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trying to symptom spot ...

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metimeatlast Sat 02-Feb-13 22:20:09

Thanks magic secretly i crave another dc. ive always been this bonkers when it comes to time of the month grin i doubt anything will come of it, it didnt help that ive got a reading imprinted in my memory from a medium who said i would have twins, to the point where as the reading came to a close and i was walking away, he said "remember, go for a one in front of the other pram, they are far easier for doorways" (reading was done last feb). he was spot on about everything else that he said, and things that he couldnt possibly know. Ive said to DP that im only willing to have another child before im 40, so thats 18 months left to conceive, to which he said is fine as he hasnt "decided" if he want his own DC yet, he will just go with the flow. After then im calling it a day and we will leave it at the two I have. (dp has no DC, i just wanted to give him a fair chance if he should want a child with me).
I just wish i was able to shut these feelings away and stop driving myself around the bend! blush

MagicBaguette Fri 01-Feb-13 23:10:58

Ahhh you do sound slightly bonkers grin

Trust your body.......either you may be pregnant or your body is telling you to rethink your lifestyle and become healthier!

Either way - changing your lifestyle would be no bad thing!

Keep us updated re potential pg!

metimeatlast Fri 01-Feb-13 15:55:00

hi all
can somebody please help to shift these stuuuupid thoughts from my head?? as at the mo im driving myself bonkers!
TMI but.. DP and i use the pull out method, we arent trying to conceive, but if it happens will be happy and go with the flo.
we had sex twice on (according to the pregnancy callender) what would be our conception day. and on that day i just got a mad voice in my head which says "today is the day you conceived your daughter"
i think my sense of smell is heightened, but cant be definate, have been wanting more fruit, i normally dont bother with it...but did crave this with DD2. was randomly sick last night and was just exhausted and went to bed at 9.30 and slept 11 hours!, sickness is only when normally if ive ate too many goodies grin..but i hadnt had any. fags are making me feel yuk, and my belly feels fatter that normal.

Now either i need to eat more fruit n veg, give up smoking, and go on a diet or something else is going on there?
i have done 3 tests, all negative, but dur im not due on until around the 10th, so they will have been! and in previous 2 pregnancies tests only showed up possitive on af day, not earlier.
clearly gone bonkers all, im tellin ya grin

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