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TTC or pregnancy on prednisolone or similar part 10

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roseandroli Thu 14-Feb-13 10:17:57

We are now on part 10 of this thread! I hope you can all find this. This is a positive thread for all those diagnosed with High or Very High NK Cells and looking to start TTC or already pregnant on Prednisolone and/or Intralipid treatment.

Newcomers very much welcome!

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roseandroli Mon 22-Jul-13 15:27:16

Hi there everyone, sorry I've not been on the thread much recently. I developed pre-eclampsia and they delivered my son Rumi by emergency c-section 10 weeks early. He lives in an incubator in the NICU until he is big and strong enough to be released. It has all been such a huge shock--after all the problems with conceiving and miscarriage, I thought I might have a straightforward delivery, but that was not to be the case. We are so grateful for Rumi's safe arrival, and also that he made it to 30 weeks (there are babies in the NICU who are even more premature). He is breathing on his own and seems to be stable. But we still have a long road ahead of us.
I send all you pred mums, preggie pred mums, and mums-in-waiting my very best. Life is so unpredictable.

mollieboo Mon 22-Jul-13 16:58:52

Congrats rose, sending lots of love to you and baby Rumi. What a tough time you're having, keep strong xx

roseandroli Mon 22-Jul-13 17:25:37

Thanks mollieboo I am so so happy that all is well with you and that you are safely into your second trimester. Enjoy it!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Wed 24-Jul-13 07:30:54

Bloody hell roseandroli
congratulations on the birth of Rumi (gorgeous name and another Pred boy!). I'm so sorry to hear that he's had a tough start though. It must be such a worrying time for you flowers
Keep in touch and let us all know how youre all getting on?

Stogan Wed 24-Jul-13 10:58:10

Hi any of my old pred buddies here????gringrin xxxx

ChoccyPud Wed 24-Jul-13 13:04:59

Hey stogan. A few of us old timers are still popping in. More are on the former super ovulation thread that's now in Infertility/[something] after recurrent miscarriage. Sorry am on phone and can't go back and forward.

How's things with you and your plans for no2?? I'm pg (again!). All seems fine so far but not had my first scan yet... What's your news? smile

duggs1976 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:39:34

Hey stroganoff I'm here too hmm still.... But as choccy said 2 yrs on pred isn't the answer for me unfortunately. STILL remaining hopeful and had other answers and discoveries, but like this lot so pop back in regularly. You starting again?

duggs1976 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:40:19

Omg strogan my iPad changed your name to stroganoff opps gringrin

duggs1976 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:40:39


cartoontrickster Thu 25-Jul-13 21:23:47

thanks for asking after me mollie ill be 15wks on Sat. just trying to keep my head down and hope the next few weeks or so go quite quickly. I'd love to be past that 20wk scan!
rose I was thinking of you recently, I was trying to remember if you were due soon or not! sorry to hear things weren't as straight forward as you hoped. but massive congrats and hope that things continue to improve. thanks
so many boys! hmm wonders if mine is a boy.
accidental I really hope you find the right thing for you soon. im so frustrated on your behalf.
stogen weren't you seeing Mr s re trying for a second child? I'd love to hear how you got on.

suemays Fri 26-Jul-13 15:12:07

Hi stogan I am still here unfortunately!!

ChoccyPud Sat 27-Jul-13 14:42:05

Hi all, I'm going to be lazy and post this on both threads so sorry to repeat myself.

Today we had our first ever good news scan. It's taken until my 8th pregnancy, but we've finally seen a real life bean with a hb!! A real WOW moment. Measuring bang on dates, 6+5, hb 156, good and strong. Mr S turned the sound up too so we heard it, which was amazing, it hadn't occurred to me it could be audible so early.

I'm sure this high won't last for long but I'm going to relax and enjoy it whilst it does! It's still very early days and we've made it to this point before, just didn't see the hb, so I know better than to think we might actually get a baby out of this. It's a Good Day today and to make it this far with no sign of trouble, and having begun to feel rather nauseous this week and with other "proper" symptoms it is a massive boost to see a real live blob in there. Ironic how feeling icky is comforting and helps in keeping a positive mental attitude.

Duggs I've pm'd you but whispered congratulations again and fingers crossed.

Waves to everyone else. Ari I hope you're out there somewhere and sending big hugs to you. Look after yourself.

Clabbage Sat 27-Jul-13 20:05:51

choccy that really is good news. It is a massive milestone. I really believe that measuring right for dates is v important. Similarly to you, I have had loads of scans with various scenarios but this pregnancy is the first out of the last 7 that measured right for dates with a hb. I am now just shy of 15 weeks (simply cannot believe it). Loads and loads of luck, PMA and whatever else I can throw at you.
mollie thanks for asking. My harmony test was clear and the fmu scan was just awesome. I hope Oscar's birthday was ok for you, they are tough tough days. It is my son's 18th birthday on Wednesday. I cannot believe that I should have been buying him his first legal beer but will instead be laying flowers.....again. I have to say that all the talk of first born son of The Royals bought me to my knees with grief for my own precious first born.
accidental I think most of us can relate. I really feel for you. Please keep the faith.
cartoon our due dates must be pretty close. Are we allowed to think that far ahead? I feel ridiculous when I do.
rose congrats, I hope your little boy is home soon.

