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Just rejoined :-) awaiting icsi but faint positive in mean time and brown discharge x

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hellokittydrivesmenuts Mon 04-Feb-13 20:37:16

Hey all, I am back after trying to relax and stop obsessing! Did it help? No ! I am more baby insane than before :-)
Have my consultation at bourn hall on 26/3/13, but off due to trying to get healthy habits ! Mean while faint positive today on frer test and have had brown discharge since Saturday ( sorry tmi) I fear it's exactly 1 year from my miscarriage. Please anyone keep me sane as gp said a waiting game!
Anyone with positive stories? Or just come here for some company xx

bugoven Tue 05-Feb-13 17:56:32

A faint positive is a positive smile
Just considering more fertility tests myself and hoping to be saved from that experience by a BFP.
Good luck Xx

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