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TTC #2 and turning into a nut job!

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gemmeg Mon 18-Feb-13 07:13:21

Ladies, bring me back down to Earth before it's too late! I'm TTC #2 and its only the 2nd cycle and I'm already doing my own head in not to mention my OH.....we're not the kind of couple to have regular sex when not TTC (much to my disappointment sad) so it's a real effort for DS to, erm, pull his finger out as it were and DTD every other day. With DS1 I had no idea about CM and OPKs and just used an ovulation calendar for timing but this time round I'm in danger of falling into the OPK trap! I'm aware of my constant whittling and DH even said that he hopes I get pregnant this month so he doesn't have to listen to me begging for him to do it just one more time! Anyone in the same boat?

AbiBub Tue 07-May-13 17:04:26

Awww mummy, very happy that you are feeling more reassured today :0) and hopefully by the time the blood test results come back you will feel even better!! Big hugz. :0) x

How are we all today ladies?

So tonight dtd again and then thurs and sat and then just wait....... (sorry if tmi but really hope that thus month is our month!!)

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 07-May-13 17:49:56

Glad to hear all is ok mummy-I'd definitely heard a line is a line. Abibub - I'm the same - I think I should stay away from here a bit more as also noticed the bfp's happening when I've been away for a while! Bit stressed here-started having ewcm on Fri, (cd11) but dh away. Then went to see family over weekend and were sharing room with dd so felt a bit ... Inhibited! Now on cd15 and still got ewcm and promising looking opk. But think have probably missed the boat... Dh's shifts are making it really hard to 'time' things, and can totally relate to those saying their partners are not loving the pressure/hint that now is a fertile time. Haven't managed any dtd since end of AF (cd 8) sad

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 07-May-13 17:51:06

Dh around tonight but I think if opk is +ve I'm too late? Can any hitters give me hope?

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 07-May-13 17:51:37

*nutters! Don't hit me! grin

gemmeg Tue 07-May-13 18:26:49

asmidge me and DH only DTD on the day of the + opk and the day after and I got my BFP. On the cb OPKs it actually says those are the 2 most fertile days of the cycle and you needn't bother testing after that. You haven't missed the boat just yet!

mummy glad you're feeling a better today. I completely understand your worries. I'm terrified of something going wrong. I have an appt with my gynaecologist on 16th May so I'm hoping I'll be able to see the heartbeat on an internal ultrasound but I think it might be too early. I was 6w 6d with DS and this time I'll be a week earlier. The 12 week point seems so far away!!

abi I have all my fingers crossed that it's your month!

Mummytothearkbuilder Tue 07-May-13 18:27:52

Smidge - the positive opk indicates that you are about to ovulate so definitely DTD tonight and tomorrow if poss. They pick up the LH hormone which is released prior to ovulation. Hope that's helps xxxx

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 07-May-13 18:51:50

Thanks gemmeg & mummy... All is maybe not lost!

Mummytothearkbuilder Tue 07-May-13 19:01:30

Thanks gemmeg - it's good to know I'm not the only worrier - logically things are fine - positive pregnancy test, no pain and no bleeding - it's all how it should be for 4weeks so need to keep thinking that.

Scan at 8 weeks will be the end of May - I'm counting down the days!! Xx

winterpansy Tue 07-May-13 19:43:21

Great mummy so glad you are getting some good treatment from the dr. It'll be a relief to see the hsg rise, as I am 100% sure it will do!

nomore I had a panic about twins too - I have heartburn and read 3+ on a cb a few days before I actually was 3+. I'll find out in 9 days! Twins do run in my family...but DH would run a mile!!

gemmeg How are you doing? I do hope you can see a wee tiny heartbeat next week at your appointment. It might be a little bit early, but it's not unheard of. I was 6w5d when I saw hb with DS too.

