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Someone help advice please!!!

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ControlGeek Thu 07-Feb-13 22:31:40

Hi haybo, I'm sorry to hear this. Sometimes it's possible for an embryo to implant, but the body knows that something's wrong and it wouldn't be possible for the embryo to develop into a baby so it ends naturally. Doctors often call this a chemical pregnancy, because there is nothing to see on the ultrasound and the only way to tell it happened is through tests.

HCG, the chemical that pregnancy tests are looking for, leaves the urine a lot slower than it leaves the blood stream, which may explain why you were getting positive tests at home but the doctor's blood test was negative.

On the positive side, it means that you really can get pregnant! There are a lot of sites that say that your fertility is increased after a chemical pregnancy, I don't know how true that is though.

I'm not sure why your bleed might be lighter than normal, it might be worth treating it as a new cycle, but testing again when AF would next be due, just in case. Stranger things have happened!

Very good luck with your TTC journey, and I hope it ends in your sticky BFP very soon.

Haybo85 Thu 07-Feb-13 14:31:59

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if I can get some advice,
Me and my partner are currently trying for a baby. I done a first response pregnacy test 4 days before my period was due and got a positive, the following day I done another one and again a positive, I then did a clear blue digital test on the day my period was due it said pregnant 1-2 weeks, the following day I had a light bleed, like a period only much lighter, I consulted my gp who referred me to my local early pregnacy department, they done a ultra sound and internal ultra sound and seen nothing., so the took blood tests to test my hormone levels, I came home done another clear blue and again pregnant one to two weeks, that was yesterday, today the hospital called and said blood tests have came bk saying I'm not pregnant, the bleeding has basically stopped. Was defo not a period, I've no pain and still have tender breasts as if I am still pregnant. I done a pregnacy test and it's now saying negative,,,,,,, Anyone advice??????

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