies

I know we're still technically within 'normal' limits, but I'm really starting to feel that something's wrong. WTF is going on with my body???

I'm just wishing away my life until we make it to a year and can go to the GP to find out.

I'm not really sure there's anything anyone can say. I usually just lurk on here but I felt the need to post to vent my sadness sad

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