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Thin endometrium - experience of treatments?

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beetlebat Thu 28-Feb-13 17:26:43

Thanks for all these messages- I have not been looking much but really appreciate all of your thoughts and kind words.

keep I wondered if my consultant would suggest oestrogen in a natural cycle but he said it was only appropriate in assisted cycles where you are controlling everything, which made some sense, but clearly yours did not think the sameconfused.

Oddboots and Dannygirl thank you fr your clinic suggestions. London is not great for us but the one with a clinic in Harpenden would not be bad. I have actually spoken to CARE in Northampton, on the basis that they see high numbers (about 600 a year I think) and their live birth rate was over 40% in my age group (35-37). I spoke to a nurse on the phone who said she thought my FSH sounded less worrying than the thin lining and they might offer other treatments before IVF. They are sending an initial appt date but said it would be April which seems an age away! Nothing committed yet so I will look at other clinics in more depth too.

Good luck to all of you.

keepitgoing Wed 27-Feb-13 13:08:41

I was given oestrogen tablets in the 2ww as my lining was on the thin side at my last iui. I don't know if it worked, didn't get preg, but that might be an option? It's hrt, bit weird taking something for menopausal women. I just started ivf, so will be interested to see what my lining does. I've had some natural cycles where it's been fine, but since I took a month of clomid it seems thinner. Grrr. Good luck.

OddBoots Tue 26-Feb-13 22:02:04

I wouldn't normally post here as my IVF experience is just carrying as a host surrogate but as you are local to me I thought I would mention that I found LFC (London Fertility Centre) very good and they operate a satellite clinic at Spire Harpenden so you could have scans and things there.

Dannygirl Tue 26-Feb-13 21:55:30

beetlebat I am very sorry to hear you didn't get better news from the consultant, it is really hard to hear even if you had suspected that's what they might say. ARGC are indeed based in London so it may not be the most practical option for you location wise. The only thing is from what I have read, and from their stats, they seem to be really good so if it's at all an option distance wise it's worth considering. Or perhaps ask around a few clinics how they would approach your particular case, and see how much experience they have in this particular specialty. Fertility friends seems to be a good source of info too. Feel free to PM me if you want any more information. All the very best of luck to you with the next stage xx Alexandra6 thanks for your message, I think I have read that too- brazil nuts seem to be good for some reason I think! Good luck with your treatment too xx

Alexandra6 Mon 25-Feb-13 14:45:18

Hi beetle and Danny I just saw this post and had a quick look as I am taking clomid and heard the drug can thin the uterus lining. Anyway I googled and I found some sites which talked about foods which increase blood flow to the uterus which might help with lining - I don't know if it can be helped enough with things like that but I thought I'd mention it in case. Also I'm doing acupuncture which apparently can help, again I'm not sure how much. Wish you both lots of luck

beetlebat Mon 25-Feb-13 13:49:08

I forgot to wish you well for your cycle in in MarchDannygirl

It looks like we are heading down the IVF route too, as my consultant thought the combination of high FSH and thin lining is not good news and he can offer very little on the NHS. Feeling rather sad about this, but at least it was a clear message. Off to look for clinics nearby to approach now!

beetlebat Mon 25-Feb-13 10:09:49

Hi Dannygirl.thanks so much for replying- I had almost stopped looking! Your experience confirmed what I feared from my reading, that this can be far from straight forward to treat. I am just about to go in to see the clinic. At this stage I am just having investigations at local NHS gynae dept (Luton and Dunstable) but am quitE prepared to change as we obviously have to go private for any IVF if we need to go down that route.

I have heard of the ARGC but have no knowledge of it- is it London based?

Dannygirl Sun 24-Feb-13 07:52:36

Hi beetlebat sorry to hear about the thin lining. I too am being treated for secondary infertility and for much of the time they have been focused on trying to improve my thin lining - I have had several IVF cycles cancelled as a result of it sad As far as I can tell they seem to use oestrogen patches to treat it, and also more recently Viagra (!) which I believe is supposed to stimulate blood flow to the uterus. It is also recommended to look at the tissue of the uterus in more detail via a hysteroscopy which is a minor procedure where they insert a camera in to have a look around. I have had all of this and sadly no luck so far! I have recently changed clinic to ARGC who specialise in immune issues, and have been told this can also cause a thin lining. It's a controversial area though as many of the recommended treatments aren't licensed for fertility treatment. Also hidden infections can cause issues too. In my case they have found an immune issue, which has been treated and I should be doing another cycle in March. I guess this will tell whether the treatment has helped with my lining or not! Sorry for the long rambling answer but I hope some of it has been useful and very best of luck with the appt. Which clinic / consultant are you seeing if you don't mind me asking? xxx

beetlebat Fri 22-Feb-13 08:57:20


beetlebat Thu 21-Feb-13 20:09:21

I am desperately seeking a bit of wisdom prior to my next appt with consultant next week so I know what to expect/ask for.

I'm being investigated for secondary infertility and have had 2 scans over the last 2 cycles, both 2-5 DPO. The only finding of interest was thin endometrium (3 and 4mm). From the homework I have done so far I believe this is caused by either low oestrogen (never had a blood test for this) or damaged lining (never had any procedure or infection except instrumental delivery for DD 3 yrs ago).

I guess I am most likely to be offered supplementary oestrogen, but is this effective? To the best of my knowledge oestrogen is produced by developing follicles so if I don't produce enough does that mean the follicles are rubbish? I do have slightly high FSH so maybe this is just a sign of poor egg quality.

So my question is, does oestrogen work in this sort of situation or is there anything else that might be more effective? Any help gratefully received as I really want to be clued up before my appt!

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