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Frozen IVF cycle - natural or with drugs?

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CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 22-Feb-13 12:09:40

Hi all

I'm at least 3 months from doing a frozen cycle as just had a failed fresh cycle but luckily we have 5 embryos in the freezer
I did a short protocol as when I attempting a long protocol in November the down regging made me develop loads of cysts and I had to stop. My clinic have said that a frozen cycle would involve down regging which makes me a bit nervous but that I could do a natural cycle without any drugs at all. I'm also unsure about that as according to blood tests pre clomid pre IVF I wasn't ovulating, so would I still get an LH surge??

We're taking a couple of months off and will then meet with the consultant and siscuss options but I'm just after any shared experiences if poss


vallinnapod Sat 23-Feb-13 21:57:05

Hi - I am on a 10 day wait having has my transfer on Wednesday.

My cycle was medicated. I had one abandoned one as I wasn't responding to the drugs (to thicken my lining). There was no down regging for me. I have been on 100mg oestrogen patches, they then added 6mg progynova and 75mg baby aspirin. 800mg Cyclogest added 5 days pre transfer. I am now on all of the above and will be until the end of my first trimester (or next Friday if it's a BFN).


galwaygirl Sat 23-Feb-13 22:26:08

I had a natural cycle, I got a small HCG injection after transfer. We to a BFP.
See what the consultant says - if you have natural cycle try scan you and monitor your bloods looking for ovulation so if you didn't actually ovulate I would have thought they wouldn't put one in?
Best of luck x

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