Thinking about it, buzzy you must similar date too. Let's hope there were a lot of golden eggs that month.

Last but not least.....duggs the whispered congrats from choccy??? ????? ???
Waves to everyone else

Buzzybee123 Sat 27-Jul-13 21:04:38

clabbage I am still about, had my intralipids today and met a nice kiwi girl there, she is with Gorgy. I am now 13w5d, I have booked in a private scan for a couple of weeks to help with the menkulling. I am sorry to hear about your son sad

duggs I thought the stroganoff was a pet name you had for stogan smile

stogan I remember you from my early days on the MN

rose congrats on your little boy, beautiful name, I hope your little one is continuing to get stronger each day

accidental are there many places near you or will you have to travel, I for some reason think of you in some beautiful remote village hmm

waves to sue and mollieboo and anyone else I might have forgotten

cartoontrickster Sun 28-Jul-13 07:12:45

clabbage <whispers> 18th Jan wink .
yes you are allowed to think about it and believe that day is coming!

duggs1976 Sun 28-Jul-13 08:31:25

Clabbage..yes a bfp for me the cycle before my IVF was supposed to start smile
Is very early days but I did get it at 10 dpo and today is as strong as the control line at 13 dpo.
Hope, hope, hope this is the ONE but taking each day at a time.

duggs1976 Sun 28-Jul-13 08:32:16

Not on pred treatment just acupuncture and Chinese teas this time.

Arianrhod Mon 29-Jul-13 11:48:50

stogan Yes, I'm still here too, mostly over on the other thread but still read here too smile

Clabbage Mon 29-Jul-13 21:05:25

duggs I'm so bloomin chuffed for you. I hope this is The One!
cartoon my date that shall not be mentioned, henceforth to be known as my personal Voldemort is 19th.
Buzzy I'm busy mentalling all the way to my mw appt next week.

cartoontrickster Mon 29-Jul-13 21:18:47

clabbage shall never again be mentioned wink . wow can't believe how close together we are!
duggs congrats to you grin

ConeyIslandBaby Tue 30-Jul-13 12:11:29

Wow, quite a run of luck on this thread lately! Duggs that is just amazing, really hope this is the one for you.

I had my anomaly scan this morning and my little pred boy looks just perfect! We've got some lovely profile pics and some of his little feet. He's got long legs, just like his dad. Its been a bumpy ride. I've had bleeds at 13, 17 and 19 weeks, the last one was red and terrifying. So relieved to see him wriggling around today and being cheeky.

So we're half way. Still struggling to totally relax and enjoy my pg, but today has been amazing and I feel like now I can look forward and start to plan for our baby.

Massive hugs to you all (not the done thing I know but i'm pregnant and emotional!) smile

duggs1976 Wed 31-Jul-13 06:35:30

Oh good to hear from you coney I did wonder if all was okgrin seems so now - a hairy ride by the sound of things. When r you due?

Stogan Wed 31-Jul-13 08:22:46

Ladies I'm so sorry wanted to reintroduce myself last week so stuck my beak in and haven't had a minute since. Nice to hear from so many of you and sorry to hear the struggle continues for many of us too hmm

I'm currently sat here with my 16 month old pred princess and am 17 week through pregnancy 2 of a "normal" pregnancy ?????

Tested with mr s in January and he wrote the prescription for v high treatment as per baby one but he stated my condition may have got worse. Two weeks later Louise rang me and said my test results were borderline and if I was a first time patient they would not have treated me???? Weird body.

As a precaution I took 25mg pred while trying and stayed on it till 12 weeks no intralipids and all (touch wood) so far is well although I'm still a fairly paranoid freak and am constantly knicker checking etc !!

I have never felt so ill in my life though, still now the sickness and tiredness is like I've never known, my house is a pig sty !!! Never had any symptoms at all with no 1??? Not complaining though

Need to read the thread to catch up On everyone else's story's so hi and hi to all newbies, it's a good bunch on here these ladies almost kept me sane through pregnancy one lol shockshockshock xx

Bakingtins Wed 31-Jul-13 08:37:15

Hi ladies. Have posted a few times to ask questions so wanted to update to say I went to Coventry to see Prof Quenby on Monday and have a uterine biopsy taken for abnormal endometrial growth patterns ( treated with progesterone from day 21) and NK cells. It will take about a month to get results but she said even having the biopsy taken seems to improve outcomes over the next few cycles by stimulating some kind of inflammatory/ healing reaction. I think she's given us the confidence to have one last try hmm so I may be joining you properly on the pred thread.
Congratulations Rose and sending good wishes to baby Rumi.
duggs thrilled to hear your news. You were so helpful last time I posted - thank you! Everything crossed for you.

ConeyIslandBaby Wed 31-Jul-13 13:04:41

I'm due on 21 December duggs, all being well. Looking forward to potentially being in hospital at Christmas...!

I've had some brown blood today which the doc told me to expect after the red bleed last week. Just wish it would fuck off really, it's doing my head in. In my head, brown blood = sad Meant to be going out tonight and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa, eat chocolate and knicker check at regular intervals.

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