Smidge Get on it tonight and tomorrow if you can. You have a really good shot at it. We're due another run of good luck on the thread!

abi I have all my limbs and eyes crossed that it'll be your turn in a few weeks to be worrying excited about a bfp.You're deploying exactly the right tactics - last months DH and I dtd every other day and once extra on the day I got my smiley and it did the trick so I'm so hopeful it will for you too. Sorry the smileys didn't work out for you but you're doing just fine without them, I think smile

Hello to everyone else, hope you're enjoying our one day of summer. DS is still poorly so we'll be cooped in for another few days yet, and he was up all night so I was totally wrecked so it was lovely to have the opportunity to play in the garden for once!

StoneBaby Tue 07-May-13 21:18:37

smidge I confirm that a positive ov stick means that you should be ovulating within the following 24/48 hours so get on tonight and fx it'll be a success.

So nice of all the BFP to still contribute to this group, it gives me hope that there'll be a BFP at the end of this tunnel (I also could not face a 12 months ttc -this will be in June!)

BartBaby Tue 07-May-13 21:48:38

Hello ladies smile

I just found this thread this morning and took me pretty much all day to read through (on and off). But it makes me feel so much better knowing its not just me that is already going crazy with dates and waiting!

Just got AF this morning so now starting cycle 2, still early days i know, but couldnt help getting hopes up in all the excitement for a BFP first time round! Silly me... DS (nearly 4yrs) was a bit of a happy accident (some forgotten pills but not really ttc) so was hoping it would be easy peasy!

I feel its going to be a long month now. normally dtd with DH every few days or so, and dont think that will change over the month, he's a bit set in his ways when it comes to that and not sure yet if its best to mention the 'fertile window', or keep quiet and hope for the best?!

Well done to all the BFP's this months that ive been reading about smile Hope you are all well. You are all so supportive, and its good that you all understand where I'm coming from! DH hasn't got a clue lol xx

gemmeg Wed 08-May-13 09:43:42

Hi bartbaby! Welcome to the thread smile. If you DTD regularly all the way through your cycle then I reckon you're chances are good. I'm sure you'll have noticed a couple of us on this thread got a BFP when they stopped with the OPKs etc and relaxed a bit (I would like to point out I was NOT one of those people!).

winter I'm fine, thanks for asking. Off to Hungary today til Sunday (DH is half Hungarian and his dad's over there at the moment) so that should help kill some of the time until my drs appt!! Although actually, it's a small, sleepy village perfect for relaxing so maybe time won't rush by [sceptical]. Anyway, we're going to tell my FIL about the pg. How are you? Any symptoms?

gemmeg Wed 08-May-13 09:45:13

Ha,ha! I wrote sceptical instead of hmm!

mrscookie78 Wed 08-May-13 12:46:07

Thought I'd pop in and say hi, no news here I'm on cd5. hope you are all ok grin

Mummytothearkbuilder Wed 08-May-13 20:54:41

Hey ladies

Welcome bartbaby - this is a great thread to be on - its comforting to know there are fellow nutters!!

I spoke to my midwife today - she is lovely!! She is phoning the EPU to get me an early scan and has arranged my booking in appointment for 29th May so its all systems go!! She did say that I now might not get an early scan but she will push for it for us. If not we can pay £75 for one and I am tempted to do that - I will just feel better once I have seen the heartbeat - she said the chances of miscarriage are much lower once a heartbeat has been seen. She couldn't give me my hcg results but said my progesterone was 33 - does anyone know what that means??? She seem to think it was fine.

I have been off work today with a massive migraine - I suffer with them anyway but can't take my normal medication :-( I think it is starting to ease now.

Gemmeg - have a lovely time in hungry Hun

Smidge - how did the DTD go - fingers crossed for you!!

Winter - how are you doing? Hope your DS is feeling better. I have been reading the January thread which I see you are on. I'm too nervous to join yet!!

Abi - hope your DTD program is going well - fingers crossed for you lovely.

Hello to everyone else!! Hope you have all had a good day. I'm off to bed early tonight - next lot of bloods tomorrow - fingers crossed the results come back before the weekend!! Xxx

AbiBub Wed 08-May-13 23:46:51

Hey ladies! Just a quick post to say been really busy the last few days, but I shall come on tomorrow and reply properly!! Hope all is well for you all! [Smile] x

winterpansy Thu 09-May-13 09:07:50

Morning everyone! And a big HELLO to all the newbies - this is a really great thread, so supportive and understanding of your nuttiness...hence why I haven't left it yet!

