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TTC#2 for over a year, cysts on ovaries, possible Endo? Any success stories?

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lastboxoftampons Sun 10-Feb-13 20:39:20

Hi all:

We've been TTC#2 for over a year. Baby #1 conceived after 8 months of trying with one mc. Have always had a short LP and lots of spotting, but ti seems to be getting worse. This time around, not even a whiff of a BFP (except for one month where my acupuncturist swore I had a pregnancy pulse, but I was already spotting by 4dpo).

Have finally been referred to the ACU after 6 months of my bugging the GP about my wonky cycle - as even if we weren't ttc, the bleeding and short LP are cause for concern from a gynelogical point of view. GP did blood tests and ultrasound, smear, etc all normal. Had a scan for the ACU on Tuesday and they've found two sizeable complex cysts on my left ovary, that they think are either dermoid cysts or endometrioma.

I've had a bit of a google and the more I look, the more I'm convinced I've got Endo - have even had bleeding and mucus from bowel (sorry if TMI) which Gp said was completely normal after I'd asked if it could be related to bleeding between periods.

Anyway, I've got to go back for a 3D scan in mid-March for a more concrete diagnosis and to determine if the cysts need to be removed, but I'm just looking for any positive stories from women who have been through something similar?

Thank you!!

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