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Absent AF, screwed up ovulation, luteal phase defects? Sign in for the all new ttc while breastfeeding thread! BFPs guaranteed!

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MrsHuxtable Wed 20-Feb-13 23:28:46

As if ttc wasn't nerve wrecking enough, we like the extra challenge of getting that BFP while still breastfeeding a baby or toddler. While this isn't an easy endouvour, it certainly isn't impossible as many graduates on the previous threads prove.

I'm posting a link here for any newcomers about fertility while breastfeeding.

Am also wonderig if you'd like to have some sort of stats for the tread members. I'll just start myself.

MrsHuxtable, 29, ttc#2 from April, on pp cycle 4, luteal phase defect

Jakeyblueblue Thu 28-Feb-13 15:57:48

Hi all new and old,
Boo to the rotavirus sarnie! Sounds horrendous, hopefully you are all on the mend.
I've been feeling the same mrsH. So much so I haven't taken any b6 or Preg vits yet since AF. Have been trying to forget about it. Having said though, cd8 today so have restarted and am on the look out for ewcm.. Considered having a break this cycle but can't afford to.
I totally agree that people have no idea about the link between infertility and bf and assume its easy once periods return. No such luck. sad
I think we need to get a bit of positivity back ladies. Not sure how though?? confused

Lis999 Thu 28-Feb-13 16:18:13

MrsHuxtable are you temping to confirm ovulation? I had a positive digi OPK on CD 11 (early for me) this cycle but didn't end up O'ing. Now on CD 20 with no sign of O.

CorporeSarnie Fri 01-Mar-13 09:46:48

Hi all, and thanks for the well-wishes. Babysarnie now much recovered, barely looked up from her Duplo when left at nursery this morning.
AF finally showed up sometime yesterday afternoon (thank God it was light - I have become so unused to AF and obv so unpredictable that I am back to the standards of a surprised 13-yo!). So only a 46day cycle to deal with and no idea of ovulation, but I will try and be positive that we can do this.
On a semi-related note, does anyone else find that bfing is more painful during AF? I don't usually have problems, but my nipples seem really sensitive at the moment!

snoozed Fri 01-Mar-13 19:37:27

Hello all, may I join?

Still waiting for af's return, it's starting to take over my life get to me a little bit.

Stopped night feeds using dr jays method - worked v well- and also been taking agnus castus for a month.

29, dd, 13 months, ttc#2

snoozed Fri 01-Mar-13 19:38:58

Btw, agnus castus has had no effect on milk supply (think someone asked up thread)

MurderOfProse Sat 02-Mar-13 00:53:10

Hello! Would love to join!

I have 3 DC and we want to have 4. I have been breastfeeding since DD1 (6.5) was born and my youngest is nearly two years old. In that time, whilst breastfeeding, I've conceived four times - a 9 week loss, DD2, DS and a chemical. So I hope that gives some people some hope!

AF came back at 9 months this time out (14 months/9 months with my other two) and the first one or two were always a bit rocky. But they settle into a semi-regular state - ovulating anywhere between CD14 and CD24 depending on what supplements I'm trying that cycle wink My luteal phase is short - 9 days without supplements, 11 days with. Worse, I spot from around four days before AF arrives (with bad cramps before that), and even have some mid-cycle spotting.

I chart, including temperature taking, and POAS about a million times a cycle whether it's OPKs or HPTs.. always cheapies though as sadly we are no millionaires!

I have been lucky enough to conceive all the other times within a few cycles, but something has gone wrong this time out and it's been nearly a year sad - this was not the plan. Normally I have pregnancy drama/loss, not failure to conceive. I'm suspecting endometriosis or adhesions and just started the process of hopefully getting a diagnosis.

I refuse to believe it's the breastfeeding given my previous track record of conceptions and babies, but I bet doctors will ask me to wean. I won't. Not until the DCs (yes, as well as the almost 2 year old, I'm still feeding my 4 year old just before her bedtime each day for a minute or so blush - she WILL NOT give it up for anything in the world!!) want to.

Here's what I take:

Vit B6 I've been taking since 2005 and I've had no problems breastfeeding so I guess it doesn't affect that. I need it for my luteal phase.

Agnus Castus never affected my milk either, but does increase my spotting and make my ovulation later - however I did conceive all my other children with it.

Raspberry leaf tea (H&B capsules too) I think increases my spotting too but I haven't got enough data to go on really. It did nothing for my luteal phase though.

