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Late, BFN, driving myself mad!

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Madratlady Sun 03-Mar-13 17:55:44

I used to have regular periods before going on the pill.

Not sure when I ovulated this cycle, I think around day 16 cos I had some ewcm then. I'd still be a week late though. I'm not using ovulation tests or anything, we're just dtd regularly.

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Sun 03-Mar-13 17:17:26

What were your cycles like before you went on the Pill? Do you know if you actually ovulated during your latest cycle?

If you ovulated later than normal then your period will correspondingly be later than normal.

dondon33 Sun 03-Mar-13 14:04:33

Fx it's nothing, just your hormones messing around and the pain is from too much shagging.
Good luck x

Madratlady Sat 02-Mar-13 21:11:42

I'm going to the GP on Friday about having pain in my lower tummy during sex (long term problem) I will mention it then.

Hoping the pain and no AF don't mean anything bad.

dondon33 Sat 02-Mar-13 20:09:04

Ah sorry mad sad
It's a strange one especially if AF came back after the pill but has now stopped, maybe it's worth visiting the GP I'm not sure if they'll investigate yet but worth a try. Good luck x

Madratlady Fri 01-Mar-13 15:45:48

As expected another bfn. So disappointed.

Where's AF then?! Aargh!!

Madratlady Fri 01-Mar-13 08:41:02

I'm pretty sure I'd have had some symptoms if I actually was pg though so I'm not getting my hopes up.

dondon33 Fri 01-Mar-13 06:43:18

Yeah that'll be fine. I'll be having a look back here tonight when I'm in from work, fx for you x

Madratlady Fri 01-Mar-13 06:04:04

I think I'll test again then. Since I'm on nights I'd probably be better doing it when I wake up this afternoon.

dondon33 Fri 01-Mar-13 03:52:35

I'd test again, just to be sure.
You say you got the bfn 7 days ago - so the day af was due? It's possible there wasn't enough hormone especially if it wasn't your fmu. If you are preg there should be good levels now.
Yes, that's why it's best to use fmu so that there's enough hGC levels in there for the test to pick up.
You can use other urine from a different time but you have to hold your pee for minimum of 4 hours and not drink (little bit of water would be ok if thirsty) so not to dilute it but personally I'd stick to peeing after you'd been asleep then you know it's going to be an accurate result.
Good luck.

Madratlady Fri 01-Mar-13 02:52:33

I'm now around 7 days late. Not sure exactly as I stopped taking the pill in December, but last period turned up roughly on time. I've had no period symptoms at all this month.

Tested a week ago and got bfn. Is it worth testing again? I don't feel any different to normal. I don't really want the disappointment of a bfn.

Also, am I right thinking that the reason you should test in the morning is because you won't have had a wee for a while so the hormones will have built up in your urine?

This thread is rather pointless but I'm sat at work on a night shift driving myself a little bit mad!

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