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Too early to tell?

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HopefullA Sun 24-Feb-13 04:47:45

Ok Ladies, so myself and hubbie arent actively trying (plan is for next year) however i have been off the pill for 1 year now and we have been careful (condoms etc). So my last period was 8 Feb and i am usually around the 30 day period timeline.
On the 22nd (i know ,just 2 days ago), we had sex and the condom broke.
So..... i looked at my period tracker on phone and it said i am in my fertile time.....
Whats the chances we got preggers?

I would be beyond delighted but my hubbie not so much...

Now, i think its all in my head but i have on and off feelings of slight nauseau since then.... im convinced its myself and not anything.....

Did anyone else get some symptoms that quickly and when is the soonest i can test>? please dont make me wait 2 wks til my period is due!?!??!


aufaniae Sun 24-Feb-13 05:09:29

You can test earlier than 2w, but 2 days is stretching it! (AFAIK, the fertilised egg won't even have implanted yet).

I got a BFP from testing a few days early, using a test specifically designed for early testing.

I guess it is good advice if you're TTC to try to do the 2ww (2 week wait) if you're doing it every month so as not to do your own head in, and spend a fortune on tests, and also so as not to get too upset by chemical pregnancies. But personally I couldn't wait! And it wasn't every month, I just knew that month!

Good luck, I hope you get the result you want smile

Soph80 Sun 24-Feb-13 08:27:48

You can get tests that let you do it 4 days earlier but the earlier you test, the less accurate they will be.

If you are pregnant, you never know, DH may come round. Maybe it was meant to happen??? I always think 'accidents' like that happen for a reason xxx

HopefullA Sun 24-Feb-13 09:49:56

Thanks Soph80, yeah he will be fine, think it just scuppered some plans we had but we had spoke of trying at xmas, so it just moves thigns up by 10 months.

I am so hopeful, i really would love to be pregnant!

Oh Fingers crossed....

Soph80 Sun 24-Feb-13 09:52:42

well I guess you'll know whether its time, whether DH is relieved or dissappointed if you're not. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

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