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False peak on CBFM - Is this possible?!

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teaandchocolate Sun 03-Mar-13 20:02:46

Hi Oneslice! The thread I'm on is here We all know what it's like to lose multiple pregnancies and how miserable getting & staying pregnant can be.

I also sympathise with the worries of conception as I'm finding it harder than I have before. In terms of the chromosomal abnormalities my 2nd mc was found to have something called triploidy which apparently is not something you can carry, it's just random. However I do still worry that I have an increased risk for some reason they've not yet discovered as they've not been able to explain the other mc. If they're all chromosomal abnormalities then why have I had 3 out of 4 pregnancies with them when other people don't. Maybe I am just very unlucky but I'm not so sure. I so think medical science has a long way to go before it really understands mc and there is so much that's not known or understood. According to the miscarriage association 50% of recurrent miscarriers never find out reasons. However something like 70% go on to have babies.

My DDs issue is very minor really and I haven't worried so much about having a baby with a serious disability but more about late losses as I know triploidy can be discovered at the 20 week scan or later. But I try not to dwell on this otherwise I would go insane. At the moment my desire for another baby outweighs my fears.

I had some tests on the nhs because I saw a consultant privately (for an erpc) & he offered to do tests on the nhs. He arranged for karyotyping (checking mine & DH's chromosomes) and thrombophilia tests (clotting issues). However I'm worried they did the clotting ones wrong (after reason Prof Regans mc book). I also had a 3D sis scan privately to look for physical problems. My GP arranged for tests like thyroid and blood count etc. my GP said they would refer me after 2 recurrent mc as I've had 3 in total so its worth asking what they can do - crying can help!! I'm 33 now. It's worth bearing in mind the risk of mc increases naturally with age anyway (after 35 I think & dramatically after 40).

Phew what an essay!! Definitely pop over to the other thread. Any other questions do shout!

Onesliceortwo Sun 03-Mar-13 19:17:58

Hi Jakey & JBrd
Thanks for the link Jakey - I've had a bit of a lurk this evening - lots of good information there - certainly making me think the the BFing isn't helping matters!
JBrd - hang on in there with the CBFM - I used it before this attempt and it certainly helped us concieve DD & the one I lost in Jan - I followed the instructions to the letter though and always did the tests first thing in the morning - but that's because I'm a bit of a 'rules' girl - wouldn't want to get it wrong!

Jakeyblueblue Sun 03-Mar-13 16:28:38

You'll find us here

Jakeyblueblue Sun 03-Mar-13 16:23:48

One slice, it will probably be the breastfeeding. Hop over to the ttc whilst bf thread, you'll find us in conception. Loads of us with similar issues lurking there! smile

JBrd Sun 03-Mar-13 16:13:07

Oneslice I'm almost in the same position! Ttc no.2, mc early Jan, now back on track ttc and using the Cbfm (first time for me).
I've been asked to poas since CD6 and have been getting High readings now since CD10 - I'm on CD15 today. I have also been using OPKs in parallel, and got a positive yesterday - but still only High on the Cbfm. Not sure what is going on confused

I've been wondering - in the instructions for my cheapie OPKs, it says not to use the very first morning wee, but to wait at least a few hours, as the luteinising hormone is made during the day. So I usually poas in the evenings.
However, in the Cbfm instructions, they say that you definitely should test first thing in the morning! So I'm wondering if there is a chance that it will miss it? Is that feasible?

I'm wondering what would happen if you used the Cbfm in the evenings, very tempted to try that next time... Or maybe I'll call the customer support first and see what they say (probably to stick with the instructions, I guess!).

Onesliceortwo Sun 03-Mar-13 15:56:58

Thanks Jakey & Tea, lovely to hear from you both. Jakey, it's particularly interesting that you mentioned breastfeeding as I'm still feeding DD - only first thing in the morning - it hadn't occured to me that it might make a difference!

Tea - you have no idea how reassuring it is to have heard from you - whoever I mention my worries about the chromosomal issues to seem to fob me off with the whole ' it'll never happen again' blah blah blah. I was beginning to think I was absolutely bonkers to be feeling it!

As it is, DD's issue is relatively mild (requires high maintenance treatment for the next few years) but will not be either life threatening or hopefully limiting - I just worry terribly that maybe we were lucky with DD and we could be running the risk of having a child with real difficulties. Much as we would do our level best to parent him/her we're on the older side of average and I worry about the future. Also, if it is that I have duff eggs or DP's sperm isn't as it should be, I don't know that I can keep dealing with the MC's ........ I just wish that there is a way to find out on the NHS rather than having to wait for another 2 confirmed MC's which is the policy around here.

Just out of interest, what tests did you have done and how old are you?! (sorry, being very nosey here!) Also, which is the other thread you're on? I think it could be just what I need!

Your comment about DH made me laugh ........ hang on in there Tea!!

teaandchocolate Sun 03-Mar-13 09:11:41

Hi Oneslice. I just read your post as I've started to use opks for the first time & what you wrote really struck a chord. We are also ttc dc2 and had 2 mc last year as well as one mc before dd. I know that the 2nd mc had a chromosomal abnormality and also worry that there's something wrong with us that causes chromosomal problems. My dd has a mild congenital defect. I was told after the 2nd mc that as it was just a random problem it was extremely unlikely to reappear but I still went onto have another mc.

