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Yippee Kiyay - it's the BESH Action Hero Thread

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FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Mon 04-Feb-13 17:58:54

Put on your vest/shades and grab your weapons, it's Action Hero Time.

The BESH are experts in all matters action, but specialise in taking out the local droids and sometimes Druids wink

<stands back to the wall near open doorway, gun in hand>

Cover me, I'm going in!

<leaps through door action hero-stylee>

<lands in a heap>

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Tue 19-Feb-13 22:08:07

Why not start the fred evil, unless Rie wants it?

I'm off to bed. Catch y'all on the flip side <climbs out of window and abseils down building>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 22:09:53

<attaches nipple tassels in positive anticipation> hope you get some sleep Frank!

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 19-Feb-13 22:10:31

He was still an explorer draf. You could start the fred, and use that as the title if you like.

evilgiraffe Tue 19-Feb-13 22:16:36

Rie is the big penguin fan, though. I shall leave it to her, though if it falls to me I'll start a new thread in the morning. G'night all, at fingers crossed Frank!

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Tue 19-Feb-13 22:36:24

New fred here

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 19-Feb-13 22:39:40

<packs bazooka, zips fur lined parka over dusty vest>

Cannot believe how fast this thread went. It was bittersweet.

<lobs last few grenades behind on way out>

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Tue 19-Feb-13 22:45:00

Right, I don't want to sound spoilt but I really really really think it's MY TURN NOW!!!

<wanders off to Antarctica>

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Tue 19-Feb-13 22:45:33

<machine guns the windows on the way out>

Northey Wed 20-Feb-13 08:00:31

<strides out purposefully, as fred blows up behind>

navis176 Wed 20-Feb-13 13:32:51

<pulls pin, throws grenade>

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