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Embarrassingly obsessive

(6 Posts)
Fairypants Fri 01-Feb-13 16:56:05

Well he wouldn't do it at all with either dd during or after pregnancy, just wouldn't get involved so I'm making the most of it whilst he's actually being agreeable about it. It was sweet of him though. smile

pictish Fri 01-Feb-13 10:02:05

Um...I think it's quite sweet.
Your dh is lovely to indulge you as well.

Very good luck to you. xx

Jollyb Fri 01-Feb-13 10:00:13

Goodness I couldn't even get DP to come to baby shops when I was 36 weeks pregnant!

Good luck and hope all goes well for you

EuroShagmore Fri 01-Feb-13 09:58:55

I'm the opposite - I've deliberately stayed away from anything baby-related and plan to until a few months into any eventual pregnancy. That's not to say I'm not ttc-obsessed though.

MolotovCocktail Fri 01-Feb-13 09:56:42

No, I've done it too - I warn you that I am also obsessive!

I'd advise you not to jump ahead of yourself, though, as it took 9m of actively TTC DD1 for me to get pg. I found that going around baby shops and the like just made the disappointment worse each month that we weren't successful.

The very best of luck to you smile

Fairypants Fri 01-Feb-13 08:54:24

Ok so I'm a bit obsessive at the best of times and planning to ttc after 10 years of trying to convince DH has got me going.
Last weekend I convinced him to go with me to a well known baby shop to just look at the baby things and obsess a bit - it's just so cute. Unfortunately I forgot dh's need to start up conversations with people wherever we go and he started chatting to the salesperson there.
I saw it coming a mile off but couldn't stop the 'when are you due?' question... I felt such a saddo when DH explained we weren't even expecting...
Please tell be I'm not the only person doing this????

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