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Ouch my boobs are killing me!

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gillian1986 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:03:33

Haha sorry ladies too much information maybe...

AF due around thursday this week although not EXACTLY sure as I only came off the pill in december so not quite regular yet.

Had a week of feeling SOOOOO bloated every day and serious cramps which has now passed.... and been replaced today by BOOB PAIN FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive POAS twice in the last week... I KNOW YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME ITS PROBABLY TOO EARLY TO TELL ANYWAY! I was being silly and weak.... both negative.

Maybe the breast tenderness now is because AF is on the way? Probably. But still... ouch! Never had symptoms like this however I have been on the pill for 10 years up until recently so I guess this is what its like to have real cycles and real PMT!?

I dunno.

Obviously I'm really hoping AF wont come at all and that I will POAS next week and get a BFP!

Could the bloating and cramps last week AND the breast tenderness and pain in lower tummy/back be early pregnancy signs?

I definitely dont feel right! Ughhh. Its hard being female!

SassySask Fri 01-Mar-13 14:21:25

First month TTC really and got all these signs, am really scared to do a test though, it all seems so much serious when you pee on the little stick grin

HopefullA Sun 03-Mar-13 03:45:34

I am also suffering from achy boobs.

my period is due in 5 days (as per my phone ap) and i usually get some bronwy discharge about 2 days before to signal its arrival (sortry TMI) but i am praying it doesnt come this month.

I have had lower back ache now constantly for a few days and feeling more hormonal but not as bad as my usual period hormones.

I am a weak individual and have POAS for past 3 days even though my sensible mind knows its too early... ofcourse all are BFN.

I bought some sensitive tests from teh internet as spent a fortune already so gonna save the Clear blue ones til im actually late (please god that happens).


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