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AF due tomorrow,TTC 51 months

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picklepanshine Fri 01-Feb-13 11:43:55

Today I am slightly deluded optimistic. I have decided to enjoy that slight feeling of hope, butterflies, excitement that this could be the month.

We did everything right, timed to perfection. After months of not really trying after so much disappointment, I have a new found drive to succeed. Unexplained infertility...we'll see!

...not sure hoe long I'll stay this hopeful, so if anyone would like to join me in my craziness please do

DailySliceOfGato Fri 01-Feb-13 11:54:02

Didn't want to read this and run... Just wanted to say the very best of luck!

lalexander Fri 01-Feb-13 12:23:31

Good luck, I have everything crossed for you


MrsHuxtable Fri 01-Feb-13 12:52:21

I too wish you all the luck in the world...

metimeatlast Fri 01-Feb-13 16:50:42

best of luck pickle x

Mrsblackcar Fri 01-Feb-13 16:52:06

Good luck

Iheartcrunchiebars Fri 01-Feb-13 16:54:59

Fingers crossed!

greenlizard Sat 02-Feb-13 13:48:58

Oh good luck pickle. X

Kilkers Sat 02-Feb-13 14:23:13

Good luck pickle, we're all rooting for you! x

SilverClementine Sat 02-Feb-13 15:15:29

Very best of luck Pickle FX for you! smile

honey86 Sat 02-Feb-13 15:49:51

good luck hunni got everythin crossed for u xxx

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