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I really thought we'd done it

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threepiecesuite Wed 27-Feb-13 13:17:06

Feeling very down today so just looking for a place to get it out really.
As title says, I truly thought this was our month. Been trying for 10 months too conceive #2, have a 3yo DD. I'm 32.

Had some strong symptoms, pink spotting 5 days ago, constant nausea, peeing lots, ravenous, and was all but convinced it would be a BFP but AF came today, bang on time.

Can't seem to shift my low mood. It's my day off and I should take DD to the park or something while the weather's bright but I just feel like going to bed. I've been full of a cold for nearly 2 weeks now and I feel and look like shite.

Tough going this TTC business. Not enjoying it at all.

FelicityWasCold Wed 27-Feb-13 13:19:41

sad sorry to hear that, no helpful advice I'm afraid but be kind to yourself.

N0tinmylife Wed 27-Feb-13 13:20:08

Oh, bless you, it is rubbish, and unfair, you are entitled to feel like crap! Can you give yourself today to wallow, and curl up on the sofa with DD, then get back out there again tomorrow? As soon as you get your BFP all this will fade into insignificance!

NoMoreMarbles Wed 27-Feb-13 13:25:13

threepiecesuite so sorry you are having a tough timesad are you a member of any of the TTC groups on here? they can be very helpful during times like thissmile

I have been TTC#2 for going on 5.5 years now(8 MCs in that time 9 overall) and it is toughsad your symptoms sounded promising! i had similar last cycle but ignored it and AF arrived on time! literally exactly when she was due!
im 30 (almost 31) and my DD is 7 i feel more relaxed about the process now this far down the line but i remember well the anxiety it caused in the early days of TTC. we concieved DD on cycle 10 so i 100% expected to have been preg and had my second child by now but alas...not meant to be for me!

good luck this next cycle! smile

memphis83 Wed 27-Feb-13 13:31:59

I am the same as you ds 2.7 I am 30, been trying for 9 months and this month I was sure I was pg. Boobs bigger and sore, sickness, exhausted by teatime and af arrived this morning.
I get so upset every month and compared to some 9 months is no time at all so I feel so guilty to be upset but can't help it.

RedRobin1 Wed 27-Feb-13 22:27:58

I had this experience last month. On cycle 10 now. Had severe cramping, implantation dip and triphasic chart on fertility friend, sore boobs and nausea. AF turned up a few days later than usual but she did come.

It's devastating every month and you feel like some one is having a cruel laugh at you. I remember getting angry and upset last month. In my 2ww this month and again don't feel pregnant. I feel very hopeless to be honest. Just don't know if its ever going to happen sad

cheezypeas Wed 27-Feb-13 22:32:17

Really sorry sad I was in a similar situation this month....6 months TTC number 2. I had spotting for a week, sore boobs and bloated tummy....and then AF turns up. The downer is just dreadful. xx

chocoloulou33 Wed 27-Feb-13 22:49:16

Hello. Am also ttc #2. Have dd aged 5. Am on cycle 6. Due bfp in couple of days & rly can't believe how much it takes over your life. Hate the feeling when af comes. Feels like its never gonna happen. I'm usually ok in a few days but grrr I hate it too x

threepiecesuite Thu 28-Feb-13 09:53:51

Thanks all for your messages. I had a truly shit day yesterday but feeling a bit brighter today. I would really like a baby in 2013 so I guess March is my last chance.
On an optimistic note, I once read a post on here that as your pregnancy is dated for 40 weeks from your last LMP, then I'm currently in Week 1!
Onwards and upwards :-)

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