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TTC#3 Anyone who is care to join me?

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QueenofClean Sun 27-Jan-13 11:41:59

We actively started TTC#3 yesterday. I have a DD1 who is almost 8yrs & DD2 who is 13 months.

Scared about going from 2-3 but excited at same time grin

Cycle1 BFP due15th Feb.

fabgreat Fri 16-Aug-13 00:05:59

TTC #3 for 2 years next month. Can't believe its been that long. Other two are 6 and 4. A friend announced her pregnancy today - another one. Is it me - or has there been a baby boom this last year! Been to Doc to have blood test and had scan but nothing obviously wrong, but I don't feel right, my periods have changed - lighter, longer, cycle changing from 31 days to 34 to 37. More pain before period.

Mythreeknights Thu 16-May-13 13:11:59

Oooh fairy and ELR, good luck! All well with me thanks - spotting has stopped and so has cramping so I have nice clear knickers now! :-) (mmm, lovely). Definitely feeling better now that it has stopped (to the point that I have got all my old mat clothes out and am running them through the wash 'in preparation')Anyhow, re-testing tomorrow, so a full 5 days after my initial BFP and hopefully the line will be stronger.

ELR Thu 16-May-13 09:11:02

Thanks fairy 2ww which feels like a two year wait!!
Well is said to DH yesterday about more after a third and he said no way third and final!

Fairypants Thu 16-May-13 07:04:58

We are in 2ww (2 week wait between ov and testing ELR). Last month I got a bit carried away with testing so this month I am determined to hold out til the 25th. That's the day before af due but I am going camping with friends so its best to test before that.
I'm afraid I didn't have spotting with my girls but I could be the exception to prove the rule. smile
How are you coping with the spotting mythree? I would imagine its putting you on edge. I hope it stops soon and you can relax a bit and enjoy it.
Random question for a ttc#3 thread but is everyone thinking third and final or are some hoping for even more?

ELR Wed 15-May-13 16:16:53

What is 2ww? Sorry up to date with all these things!
mrsa we also always wanted more but then decided two was enough but always said if it happened by accident then that's fine but now we realise we actually do want another! So going to officially try in August. Both kids are on bored too especially dd.

Mythreeknights Wed 15-May-13 12:49:15

PS thanks Fairypants how is your upduffing going? Are you in the 2ww yet?

Mythreeknights Wed 15-May-13 12:48:29

Oooh, maybe spotting is a sign of having a girl?? Any evidence to back this theory up?? Still spotting, a bit bored of it now.

Fairypants Wed 15-May-13 12:25:42

Congratulations mythree!!
Hello there ELR and mrsanderson. My dd's are currently 14 and 10 so I think I will have forgotten everything by the time dc3 turns up and what i do remember, the advice will have changed. They are v keen on the idea though - even dd1 who is doing gcse's already.

MrsAnderson22 Wed 15-May-13 10:34:37

Hello ELR! We always wanted more than 2 children but it never felt like the right time sad what with my husbands job, my going to university to study social work and my 12 year old daughter being severely disabled with no it stands now, she ilhas stabilised, has a diagnosis and I have graduated so we feel now is the right time. I feel we are young enough to have the energy for a 3rd, I'm 29 and my husband is 35. what has made you decide to ttc? I am going to buy a first response test tomorrow smile

ELR Wed 15-May-13 09:30:39

mrsanderson you have similar age gaps to me! Are we mad to try for a 3rd when ours are all grown up?
Your symptoms do sound like the early signs but agree it could also be wishful thinking. Just go buy an early test kit, good luck!
Can I just ask what made you decide to ttc when your older two are much older?

PopsyWind Wed 15-May-13 09:25:31

Congrats mythree! Brill news. I'm 12 wks now - still not had a scan though, I didn't go to GP til about 9 wks, think I'm in denial!!

It's been ok with 2 - mine are 4y and 18m. Main prob is have had awful nausea which I didn't have with the others, and weird IBS type symptoms plus feeling knackered of course...(think being the wrong side of mid 30s makes all the difference sad

Hi mrsanderson, I had mirena out in jan then had spotting for 2 wks then first proper period 6wk later, I was convinced before it showed up that I was pregnant as had lots of symptoms. However I think I had just forgotten the AF signs not having had one for ages. Might be different for you though - good luck!

MrsAnderson22 Wed 15-May-13 00:34:16

hello ladies, hope you dont mind another member! my husband and I are ttc #3, we have a daughter who is 12 and a son of 9, symptoms are not very fresh in my mind! here is my story, I'd appreciate some advice...

I had my mirena coil taken out on 12th March after 8 years (no period in those 8 years), had my period on 21st April - 24th April, we have been bd'ing quite frequently since then. according to my fertility app I ovulated on 3rd-7th May, if this is accurate!

today I have woken up with extremely sore breasts, they feel swollen, the sides hurt, my nipples feel like they're burning and my areola has increased in size slightly. my nipples have also been hard for most of the day, it hasn't been cold...if I even brush against them I wince! they almost feel bruised! tonight I have backache, not pain, an ache either side of my spine at the bottom and feel constipated, which is not like me as I have ibs I'm normally very loose!!! I feel nauseous but haven't vomited.

could I be having symptoms so early on or am I making myself believe that these possible premenstrual symptoms are something more special? when should I test and any recommendations on what test to use? thanks in advance and good luck to all still ttc and congrats to those who have already smile x

ELR Tue 14-May-13 21:12:00

Sorry spotting not toting!