Hope you're all doing OK.

gemmeg Hope you're having a lovely trip and FIL is delighted with the news!

mummy Countdown on to 29th then! It'll fly in and all will be well. I can feel it in my water! DS is slightly better, thank you. I'm hoping he'll be all recovered by the weekend as we've been going a bit stir crazy. I'm working from home today and he's away to his gps so I am welcoming and feel slightly guilty for being glad of the break the headspace and quiet. And I can go to the toilet on my own smile I'm doing OK, feeling really well, which worries me obviously, but a week has flown in since my spotting so another week will fly in until the scan on the 17th. I have joined the Jan thread but it's moving so fast and there are so many on it, it's hard to keep up and chat properly. I'll stay here for another bit, I think!

abi I hope you've been busy with dtd! We're all here cheering for you this month and will countdown to poas with you. Hope you're feeling positive and happy.

BartBaby Thu 09-May-13 11:26:15

Hello everyone smile

Hope you are all well?

Im only on CD3 and AF gone already?! Had light flow then on to heavy flow yesterday, and then nothing at all today... Last month it lasted a good 4 days so im thinking 2 is rather short. Anyone else had this? Ive also had no cramping, which again is unusual as i had a bit last month, and also used to get mild cramps when i had the coil in and wasnt getting AF.

Ive had very sore breasts for the last 2 weeks but thats settling now, i woke up feeling sick last night (putting that down to too many chocolates though!)

I POAS on 4th may which was BFN, so i think im probably just kidding myself. Is it normal to just have a 2 day AF?

Thanks smile xx

ASmidgeofMidge Thu 09-May-13 17:44:58

Hello new nutters, and welcome! Bart-not sure but might be worth poas again?

Well ladies, have been dtd last 2 days following 2 x +ve opk's and ewcm. But now have +opk for 3rd day running-can squeeze in another dtd tonight (DH willing grin) but didn't think surge was supposed to last that long...?

gemmeg Thu 09-May-13 18:36:29

asmidge I have heard of others who have had a 3 day surge...count yourself one of the lucky ones that you get plenty of warning. Mine only lasted a day and I wasn't sure if we'd caught it in time!

bart I agree. POAS just to be sure.

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 09-May-13 19:24:37

Smidge - I had a sort of 3 day surge - faint line on Sunday and then 2 clear lines on Monday and Tuesday - I have heard of people having strong lines for 3 days running - fingers crossed and well done on the DTD!!

I have had backache today really bad so convinced myself it was all over. I wish I could relax a bit but the miscarriage has robbed me of all early pregnancy innocence - I am terrified!!

Tomorrow I should get the results of the hcg tests - I hope they are doubling - don't know what we will do if they aren't :-( I should also get a call about my early scan - fingers crossed tomorrow is a good day xxxx

StoneBaby Thu 09-May-13 21:03:08

mummy fx for tomorrow

asmidge I would not be wooried by a 3 day line. Mine is only one day so it's probably making ttc easier for you.

Waves to all

BartBaby Thu 09-May-13 21:49:35

Good luck for tomorrow mummy i hope they can put your mind at rest.

I have POAS and another BFN. So i will have to see if i can get the DH to get cracking with dtd! Better luck this time round i hope.

Does anyone know if having a shorter AF would affect when i ovulate? Or is it best to still use the opk's anyway? xx

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 09-May-13 22:37:02

Thanks bartbaby - my cycles were very irregular and my cycles could be quite long - I found opks brilliant in pinpointing my most fertile days xx

Mummytothearkbuilder Fri 10-May-13 09:29:57

Hi ladies

Just thought I would update - the doctor phoned this morning and said that my hormone levels are doubling but are low - hcg 88 on Tuesday and hcg 178 on Thursday. She said to focus on the fact they are doubling but I am just so worried about another miscarriage - I don't think I could go through that again :-(

Does anyone have any knowledge / advice on hcg levels?


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