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TTC #2 and turning into a nut job!

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gemmeg Mon 18-Feb-13 07:13:21

Ladies, bring me back down to Earth before it's too late! I'm TTC #2 and its only the 2nd cycle and I'm already doing my own head in not to mention my OH.....we're not the kind of couple to have regular sex when not TTC (much to my disappointment sad) so it's a real effort for DS to, erm, pull his finger out as it were and DTD every other day. With DS1 I had no idea about CM and OPKs and just used an ovulation calendar for timing but this time round I'm in danger of falling into the OPK trap! I'm aware of my constant whittling and DH even said that he hopes I get pregnant this month so he doesn't have to listen to me begging for him to do it just one more time! Anyone in the same boat?

gemmeg Sun 10-Mar-13 17:51:36

Hello ASmidge don't know about the app but can help a bit on the opk front. They basically work by detecting LH in your urine. When you get a +opk this means a surge in this hormone has been detected and you should ovulate any time in the nxt 24 hrs. You test everyday at around the same time in the days leading up to when you think you may ovulate (there are usually instructions telling you the best time to start testing. They're rather like a pg test). 2pm is supposedly the best time but it tells you all this in the instructions. If the test line is the same strength or darker in colour than the control line then you have a + and should crack on with DTD. If the line is fainter or non-existent then it's -. I bought some cheap ones last month but didn't get a + even though I was sure I was ovulating. I then read that you can miss the surge if you only test once a day but i really didnt want to be POAS all day long! That said, I've invested in some clearblue as I had an irregular cycle this month so wanted to try them out. Until I get a +opk I can't be sure if they're worth it. I think if you have a reg cycle though then they can just make you obsessed.....but hey, that's why we're all here, right? wink

gemmeg Sun 10-Mar-13 17:53:27

I should also add that when you get a + you should keep testing daily (and DTD!) until you get a -.

lucieloos Sun 10-Mar-13 18:54:58

Hi there gemmeg thanks for your reply. I had a good chat with DH today and told him that I was feeling a bit fed up as I thought that this was something we both wanted but I feel like it is only me taking it seriously and that I felt like I had to pester him to DTD all the time. He seemed to take it well, he said he didnt really understand that there was only a very limited time when we could conceive and now I am going to tell him when it is each month and we will make more of an effort to DTD lots during that week. Feel a lot happier about it and hopefully things will pick up now. Af is due on the 28th Feb. Very excited as this is our first proper cycle TTC smile

pettyprudence Sun 10-Mar-13 18:56:41

af due tomorrow-ish. i tested today, still neg, but not overly surprised sad if af doesn't show up tomorrow i will try and hold out on testing till Wed as i was late last month by a few days. i have no patience though grin
btw my bff is a pharmacist and says it really doesn't matter which opk/pg test you use but obviously some opks are easier to understand than others (i think the clear blue ones give smiley faces when a surge has been detected. with my cheapies i have to twirl it in the light to check which line is darker!)

ASmidgeofMidge Sun 10-Mar-13 20:27:57

Thanks gemmeg. Think might hang fire before using Opk's... Realistically I think I will get obsessed! grin

Ninunina Sun 10-Mar-13 21:56:04

I think I need to join you ladies! I ready your thread yesterday and I think I've officially become a nut job too since I just realised that I really want another baby now! DD almost 16 months and we're not meant to start ttc#2 until July, but I really want it to happen now. I'm meant to be my cousin's bridesmaid at the beginning of July, and would need to fit into a dress without looking like a whale (put on a lot of weight last time). I'm not on the pill anymore, and we DTD last night with no technically it could happen. I started tracking my cycles this month, and am on CD17, so ovulation should have already happened but I often have long cycles so its hard to say. I feel like a naughty school girl, but I really wouldn't mind having a little "accident", and my dress hasn't been made yet, so technically there is still time to make it a bit generous around the middle.
See what I mean though ladies....nut job!!!!

2beornot Sun 10-Mar-13 22:37:04

Hi new ladies, asmidge, lucie, mummytoark & ninunina!!! Welcome to the nut house.

Tonight is my last night of baby making. It's cd 17 and I'm sure I ov on Fri night (pains on one side and funny taste in my mouth seem to be my symptoms). All in all we've dtd on cd 8, 10, 13, 16. & 17 so I think if it doesn't happen this month it won't be through lack of trying. It has been tiring and there have been nights we've been too knackered so may try OPKs next month to make sure it's productive.

My DH genuinely didn't realise that the window is so tight until we had a chat this month so I think you've done the right thing lucie. And as unromantic as it sounds having a baby making schedule helped, because I then made sure I instigated off the schedule. And I will do next week too.

Good luck pettypru, fingers crossed AF doesn't show and you get a BFP On wed.

ninu I think you're in the right place - I def thought I had fallen first month. It's unlikely, but possible so good luck!!

nomoreminibreaks Mon 11-Mar-13 07:31:05

Loving all the new nutjobs joining! It makes me feel less crazy and allows me to embrace my obsessive POAS habit

ASmidgeofMidge Mon 11-Mar-13 17:47:20

No AF.... But just poas and is negative....

pettyprudence Mon 11-Mar-13 18:23:43

no af here and a bfn. humph. angry

winterpansy Mon 11-Mar-13 19:34:39

Aw no asmidge and petty. It's not over til AF arrives so don't give up just yet.

