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TTC and spotty...any good products?

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JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Fri 01-Feb-13 12:41:19

Hi girls,

I was at the doctors yesterday as i have had really bad skin since coming off my pill last march - big spots on my chin / back and some on my chest. I was on the dianette pill which helps with bad skin and it worked amazingly but it's just getting me so down at the minute. I've tried everything - so i asked the doc is there anything i can take that could help, but unfortunately all the products are dangerous if TTC. The only possible treatment the doctor suggested was Benzoyl Peroxide but unfortunately it's been discontinued in the UK.

It's making me so self conscious, I'm constantly carrying a concealer stick around with me and I can't wear a vest top in bed, have to be totally covered up, which isn't doing wonders for the sex life sad

We have a few weddings coming up and a holiday in June and there's no way i'll be able to wear anything with my back on show.


babyrose Fri 01-Feb-13 19:08:30

Hi Janie, I know how you feel im 31 and I'm still getting them since high school!

I found freederm really helped me a lot. I find a good facial routine helps, the full works cleanse, scrub,facial, mask and moisturse.

bonzo77 Fri 01-Feb-13 19:14:25

Yes to freederm. I have very dry skin but found their sensitive face wash really helped without drying too much. There are benzoyl peroxide products over the counter, ask your pharmacist. I avoid them though because I've ruined so many clothes and pillow cases with it!

Loupee Fri 01-Feb-13 19:19:36

I sympathise, I have suffered terrible skin for years and pregnancy made it so much worse. I was prescribed Erythromycin while pregnant and breastfeeding. It did make a big difference, although as soon as I stopped them the spots came worse than ever. I'm now on a different antibiotic as no longer breast feeding.
I was offered a Benzoyl peroxide topical treatment as well a couple of days ago, but turned it down as DS is going through a phase of licking my face. I know when I used to use it one brand was discontinued, but there are various others available on prescription or over the counter.
I would suggest seeing a different doctor to be honest.
I have also had good results with the dr hauschka range and the Vichy Normaderm range.

Thingymajigs Fri 01-Feb-13 19:31:56

I can really relate. I've never had acne before but since coming off Yasmin 8 months ago I noticed a big skin break out in November over my back and forehead. I'm also wondering how I'll cover up at the two big weddings we are attending this summer so will check in on this thread. At the moment I'm thinking only a complete clothing cover up will work.

ILoveMyCats Fri 01-Feb-13 19:47:36

So interested to see this thread, as it hadn't quite occurred to me that the big spots on my back and yuck on my chin could be connected to coming off the pill....
I've read that certain products are not safe for use while ttc/pg, like salicylic acid and vit a.
Good to know it's not just me. Thanks for the suggestions.

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Fri 01-Feb-13 20:16:59

Girls I can't thank you enough for your replies. I have jotted down a list and I'm going to head to the big Boots in town tomorrow and stock up. Freederm sounds like a good start. Annoying having to buy teenage face wash when you're nearly 33 but I will try anything!

My doctor did give me the prescription for the Benzoyl Peroxide, however she said that I will only get it if places have any old stock - I'm in N. Ireland so maybe it's different here?! She said that if the pharmacist can suggest an alternative then I can call her and she'll get a new prescription sorted, but no joy so far. I really do trust her, she's a specialises in dermatology as well as being my GP, she made a special effort to see me and call me during and after my miscarriage, so I'm really comfortable. My only worry was that I might have come across as 'vain'.

Thank you again - I'll let you know how I get on smile xx

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Wed 13-Feb-13 13:51:14

hi girls,

just thought i would drop you a little note to say that after a couple of weeks using freederm, i think my skin could be responding well. i am using the sensitive facial wash (morning and night) followed by the freederm gel and freederm moisturiser (am and pm). i am still getting some small spots but none as big as before and they don't seem to be as red. the moisturiser seems really good and isn;t drying my skin out at all.

fingers crossed it keeps getting better!

still pretty bad on my back but i need to get inspector gadget arms for that!


moggle Wed 13-Feb-13 14:12:12

I don't suppose you're taking evening primrose oil are you? Just that I was - I blamed my nasty spotty back and chest on coming off Yasmin but it turned out to be the EPO. Still have a spotty face though, comparing to photos taken prior to coming off pill sep 2011 it is quite depressing.
I am using salicylic acid products though, after doing some research I decided the amount of stuff actually being absorbed into my bloodstream must be minuscule, plus if i got a bfp the placenta doesnt share your blood supply for 6/8 weeks anyway. I thought salicylic acid and BP had the same safety profile- ie no studies done on pregnant women, but equally no reason to suspect a problem with low doses?
Anyway hope it continues to work, maybe I'll give it a try. My dermalogica stuff is OK but not a miracle cure... But if its our hormones causing it there's not much we can do anyway is there :-(

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Wed 13-Feb-13 14:20:04

hi moggle thanks for your message - no i haven't been taking EPO (although i bought some but forgot to use it!!). i asked around in loads of chemists to see if they had any Benzoyl Peroxide left in stock but they all have said no. i did something naughty and ordered some online on amazon (it came from thailand..same strength as on my prescription)... been a bit scared to use it yet but might try it on my back rather than my face first.

babyrose Wed 13-Feb-13 14:20:54

Thats brilliant news glad everything is turning out ok.

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