ELR Tue 14-May-13 21:11:27

mythree well done and congrats! I know I've only just joined the thread but thought I'd say congrats anyway. I had cramps and toting with dd my first pregnancy but not with ds my second, sure it's all normal. Good luck!

Mythreeknights Tue 14-May-13 19:56:16

BFP!!!! I have gone and done it...tested yesterday and it came up with a fairly strong line which faded a fair bit after ten - 15 mins. The only thing is I had started cramping on Sunday and cramped all through yesterday and this morning and have had brown spotting all day - not much - but still hmm Not sure if it means it's not going to stick or if this is 'normal' (I've never had it before) implantation bleeding and uterine 'stretching'. Ahem. mumof tell me, what's it like at 5,6,7 weeks pg with 2 toddlers?? Am slightly shitting myself now!

ELR Tue 14-May-13 18:00:42

Hi ladies can I join please?
Not ttc no 3 yet as waiting till August so we have both our may and August holidays out of the way. In both my pregnancies I've had terrible morning sickness so want to enjoy my holidays first. I have also fallen pregnant both times in the first month of trying so have been really lucky, I just hope it happens that quickly this time too.
I have a really big age gap though dd is nearly 11 and ds is nearly 8 both were November babies, both conceived in January in a foreign country, so hoping to conceive no 3 on our holiday in August when were are in the Alps! Although that may prove a little trickier as we will have the kids with us this time!

mumoftwoboysS Thu 09-May-13 18:40:50

suzietwo although it's not ideal, I don't regret it! I believe it happens when it's meant to happen. For some reason we've never had kids in the summer- just the way things turn out- and like fairypants I'd hate to be heavily preggers in the summer as I suffer badly from restless hot legs at night during pregnancy.

I am a tad worried it's going to end up coming at xmas though! I did one of those online due date calulators, one said 19th Dec, the other said 22nd. I'm going for the 19th!!

MummyPig24 Thu 09-May-13 17:31:55

I've had heartburn for a few days which I only get in pregnancy and feel a bit sick but I am telling myself I'm being silly and it's not because I'm pregnant. Anyway I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be getting symptoms so soon after conception. I'm still a week away from af being due!

Suzietwo Thu 09-May-13 16:58:47

oh stop it! i shouldnt really have an easy time conceiving but have done so on first cycle each times and while i dont assume it will be as easy this time its hard to convince yourself it wont be. and even harder to convince the bloke who says he's been 'tricked' by me twice before!

anyway, im on the first day of period today so if we can hold out this month then we're into march or later babies and anything from march - july would be fab. i think if i hadnt conceived by then id take a break for a few months and aim for a sept/oct/nov baby.

def pack the tampons! anything to keep your mind off it all works.

MummyPig24 Thu 09-May-13 14:22:59

I don't have a feeling either way. I don't believe that it could happen first try so I'm packing tampons!

Mythreeknights Thu 09-May-13 13:24:36

Oh and suzie I assumed we'd get pg instantly as DS1 was cycle 1 and Ds2 actually swam through a condom (or, arrived in me before the condom went on, which shows how determined he was to arrive..) so now I'm coming up to cycle 3 I sort of wish I'd got on with it sooner.

Mythreeknights Thu 09-May-13 13:22:59

Oh goodie, some more people for me to get excited with - I was starting to feel it was just me and fairy mad enough to want 3 kids.
Mummypig I'm due AF on the 13th (Mon) so we're pretty much in synch. I haven't had any cramps yet but still 3 full days to go so unlikely to, but I keep having dreams about getting my period so I guess that is my subconscious preparing me for the inevitable. At least if not upduffed now, one bonus is not having a Jan baby as that must be quite tough with the long winter months - especially here in Scotland. (Not that Feb is much better but is at least a short month!)

Suzietwo Thu 09-May-13 13:16:41

i was away when ttc the second one and it was brilliant. totally took my mind off the 2ww and i was 5 days late when i got back.

MummyPig24 Thu 09-May-13 11:48:52

Hi we are ttc #3, this is our first month. Cycle day 23, bfp due 15th May. We will be on holiday then in Majorca, not sure if I should buy a test to take with us or just wait till we get back. I guess if af doesn't start while we are out there then I will know!

Fairypants Thu 09-May-13 11:45:33

I don't know what constitutes an acidic diet but was a big coffee drinker before having dd1 so that didn't make any difference.

Given how long it can take to conceive, I really don't want to be too precise about the timing of #3 other than avoiding Xmas as that wouldn't be the best date to have a birthday. If I have the choice though, I'd prefer not to be heavily pg in the summer again- that was rubbish!

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