Maca (powder - a heaped teaspoon a day) was great and I am sure was responsible for bringing my ovulation forward to CD16 and giving me nice smooth temps as well. I am on a break from it at the moment as apparently you need to every three months. I can highly recommend it though - I get mine from Amazon usually. Red maca seems to work better apparently..

What else? Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc tablets - they can help with supply during AF which I really noticed a difference when I used to pump at work waaaay back when with DD1 before she turned 12 months.

Lots of luck to all of you - I look forward to hearing about those BFPs!!

Jakeyblueblue Sat 02-Mar-13 12:17:12

Welcome to the madhouse snoozed and WOW murder!! What an expert and a most useful person to have around!
Your post gave me some hope as your cycle sounds very similar, although I don't spot at all. I'm also still feeding a similar aged child. Did you concieve any of your pregnancies with the 9 - 11 day luteal phase? Mine is 10 without the b6 and 11 with it. Have been putting my problems down to that?? Although it did take quite a while to concieve ds so it may be nothing to do with the bf and another problem. Desperately hoping not as whilst I'm bf there's something to blame for it and it makes me feel a bit better.
I was pretty ok about this all until a couple of cycles ago, just thought what will be will be, but its starting to get me down a bit now. Someone left for mat leave at my work yesterday and I felt I didn't really want to go in and watch her opening all her presents!! Need to get a grip as some people aren't even lucky enough to have one dc.
I've gone back on the b6 a couple of days ago and started dtd a couple of times a week just in case. Cd 10 here so should start seeing some signs in the next week or so.
I'm going to have a google about some of those other supplements you mentioned. Sound promising.
How's everyone else getting on?

WinterMymble Sat 02-Mar-13 22:14:51

Hi all! I'm not technically ttc yet but am trying to find out about things since may want to - am ebf beautiful dc1 (a girl nearly 6 mths) and plan to bf at least two years - no sign of AF - and I am 40 so wd be 42 by the time two years was up - so IF we did decide to go for a sequel then wd be tricky to wait that long to start ttc....

Conceived dd on first month trying, aged 39, but don't know how fertile I am really - never tried before that!

So anyway v interested in this whole discussion and I hope you all have glorious bfps soon!

AlexanderinaTheGreater Sun 03-Mar-13 14:34:22

Afternoon! Can I join you all?

I'm on cycle 3 of ttc number 2 whilst still bf my 18 month old at bedtime (and occasionally during the night if she's inconsolable with teeth, but that's now rare). My LP was short last time (started off at 7/8 days, managed to get it up to 9/10), so I'm kind of expecting it to be not great now. Last cycle was completely up the spout due to us all having every bug going, but if I did ovulate my LP was 3 days shock. I'm past that already this cycle, which gives me hope it's not going to be THAT ridiculous, but still.

I took B6 last time, haven't gone back to it yet. I'm hoping it'll all be a bit quicker this time (took a year with the small person, which I know isn't really all that long in the grand scheme of things but felt it). I'm determined to be a lot more chilled out this time, but we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, it's nice to make your acquaintances.

Lis999 Mon 04-Mar-13 19:52:35

Well I got my second positive OPK of this cycle this morning - CD24. We will see if I actually O. Last cycle I had four positive OPKs before finally O'ing on CD 46. So I take the smiley with a grain of salt! How is everyone else doing?

Jakeyblueblue Mon 04-Mar-13 22:08:47

I'm on cd 12 and I've got loads of ewcm. Unusual for this early on. Hoping I ov in the next few days and don't have a long cycle for once. Fingers crossed. Told dh his luck is in tonight! We can but try! smile

snoozed Tue 05-Mar-13 14:57:59

That sounds promising jakey!
was surprised to find ewcm yesterday - hopefully a sign that things are happening and can start ttc in earnest.

dp is away at the moment sadly so couldnt dtd in case i ov'd..

dd has her molars coming through and has been up all hours - have resorted to feeding at night a bit again as she is very miserable.

boombangcrash Tue 05-Mar-13 20:19:52

Hello all, since posting on this thread DS has morphed into a newborn and is feeding every hour!!! Have been feeling so sick, which I took as a positive sign, but three tests later realise that it is only wishful thinking. It must be hormones and fatigueconfused.
So much for the gaps.....Am trying not to get to obsessed with ttc, but it is slowly starting to consume me. Still no sign of AF whatsoever and have given up charting temp as I haven't managed more than 2 hours between feeds at night for the past 10 days. Feel like the whole world is pregnant envy.
Good luck to everyone, don't think things will be happening for me any time soon sad.