Nice to see all the new nutjobs. We're due a few bfps here soon I hope.

I'm 2dpo and time is dragggginnngggggg!

Just to add to the OPK chat. I only used them this month and got a smiley face on the second day I used them. I have very irregular cycles and it's given me peace of mind that we did it at the right time (although I'm starting to think we should have done it again the day after the smiley- will do that next time if no bfp this month). We both work hard and have a toddler DS so making sure we do it at the right time, and don't procrastinate due to knackeredness, is key.

2beornot Mon 11-Mar-13 20:11:06

asmidge and petty at least there's no AF so there's still hope.

Winter when are you going to test? I'm due next fri but have some first response tests in the cupboard so will POAS on Next wed. Me and DH have got the day off work and dd is off to the grandparents while we go out so it would be lovely if I got a BFP then!!

pettyprudence Mon 11-Mar-13 20:22:43

My problem is when I want something I want it NOW, or possibly even yesterday grin It does not make for a calm 2ww

winterpansy Mon 11-Mar-13 20:32:43

2be I've just ordered some First Response tests after reading your post! I might try towards the end of next week too. Luckily I'm away for a nice family weekend break on Fri which should distract me until at least Tues.

petty I hear ya, impatience should be my middle name grin

Ninunina Mon 11-Mar-13 21:56:34

Thanks for the warm welcome smile
All this talk of home pregnancy tests has made me wonder if I'll turn into a test nut job like last time, or if I'll manage to wait for a missed period (or the tell tale nausea which I got very early on last time). I'd like to think it's the latter, but we all know that won't happen. Does anyone know if tests expire? I have one that is 2 years old, do you think it would work?

nomoreminibreaks Mon 11-Mar-13 22:00:49

Ninu I think they have expiry dates on them? not that any of mine last that long

Tinyflutterby Tue 12-Mar-13 14:36:40

Hi everyone, I've only been away from this for a couple of days (child-free weekend as grandparents were babysitting) and seem to have missed so much! Welcome to all the new nutters!

So update, used the cheapy OPK's for first time this cycle and got a + on Sat (after 6 days of testing), so been busy this weekend - Sat, Sun and Mon nights (just as well grandparents were babysitting). Got crampy pains Sun and Mon and a bit today, but not sure if DH will agree to a 'performance' tonight again as we're both pretty knackered! Does anyone know how many days after +OPK you should DTD for? Think last few cycles we were stopping DTD too early. I have same prob as some of you in that DH can never be bothered, so the OPK's at least narrow it down to a few days, then we don't have the pressure for the rest of the cycle.

Also on the cheapy OPK test front, the ones I got are really fiddly and you have to follow the instructions to the letter, but I don't think they are any less reliable than the expensive ones if you use them properly. I got 30 for about £5 from a well-known online retailer. I basically didn't drink anything for 2 hours before I did the test then you have to PIAC (pee in a cup?) wait 20 mins for it to get to room temp, then test, then wait 10 mins for results. Then closely examine the lines in about 10 different areas of the house to get the best light and hope they match, then ask DH for his opinion in all the different lights again!

So DTD again tonight or not?

gemmeg Tue 12-Mar-13 17:38:36

Hi tiny with the clearblue opk it says that you are most fertile on the day the LH surge is detected and the day after. It also says you don't need to test again once you get a + but I know with the cheapy ones I had it recommended you test (and DTD) everyday until it became - again. I used my first clearblue test today. I shan't be forking out for them every month but I just wanted to test them out and thought the smiley face thing might make it a bit easier. I don't think I tested for long enough with the cheapy ones so I didn't really give them a fair run. As for your question, I don't think it's necessary to DTD again.....not unless you want to, of course!wink

2beornot Tue 12-Mar-13 18:08:54

tiny that's sound like a lot of work! I suppose it'll be worth it, but what is the price difference? I think I need to do some research for next month (assuming I don't get a BFP next week of course!). I don't think you need to dtd again. From what I've read, sperm lasts longer than our eggs, so if it hadn't been fertilised already dtd today probably won't help!

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 12-Mar-13 18:56:28

Ok... Tmi alert. Still no AF. But lots of discharge which looks like ewcm... But surely I can't be ovulating? First of last period 11th Feb... <wanders off obsessing and muttering>

2beornot Tue 12-Mar-13 20:13:14

Oooh isn't that an early pregnancy sign? But then everything is if you read some websites. Fingers crossed

winterpansy Tue 12-Mar-13 20:34:26

OOhh asmidge when are you going to test again?

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 12-Mar-13 20:37:29

Well promised dh wouldn't test again for a week I've done 3 over the last week ...

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 12-Mar-13 20:38:21

Just realised missed a word out above - first day of last period

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 12-Mar-13 20:39:17

Have others found doing a test first thing in the morn makes a big diff? I haven't been- too sleepy to remember!

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