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TTC or pregnancy on prednisolone or similar part 10

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roseandroli Thu 14-Feb-13 10:17:57

We are now on part 10 of this thread! I hope you can all find this. This is a positive thread for all those diagnosed with High or Very High NK Cells and looking to start TTC or already pregnant on Prednisolone and/or Intralipid treatment.

Newcomers very much welcome!

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duggs1976 Tue 14-May-13 08:26:43

Can I ask what was the immune treatment mr Lavery prescribed ?

Arianrhod Tue 14-May-13 11:27:22

helter what fantastic news, thanks so much for popping back to let us know! I'm under the care of Serum, had a hysto there towards end of April as Penny saw loads of scar tissue when doing an aqua scan, and now I'm heading off back to Serum tomorrow night for my egg transfer on Thursday. I'm on daily neupogen injections (to 12 weeks, if we get that far), ILs every two weeks, LIT, clexane and low-dose pred, so if this one doesn't work at least we will have thrown everything at it.

mel I'm already chatting to you on the other thread, but if I can help at all just shout.

Best of luck to you ladies with your BFPs, and I really hope it all works out perfectly this time. It's such a head-feck, this whole business, I think each and every one of us deserves to get our dream!

/waves to everyone

mollieboo Tue 14-May-13 17:26:57

helterskelter huge congrats on your baby boy.

freelancegirl Wed 15-May-13 10:41:40

Helterskelter that's great news!! So nice to hear of more babies. As soon as I have time I'll look back to find the list and update just the baby section! That way it's inspiration for everyone.

Waves to everyone, I'm on holiday xx

mollieboo Wed 15-May-13 13:17:54

Free thanks that will be fab. Enjoy your holiday! X

cartoontrickster Wed 15-May-13 14:37:50

speaking of holidays. I must confess something I'm really worried about in the hope someone will tell me how ridiculous I'm being. we have a holiday booked at the end of June, well honeymoon really, nothing fancy though its just a week. ill be 10/11wks pregnant, if I make it till then. what I some thing happens while we are there? or I end up in hospital having an erpc when I should be in Spain. I guess insurance covers these things and it is only a holiday. surely I'd have to be quite unlucky to miscarry that week out of all the others it could happen in. I'm in such a panic. sad

duggs1976 Wed 15-May-13 16:02:29

Firstly cartoon lets be positivegrin secondly if we are being cautious I was in Egypt at 6wks pg (don't ask) but because of insurance u will get better private treatment ESP in Spain than you'd ever get on NHS. At 11 wks is still early so any mc will be bleeding and not much else so you will be given early scans, bloods taken and if u need ERPC they will do it. Please don't worry you will be fine and actually I went back to hotel afterwards and sunbathed next day and went scuba diving and rode a camel. Think I was in denial
And a bit OTT but better than eating 14 chocolate bars watching Jeremy Kyle in bed planning how many more cats I need to buy to fill the gaps that my infertility was causing ! ( was last April I've come a long way since then sort of!wink

cartoontrickster Wed 15-May-13 16:58:46

thanks duggs I just completely feel like I've ruined our holiday. wouldn't have booked it had we known I'd be pregnant. I guess miserable in Ibiza is better than miserable at home! I know it may not happen it could all be fine. its so unfortunate we all have to be so cautious, I hate all the worry of early pregnancy and I haven't been through it as many time as some sadly have been. I just wish I could relax and enjoy.

duggs1976 Wed 15-May-13 18:20:43

Do relax and think of it this way- you'll be laying around in the sun doing not much just relaxing eating lovely fruit and juices rather than being at home working like a lunatic trying to hide the fact you are tired and pg and can't tell the world. Seriously it is booked, you are going and you can read books and relax because nothing you do or don't do when there will make a difference to the outcome which is determined already from moment of conception so please please do try to enjoy itgrin

ChoccyPud Wed 15-May-13 18:34:55

What Duggs said smile

cartoontrickster Wed 15-May-13 18:56:25

thank you, I feel loads better now. I am looking forward to some sun and a good book. don't tend to do much else on holiday anyway! what will be will be. pregnancy doesn't have to stop you from doing things does it.

Mel3062 Thu 16-May-13 03:39:14

I agree with the ladies. I've put my life on hold many a time with "what ifs" and its no good just go with it.
I'm in a similar dilemma as decided to have hysterscopy in June and then after that I can ttc as I will have erpc results, seen mr s again and hopefully had a period but then I'm thinking about our hol to Mexico for 2 weeks end of July. If we're lucky to concieve in June because of the humira ( it took 18 months last year and 12 months this year) then ill be about 7/8 weeks preg on hol far away or if we concieve in July then ill find out on hol and prob panic that I've not been able to have my intralipids!! Vicious circle!! X

cartoontrickster Thu 16-May-13 08:47:04

mel its awful isn't it that we have to think like this. I'm determined not to let this whole business take over my life or stop me doing things but its hard.
as duggs said the future of this one has already been decided, holiday or no holiday won't make a difference.