I had loads of tests last year and nothing was found so we are just ttc again after having a break from it. I now feel time is of the essence and had a really mental cycle in Jan - maybe from the stress? Who knows. But I had 2 periods of ewcm and ovulation signs but had no AF or bfp 2 weeks later. In the end my cycle was 52 days and I don't think I ovulated at all. So you can definitely have a period and no ovulation (I do as have pcos) but as you say I'd be surprised if it was on a 28 day cycle. This month I'm using opks and got a positive for a couple of days but absolutely no ewcm (which I've also used as my sign previously) however I did have cramps which now seem to have eased. We are now just going to dtd every other day of the entire cycle (& hope its not 52 days again) as I guess that's the only way if definitely catching it.

Sorry I can't really answer your questions about the cbfm but I do know cycles are funny things and it seems possible to have loads of signs and no ovulation but also to have ovulation and miss the signs!! Either way wishing you lots of luck and I'm sorry about your miscarriages. I'm on a lovely thread on the miscarriage board for recurrent miscarriers and we all seem to be ttc at the moment if you fancy joining. I also sympathise with your worries about chromosomal abnormalities. I do worry I have dud eggs. I don't have any words of wisdom but more than happy to hold your hand in this emotional rollercoaster that is ttc!!

Fwiw my DH thinks I lost the plot months ago!!

Jakeyblueblue Sat 02-Mar-13 23:07:42

I'm not sure about false peaks on the fertility monitor as never used one but you can def get false peaks on the opk's. I'm ttc no2 but still breastfeeding ds.1. This effects the hormones and can delay ov. So basically my body tries to ovulate but sometimes doesn't manage it, thus the false positives. I then usually peak again a few days later and go on to ov. Tbh I've had so many false positives now I've given up on them and an just dtd everytime there's ewcm.
Good luck!

Onesliceortwo Sat 02-Mar-13 21:10:00

Thank you Greenlizard. I think you're right - I'll keep going with the OPK's and see what happens!

In answer to your question, I have used the CBFM for quite sometime now. We used it (I know it's not advised) as contraception (avoiding peak times) before we TTC DC1 and again before trying for this one. I have to say with TTC DC1 we got PG on the third cycle and this time on the first (but MC'd). Up until now it's always been spot on (I think) and I've not had any odd cycles - so this one and has taken me somewhat by surprise! All the literature is right though, it does use the first month to 'get to know you' (although personally , I feel that if it really knew me, it'd be presenting me with a cup of tea at the ungodly hour that I have to POAS!) I am wondering whether it used last month as another 'getting to know me month' as everything was up the spout with the MC ..... who knows?!

I know it's early days but in my totally irrational way I'm beginning to panic that things may not be straightforward this time....... We also MC'd two before DC1 and DC1 was born with a conjential condition - the monster under my bed is that maybe there is a problem with one or other of us which is why we've MC'd 3 and there is an issue with DC1 - however much the consultants that deal with our daughter assure us that it is 'just one of those things' and our GP feels that we really shouldn't be worried, I find it very hard to believe!

I did chuckle when you mentioned your DP thinking you are over the top - I haven't dared mention to mine that I'm doing two lots of tests just to make certain or any of the confusion that I'm having - I think it'll be enough for him to try to get me sectioned - he honestly thinks I'm bonkers for getting into all of this - pleased he's not alone!

greenlizard Sat 02-Mar-13 17:21:08

Hi oneslice really to hear about your early MC. I am not an expert by any means so am sure someone will trundle along with some better advice shortly!

Just wanted to ask was last month the first time you have used your CBFM? I have used mine for the first time this month and started testing on CD6 as instructed and have had highs every single day including today which is when I have PO my 20th!! Having googled this, I discover that it isn't unusual for the first month as the system creates a baseline around your own hormone levels and the second month will give you a much more accurate picture (i hope so it wasn't cheap!!)

As for whether you can get a false peak I couldn't say as I have never had one but I do know that this month I ovulated early on CD12 as I was also using OPK's. I caught a surge late on Friday evening, I didn't get a smiley face the first time I tested on Saturday morning but tested again and I got one and the surge was over by Sunday and I ovulated on the Monday. I know this for a number of reasons, one I could just feel it which is what prompted me to test even though it was early and two as I track my temperature I could see my temp rise confirming ovulation.

I think you may be having an LH surge getting ready to ovulate even though it is early and you may have missed it with your CB OPKs....I have got some internet cheapie tests and they are good for testing in the afternoon as well to double check you don't miss it (there is a reason my DP thinks I am over the top grin)

I would keep an eye on your signs and keep testing with OPK's if I were you because you can get a surge and not ovulate then experience a later surge and you don't want to miss it!

Good luck and I will check back on other answers, see if I can learn something.

Onesliceortwo Sat 02-Mar-13 16:46:20

Ok - this could be lengthy, so bear with me! We are trying to concieve DC2.

I had an early MC in January 2013. Given that this one was so early (5 weeks) we decided to start TTC straight away and treat the first day of bleeding as CD1 (I did check with my GP and they felt this approach was fine!)

Anyway ...... all last month I used the CBFM and it detected highs but no peak. My cycle last month was 28 days and I started bleeding on day 29 (which I've counted as CD1). This month I decided to use the clearblue ovulation kit alongside the CBFM - just to double check the results (I thought it very odd to have no peak yet an on the dot 28 day cycle) - can you really have a period and not ovulate? - I am not the most knowledgable about these matters so do excuse me!

Yesterday and today, my CBFM gave me a peak (CD11&12 - which is really quite early for me - I'm normally anywhere between CD15&19) but the ovulation kit is still showing an empty circle - no smiley face.

I am now totally confused - my gut feeling is that this is a false peak as I have no other ov signs (no twinges/EWCM etc) but I don't understand how this would happen and why the two different tests are saying different things ........ any ideas? Anyone?!

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