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TTC after coming off the pill (cilest)

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Franykins Fri 01-Feb-13 14:44:43

I only stopped taking my pill (cilest) 3 days ago (after being on it for 16 years with just a couple of 6 month breaks) I have already got my WD bleed and was wondering how long this tends to last and do I start counting my cycle now or when it stops? I stopped mid pack as I couldn't bear to wait the extra week after having the talk with my partner about TTC.

Needless to say I know it can take a long time for my body to get back on track but atm I am so excited about TTC. I'm sure this will change once I hit the problems of trying to get my cycle regular again though.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated smile

I am very new to this so please bear with me, I don't understand all the abbreviations.

AnythingNotEverything Fri 01-Feb-13 14:55:29

Hi franykins,

Congrats on deciding to start ttc!

I wouldn't worry too much for now. It could take weeks or months to get your cycle in a regular rhythm, or it may never be regular.

My plan would be:

Enjoy having lots of sex.

Keep a note of your cycles - there are some good apps you can use.

Try and spot a pattern.

Do what you can to get healthier - drink less, stop smoking, lose weight ... These may not be relevant to you, obvs!

You don't say whether you're in a hurry to conceive or f you've any other risk factors, but all you can do for the next few moths is give it a go!

Sorry if that's no much help - I suspect your way bet is jut to crack on!

Good luck! Xx

Franykins Fri 01-Feb-13 15:12:46

Hi Anything,

Thank you.

Yeah I've read this, been doing a lot of reading lol.

That's what I'm thinking of doing, just wondering if I start counting now form my WD bleed for the first cycle?

I've recently lost 2 stone and am still eating healthily, I don't drink very often anyway but am in the process of giving up the smoking as I am aware how bad this is, nasty habit that I wish I'd never started.

Haha I'm in a hurry but only cos I've always wanted kids, but generally happy to let nature take its course. As far as I know there are no other risk factors but as I'm only just TTC it's too early to tell.

Thank you.

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