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14dpo -Not sure what chart is telling me? Any ideas?

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jennimoo Mon 25-Feb-13 19:41:41

Stalking your chart and keeping fingers crossed for you.

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 24-Feb-13 16:56:20

I agree, days 18,19,23 and 24 are also possibilities, you don't have a single obvious temp jump indicating O. If CD18 or 19 and you were pregnant I would expect it to be showing a BFP by now. Otherwise I would expect AF by Tue unless pregnant.

worriedmum100 Sun 24-Feb-13 16:10:44

Hi Not

9dpo was another day when I temped early because of DS waking early so again about an hour earlier than usual. I was wondering if I might have o'd on CD23 or 24 instead? I also thought earlier in my cycle that I had O'd on CD18 because of when I had EWCM but my o date is a lot less clear this cycle than it has been on other cycles. I've never had a cycle longer than 37 days so I guess I have probably O'd as late as CD23 in the past but I've not been temping properly for long so don't have a graph for that cycle.

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 24-Feb-13 16:02:56

Personally I think your coverline is low. Why is the tmep on the 9th an open circle? If this temp was not reliable you could have O'd a day later IMO. The dip post O can indicate implantation but without taking a test you won't know either way. FX

jennimoo Sun 24-Feb-13 15:36:18

I'm afraid I don't know but really wishing you luck. Definitely could go either way.

worriedmum100 Sun 24-Feb-13 15:05:43


If any more experienced charters could give me thier views on my chart I would be really grateful!

I am 14dpo today. No AF so far. I usually get a really obvious temp dip on 13dpo and then AF comes.

My temps declined between 7 -10dpo so I was very pessimistic. I also got a dip yesterday but the circle is open because I took temp about an hour earlier than usual because my ds woke up teething. This morning I was fully expecting a clear drop but instead it went back up. Took temp at usual time of 6am. Temps are not very high but are still clearly above coverline. I had a negative HPT on 12DPO but I ovulated late (CD22) so this might have been too early. My cycles are irregular. Last month it was 27 days, this month should be 36. Sometimes its 31

I have been feeling crampy on and off since around 10DPO which is unusual for me. I usually get cramps the day before AF or day she arrives.

I have felt really ill this cycle. I think I don't react well to the increase in progesterone and have terrible nausea and fatigue for most of the TWW. This has eased off now. Probably a bad sign I know.

My cervix is also high and hard (although I know this is not a very reliable sign).

We have been ttc DC 2 for nearly a year and have an appointment at the fertility clinic next month. I am 37.

Many thanks!

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