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Mar-13 18:44:18

jakeyblueblue - yep, all mine conceived with a 9-11 day LP - even my first! And heaps of spotting. It can be done!! But I do wonder if it makes it harder.. I mean, what if the egg sits on a bit that sheds?

I'm CD24 (2dpo, late month this one) but sitting this cycle out for the first time since we started TTC again as we're going skiing in early April. Not that I think we'd get lucky, but it would be law of sod. I feel sick enough in the gondolas anyway without morning sickness getting involved!

boombangcrash - I've been the same. Trying hard not to get obsessed too, but I have to admit when the pre-September 2013 due date came and went I got very upset as I wanted my children all two school years apart. Seems so trivial, but for me it just means another year until I can go back to work when the youngest starts school sad

Lis999 - I never get positive OPKs on the smiley face digitals, just on the paper strips! Just shows how we all produce different amounts of LH. But I know I am ovulating - temperatures confirm it plus I've had progesterone tests and today I had an ultrasound which showed I had ovulated. Hope this is it for you!

AlexanderinaTheGreater Thu 07-Mar-13 09:03:31

9dpo and temp dropped this morning. Arse. Looks like I need to go back on the B6. What dose do you all take? And is it one you take all cycle? (I think it was agnus castus that I was just taking pre-ov last time but may be confused).

I'd forgotten how mental-making the waiting is, trying to balance hope with realistic expectation. Only this time with sleep deprivation on top - joy.

MurderOfProse Thu 07-Mar-13 20:41:35

I take 100mg but 50mg is apparently what you should be trying as a minimum.

I took Agnus Castus all cycle long - I don't think it helped with my luteal phase necessarily but it does apparently reduce prolactin. Don't quote me on that, I just read it somewhere else and haven't researched it myself yet.

Nearly a year after starting TTC our last and my mental state is a complete disaster after the rollercoaster each month sad

BettyStogs Thu 07-Mar-13 21:48:11

Hello all, just checking in, nothing new to report.

Also wanted to ask, with the supplements some of you are taking, are they to extend luteal phase, or generally helpful? I'm taking pregnacare conception which has B6, but wondering if its worth taking anything else to get cycle kick started as still no sign of AF.

Jakeyblueblue Thu 07-Mar-13 22:17:24

Hi all, cd 16 today and think today's the day. Have already dtd this am but have just had some ov pains so may try talk the old man into another go tonight!
I take 100 mg b6 after initially taking 50mg and LP stayed the same so I upped it and gained an extra day. 50mg is the dose recommended to start from. I think it could help in general as it reduces prolactin, which inhibits progesterone and we need progesterone for AF.
Mental making! Love that description!

snoozed Fri 08-Mar-13 08:28:41

Betty - agnus castus is meant to regulate hormones and suppress prolactin, helping to start af when bfing.

Been taking it for about a month, in the last week it feels like things are starting to happen - hopeful that af will come soon.

Mental making indeed!

BettyStogs Fri 08-Mar-13 12:18:51

Thank you will try & get hold of some.

snoozed Fri 08-Mar-13 12:21:29

They sell it in Holland & Barrett

Lis999 Sun 10-Mar-13 15:04:08

Well it looks like I O'd earlier this time! CD 25, which is a vast improvement over CD 46. Now I am hoping for a longer LP. Last month it was only 7-8 days. sad

Jakeyblueblue Mon 11-Mar-13 04:55:03

I still haven't ov'd!!!! Cd19 and still got ewcm. Had it for over a week. Obviously my body is trying but getting delayed by the constant milk guzzling. Nipples now mega sore so am hoping this is it in the next day or so. Totally bored of dtd now. Totally bored of the whole thing. Why can't we just take a tablet??? confused

TheThickPlottens Tue 12-Mar-13 10:57:47

Hello. I'm falling into the no AF group. Breast feeding 14 month old 5 times during the day and 5 times a night. We cosleep so it's an open bar. I am planning on night weaning her over the Easter break.

I started TTC in feb and now I'm imagining that I've got symptoms all the freaking time.

I'm 35 and have 2 dds. Dd2 was conceived without ever getting AF back. But I had night weaned. No periods for 4 years! That bit, I love.

I got a BFN on Saturday. I had felt over tired, dizzy and nauseous on Friday.

Now I've minor nausea and a pain in my groin like PGP. I think I'm going mad. There's a clear blue digital in the cupboard that I haven't used yet. I'm all out of cheapies until the weekend shopping trip. Should I try that one or wait a while longer?

Lis999 Wed 13-Mar-13 08:12:37

Ugh AF came today. That was a 7 day LP. So frustrating!

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