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Low CD21 progesterone - your stories please!!

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MurderOfProse Thu 07-Feb-13 14:11:17

Thank you!! If I can rule out Other Stuff (I suspect I may have Asherman's, but need to fight my way to get an HSG for that) then I think there can be no harm in giving alternative therapies a try smile

ProlificWillyBreeder Thu 07-Feb-13 14:02:18

Reflexology helped me too...I'm trying to remember what else I took! I rattle most day too so don't worry!

piemistress Wed 06-Feb-13 22:58:21

I am pretty sure acupuncture helped me conceive. My cycles were totally screwed up post miscarriage and it helped regulate them again. It's very relaxing too, would deffo recommend!

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 22:14:03

piemistress - Vit B complex from Holland and Barrett - some months 50, others 100 - depends what is on special offer!

I found Maca brought my ovulation forward by a few days, but I wasn't getting any BFPs so I stopped. This month I am back to "basics" - Agnus Castus + Vit B as those were the things I was on for all my other conceptions. It's only been because I wasn't conceiving I tried stuff like Maca - which did improve my cycle, but no luck.

I might look into acupuncture but DH swears against it and would probably get cross at the expense!

thesnootyfox - Wow, another miracle! I guess the tests aren't always that useful.. either that or a rogue egg sneaked through!

thesnootyfox Wed 06-Feb-13 20:12:37

I was tested on 3 separate months and my figure was 2. I was told that it was very unlikely that I was ovulating. I had no symptoms of ovulation.

Whilst waiting for my follow up fertility appointment I got pregnant! Not sure how that happened. grin

piemistress Wed 06-Feb-13 20:04:42

Are you taking just B6 or a B vit complex? Apparantly B vits work best when taken together.

Another thing I did was acupuncture. It brought my ovulation forward from cd19 to cd14 and extended my lp

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 19:57:30

Thank you! I've been taking B6 (100mg) for the last seven years.. without it I have a LP of 8/9 days so I know it helps!! I rattle with the number of supplements I take - DH regularly teases me!

piemistress Wed 06-Feb-13 19:52:17

I had three months of sub 25 progesterone. Started taking a B6 supplement in addition to my pre natal vitamins and had a reading if 58 and a bfp that month. Seemingly B6 can boost progesterone or something.

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 19:40:28

Thanks ladies - that does all sound hopeful, especially your miracle bluer! How weird!!

Thing is I do feel pregnant this cycle (have conceived 6 times in the past - and this is cycle #8 TTC our last) so I do feel rather confused. But then I've convinced myself I am in the past and I've not been so I shouldn't get up hope really. But this time out really does seem different. Then again the amount I'm faffing with supplements and trying something new each cycle that's not surprising really!!

ProlificWillyBreeder Wed 06-Feb-13 17:52:49

I also changed my CD21 test to when I knew I had ovulated, few days later CD25

Marrick Wed 06-Feb-13 17:52:39

Mine was low apparently, 10 (which the consultant told me last week, the doctor said it was fine hmm ) But the consultant did say that she wasn't worried at all and takes more notice of the day 3 tests (which I've not had yet). Not sure if that helps, as far as I know she's not sending me for another CD21.

ProlificWillyBreeder Wed 06-Feb-13 17:52:00

Don't give up hope, the cycle before I fell pregnant mine was 6.5! That was my third successful pregnancy!

bluer Wed 06-Feb-13 17:42:42

I got a positive ov smiley on the wed...decided I maybe ov two days later...had the blood done the following Fri and then got a bfp the following Fri...I maybe ov later but the dates seemed to line up yet the level was 12. I couldn't quite believe it myself!

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 14:37:55

Thanks all!

Bearface - Wow, yes - definitely an anovulatory cycle. I think you are right in that I should ask for a second test next cycle. Like you, I have also read it needs to be 30 in order to sustain a pregnancy too, which is a large part of my concern. You are absolutely right about GPs.. honestly the crap I have heard them come out with (one woman swore blind all women ovulated on day 14, and that 99% of pregnancies never miscarry) but at the same time there are some excellent ones. I figure if I can't get an expert, and most aren't, what I really want is a GP who will actually listen and be open to what I'm saying, especially if I have research/evidence to back it up. Or at the very least refer me to somebody who will, which thankfully most of them have done so far.

I really hope you get your baby soon!

bluer - That's really interesting that you conceived with levels like that, especially if you're so sure it was day 7! Wow! Thank you for sharing your story and I hope your pregnancy goes well! grin

Attila - My FSH was 7.9, LH 5.6 - so both properly within range and not indicative of PCOS. Thyroid values were all fine as well - T4 was 17.7 and TSH was 0.95 which I think is okay?

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 06-Feb-13 14:01:49

What were the results of your Day 3 tests?. I only ask as they can appear okay if only looked at separately - they need to be compared against each other. They should ideally be the same.

bluer Wed 06-Feb-13 12:38:58

I had two lots done...the first was 16 and I was told it was very low, this was def 7 days post ov as using sticks plus period arrived 7 days later. The next round was 12 and doc said it really wasn't good....when I went in for the results I thought I felt strange and asked if they'd do a test but she wouldn't as she said with those levels I couldn't be pregnant. I've just had my 12 Weeks scan so don't put too much store on this test!

Bearface Wed 06-Feb-13 12:11:40

Hi Murder - I had a very low progesterone CD21 test the first timeI had it. It was 2!!! So basically I had an anovulatory cycle the first time I was tested. I was told by my GP that it needed to be 30 or above for ovulation to have occurred and for it to be able to sustain a pregnancy thereafter. (Sorry that this might be bad news for you sad). But I would say that the following month mine was all fine. I wasn't told what the level was, but I was told that the doctor said it was normal and as it was the same doctor, it must have been over 30. I haven't yet had any success in TTC, but I now have a lot more hope that it will happen eventually. From what I have found out, it seems the level can vary from month to month, so maybe don't give up yet.

The other thing I would say is that maybe you should go back and get it redone. You would then be able to see if a pattern is developing. Basing it on just one test is not going to give the most accurate results. Ask your doctor to refer you and take some evidence that 28 is not 'normal' along with you (maybe some NHS info?).

In my experience some GPs are great and really know their stuff, but others are a little hazy and don't seem to know as much as they should about fertility. I had this issue and just went to a different doctor in the practice and had a much more helpful, not to mention accurate response. (It concerned me when I told my first doctor about a particularly long period I had had which was not normal for me and she just shrugged her shoulders! angry Even if there is no clear cut explanation, they should at least offer you the possibilities. Hmph.)

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 10:05:37

I just had basic blood tests done by my GP. My day 3 tests all came back normal (I double checked the values) but my CD21 came back at 28.05nmol.

I say CD21 - I've been charting for 7 years and I know I ovulate late, so this was CD26 or something and 7dpo.. I didn't see the point in wasting everyone's time by going on the real CD21 which would have been 2dpo.

The GP has said this value is "normal" but a brief search online (and even their own ranges) say they like to see it above 30nmol to confirm ovulation.

I've been feeling so nauseated/metal mouth etc since 6dpo this cycle, so I was sure it was going to be a high value so I was quite stunned to find out it was that low and already feel like I'm out with a crap value like that (am 8dpo now)

I have a short LP of around 10-12 days (usually 11) and spot for a few days beforehand and have a lot of cramps. I've always been like this though, and have conceived (successfully and unsuccessfully) in the past. I've never had a "CD21" test before so I don't know what value is "normal" for me.

This is the part where I want you to share your sub 30nmol CD21 success stories with me. Or tell me I should go back to my GP and say this is not acceptable it is considered "normal"!

Thanks!! thanks

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