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can you ov and still be bleeding

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gemmaseascout Tue 25-Apr-06 10:13:35

Have had first af since coming off depo, been bleeding til cd 19 (today) think I am stopping. Have tested ov since cd 10 and not had a positive. I know these tests sometimes dont work. I was just wondering if I would have ovulated cd 15 whilst I was bleeding or after I stop? HELP

laughalot Tue 25-Apr-06 11:30:53


gemmaseascout Tue 25-Apr-06 15:48:49

anyone help me!!!

gemmaseascout Wed 26-Apr-06 10:58:30


jellyjelly Thu 27-Apr-06 13:26:30

I have just come off the mirena and i am i think in month 2 ie i have had 2 periods but i know when i am ovulating and i think i have even though i have been bleeding so i guess you can.

Dotn know about the temping though sorry.

grutsie Tue 23-May-06 14:54:12

I had been on Wellwoman tablets for about three months and stopped last week and went on Pregacare.I should be ovulating now but I seem to be bleeding. Am trying conceive too! Does anyone know if changing these tablets is causing this bleeding?

sorkycake Tue 23-May-06 17:16:35

I wouldn't have thought it possible tbh.
When coming off hormonal contraception cycles tend to take a while to go back to normal, and do usually return to what they were before taking pill etc. My first guess would be that you wouldn't O until a few days at least after AF.
When I came off the mini pill for my 1st child I bled almost continuously for 4 months (dry 5 days per month- happy days!) Took a further 3 months of long cycles before I had a normal cycle like I used to have. First normal cycle I fell pg.
Good luck! Hope this is your month regardless!!

Grutsie, if the bleeding is like spotting then it could be a sign of the egg release or better still implantation of the embryo. Both these can result in light spotting. Good luck to you too!

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