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Pre TT-TTC - getting my body (and mind) ready!

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wrighty2010 Sun 24-Feb-13 19:37:06

Just wanted to wish you good luck and to say well done on your weight loss, thats some going!! Apart from folc acid I am not sure what else to suggest that you take although I did read a pst from a natural fertility expert about supplements to take to imporve fertility so may be worth a read or dropping her a message. Hope this helps bur in the meantime, enoy trying!!! xxx

ILoveMyCats Sun 24-Feb-13 17:14:17

Congratulations on making the decision jointly! It's a big step for both of you. First of all, well done on your weight loss to date. Sounds like you're already on the right track to getting yourselves prepared. Just by leading a healthier lifestyle, you're doing loads.
The recommendations are to take start taking Folic acid 3 months before you start trying. You could look into some other supplements, but they can be pricey & may not make you more likely to conceive. I think they are a personal choice.
You may like to read 'taking charge of your fertitlity' by Toni Weschler. Loads of people love it here. There's loads of advice on getting to know your cycles and fertile times. You don't mention what contraception you're using. It's worth being aware that if you are using hormonal contraceptives, like the pill or implant, then it may take a fewe cycles to get back to normal once you've stopped taking it. A friend of mine came off the pill 6 months before even starting to ttc to get ready. Might be worth it.
Read threads on here that interest you. There's a lot of information, advice and support. But try not to get too obsessed!! You sound as though you are already doing the sensible things. Enjoy it as much as possible. Lots of luck to you.

Shrinkshy Sun 24-Feb-13 16:14:17

Hi everyone! I don't know where this goes really or if it is appropriate to post but I just had to tell someone. My OH actually just outrightly said that he wants to have children, and start TTC next year! WOW! I'm so excited. We have been married for nearly 3 years and for a while the "b" word would just freak him out completely, and he would add another year everytime i suggested casually when do you think is the right time! so the fact that he is decided and wants it for himself (not because of me nagging) is just awesome!

so we are both on a mission now to sort of MOT our body and lives in preparation for this. I'm 28 and obese and want to make sure I'm within my healthy BMI when we TTC. i'm on weightwatchers and have lost 30lb so far but still have a way to go. I also want to make sure we have some savings for a deposit for a house and make sure we are ready financially to bring another life into this world.

So yeah! does anyone have any advice about pre-TTC or is there anyone else planning for TTC? any advice re: weightloss or good supplements to take to improve fertility (i might have had PCOS in the past but my periods are like clockwork now) I'm already thinking baby names lol !


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