Mel3062 Thu 16-May-13 11:49:08

It is sad well it turns out I haven't got a post erpc infection I've got chickenpox sad I'm changing profession!!

duggs1976 Thu 16-May-13 12:12:55

Seriously ? WTF is that about?

cartoontrickster Thu 16-May-13 12:29:55

chicken pox?! poor you.

Tumtimes1 Thu 16-May-13 13:04:30

Hello everyone!
I have spent a very long time going through as many of these threads as I can and its been an emotional rollercoster just reading some of your stories.

I wondered if I could join you guys? I have experienced two miscarriages, am 34 and have just been to Mr Shehata at harley Street for the tests.
He discovered I had borderline NK Cells and a carrier of the MTHFR Gene (hetro not homo). I have been prescribed predinisone and progesterone and am embarking on TTC as soon as I get my smiley.

Can I please ask if anyone else has been diagnosed the MTHFR gene? Mr Shehata says there is nothing that needs doing in regards to that, but I have looked online and I see that some doctors prescribe heparin for this.

What does everyone think? Thank you so much in advance for your comments xxxx

cartoontrickster Thu 16-May-13 19:05:57

hi tums sorry I can't help you there as I have no idea what that is blush . hopefully someone will pop up with some advice for you soon.

Tumtimes1 Thu 16-May-13 21:12:39

No worries - thanks anyway. If anyone else has info on this gene it would be great to hear from you. Xxx

freelancegirl Fri 17-May-13 08:38:46

OOh I thought I had posted something but I think it must have disappeared. Just wanted to say welcome to the thread tumtimes! Sorry you have been through mcs too but hopefully you are on the right road now. It is great to have a diagnosis so it can hopefully be addressed. I have heard of the MTHFR gene and I am sure some people on here have had it too (?) and nothing been done directly for it either. I'm sure someone will be along in a bit who knows more. But do stick around with us! It help, I find, to have other people who can relate to the strange things we have to go through.

Tumtimes1 Fri 17-May-13 09:26:50

Definitely - this thread has been so helpful so far just reading all of your stories.
Thank you! And Hello! xxx

I have emailed Dr Gorgy and asked their receptionist if they are diagnosed with the MTHFR gene do they take action and they said yes.... so not sure what to think now. x

helterskelter99 Fri 17-May-13 09:27:35

Duggs - I had all the Chicago tests at Hammersmith. Mr Lavery doesn't agree with the intrllipids but he will prescribe pred. And aspirin / clexane. My results were v borderline but he felt that it was worth trying as the embryo quality from our 1st go was v good & they were surprised it hadn't worked. He also sent me to see a nan in Harley st re my thyroid to check that as that was borderline thyroxin wouldn't help. As it was I started to take omega 3/6/9 & that seemed to sort my thyroid out. I found Mr L v easy to talk too & he is keen to get better & better results so we had some interesting discussion about how Argc got such good results!

My sil has the mthfr thing & is on clexane, calcium supplements & highdose folic acid. Her thyroid was also put so care have her on a low dose of thyroxine to sort that out as well x plus the immune stuff & she's been on b12 as well I think
( she had never been preg in 5 yrs had 2 rounds of Ivf & 2nd round had a bfn/ bfp/bfn v early mc/ chemical preg & because of heat we had been through they decided to pay for the immune tests even though care thought they should just try again!)

Holidays are good distractions so book & look forward too. Although don't try & walk the inca trail 10 days after an erpc at 13 weeks is my advice ( amazing trip & great distraction!) lol (congratulates freelance on scuba diving so soon after one!)

mollieboo Fri 17-May-13 10:39:01

Welcome to the thread tumtimes. Well done on getting a diagnosis fairly quickly. Sorry I have no experience either of the gene you have, I hope you get some more advice soon so that you can ttc asap on the right treatment.

Waves to all.

Abney Fri 17-May-13 10:42:08

Hi Mollie, Clabbage. Thanks for remembering me. DS2 was due 14th May. If he does not come then I will be induced on the 24th. It is still hard to imagine having another DS. I still say 'if all goes well'.

Mollie great news on the scan. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Good luck to everyone else.

duggs1976 Fri 17-May-13 10:50:29

Tum, just a note of caution if u have anything more than simple nk cells then advice from few of us here would be go see dr Gorgy or at least an RE who acknowledges the condition. Clexane was prescribed usually in IVF anyway but dr a ignoring it is pretty typical of him. If not in his specialism he dismisses. Clexane is blood thinner so baby aspirin must help too but better to get some more advice. Helter thanks so much for info. V useful as my thyroid is an issue that wasn't picked up until a few mths ago. ( think steroids made it worse). Good luck for next imminent baby on here!

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