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TTC#3 Anyone who is care to join me?

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QueenofClean Sun 27-Jan-13 11:41:59

We actively started TTC#3 yesterday. I have a DD1 who is almost 8yrs & DD2 who is 13 months.

Scared about going from 2-3 but excited at same time grin

Cycle1 BFP due15th Feb.

toffee01 Mon 18-Feb-13 08:19:51

you never know queenthis month could be it. Good luck to you! xx

BamBam21 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:42:45

Ooh Queen, fingers crossed for you! Is it unusual for you to be a bit late? Do you have any symptoms? <nosy emoticon>grin

DS2's birthday was lovely. We had a wee do yesterday with the grannies, and had his cake etc, and then had a walk to the park (it was lovely weather here yesterday) and he had his first shot on the baby swing there.

CD15 for me today. I am keeping positive for this month, even though we have only DTD once (last week). Once a month isn't really adequate is it??grin Unfortunately we are both so tired all the time, and DS2 is still in our room (as we have nowhere else to put him), so that's a bit of a passion killer really!

QueenofClean Mon 18-Feb-13 11:39:08

Bam Bam - Very unusual for me to be late I'm bang on the dot 28 days normally. Def don't feel pregnant, no symptoms, not like with DD2 I knew I was preggers before I even took a test and that was 4 days before AF was due! Just need her to get here now so we can crack on with making a nov baby grinwink

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Mon 18-Feb-13 16:10:10

Hiya all, just decided try for third so thought I would join your thread! Started thread this morn re testing at 8dpo, dtd right around when should ov (not certain I did tho and haven't temps etc) and had pinky cm (tmi but has to be said!) yesterday, so about 5 days after dtd. Also bit crampy this morn and yest eve, never noticed any of that with first two preg. But nor was I looking for it! Just waiting now, surely must hav ov by now as am cd 20 and have a 30/31 day cycle. Or could i be yet to ov? Gosh just so complicated and end up going round in circles with it all. Haven't tested yet but have read some people get + even at 8/9dpo with my symptoms but can't imagine would be anything other than bfn this early, also have a feeling could just be very early af symptoms. Tells self step away from tests. Good luck everyone and hope for some Bfps. Hope you ok queen, waiting is rubbish, I was 3 days late in dec. looks like maybe early this month tho going by cramps and spots.

metimeatlast Mon 18-Feb-13 16:38:25

good afternoon ladies, am i right in thinking that for a lot of us it will be that time of the month to start trying again??? then oooh the 2ww!! what joys sad well here goes for the trying for our BFPs good luck to all, and congrats to those that managed theirs, save us all a seat on your thread wink

ps, isnt it a passion killer with a teen in one room and todler in the other, trying not to disturb?? we manage to dtd when teen goes to college, and toddler is watching telly, those crisps she isnt allowed come in mighty handy for a quicky wink

would it be wrong to ask how others manage "hiding" and trying not to disturb the DC?? tips would be much appreciated, as pd is not the father of dc and although teen (16) knows that me and dp want a child between us, id hate to hear us as id be embarrassed, only being 38 and all grin

fruitpastille Mon 18-Feb-13 17:50:04

Hi, coming a bit late to this but have really enjoyed reading posts and feeling like less of a freak! RL friends think going for number 3 would be crazy and sometimes i agree with them!

I have DS nearly 6 and DD 3.8 who are great and i love our family the way it is. Financially not too bad but have to be careful. Our house is big enough but would need to replace our car to get 3 seats in the back. We both teach but i am part time. Looks like half term has coincided with halfway through my cycle so we actually have a chance of me being in mood for SWI!

Am terrified but going for it anyway. I don't like being pg due to spd and lack of wine. I don't relish the newborn stage either to be honest. What are we doing?! grin

MadameCastafiore Mon 18-Feb-13 17:56:53

AF today I think. Can't believe how bloody disappointed I feel!!!

QueenofClean Mon 18-Feb-13 20:01:30

Told my GP we were trying for no3 today and he nearly spat his drink out lol! Told him I was late but getting BFN & that I don't feel pregnant he said if I don't have a period by beginning of next week to call him.

moonblues Mon 18-Feb-13 21:06:40

Just sneaking back to say congratulations to Choc and good luck to all the new ladies on the thread - it seems to be a lucky one smile
Metime my 2 are younger and so we relied on early bedtimes or tv. Not sure how parents who have teenagers manage it!
Blondies if you start a thread I'll join you. I've been posting on the Oct one, but it's very busy.

Newtothisstuff Mon 18-Feb-13 21:40:53

In ttc number 3 grin dd1 is 6 dd2 is 9 months, we've been trying pretty much since Dd2 was born, I wanted a smaller age gap and to get our family complete ASAP it just doesn't seem to want to happen right now !!! I've started using a basal thermometer now so hopefully it helps

Bumpkinmunchkin Mon 18-Feb-13 21:59:28

Hi ladies, would yous mind another ttc'er #3? I haven't read through all the thread but I gather there have been many happy bfp's already. So congrats to all.

My story is I'm 41, have 2 dc aged 7 & 5, had mmc last year and no luck since. Dithered for years whether to ttc for #3 or not. Financial worry being the main one and now age has become another. Was devastated after mc and took long time to get over it emotionally and physically. Was very worried I am in early menopause as af cycles very very irregular since erpc. Went to gp last week and she said it was normal and not to worry but took some bloods to test hormones. I did stress myself out last year temping, using opk's etc so I gave it all up before Xmas and now trying to be more natural and casual about it.

PopsyWind Tue 19-Feb-13 08:06:48

Hi newto and bumpkin!

Well AF finally arrived this am - over 6wks after coil taken out and had 2wks solid of PMT grrr

Kind of knew I wasn't pg (though that didn't stop me wasting £££ on tests...)

Good luck to those still on 2WW

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Tue 19-Feb-13 14:59:17

Hi everyone, hope this is indeed a lucky thread!
Fruit- my rl friends/fam think a bit mad ttc 3 and part of me agrees but just seems right for us.....if it would happen soon enough however!
Sorry popsy hope lucky next time, I also wasted ££ this morn on frer but prob still way to early! Knew I shouldn't have but found myself purchasing then poas! No more. Had even more pms symptoms today, af due in a week, started having cramps etc on Sunday which was way too early for me so still kind of hoping was implantation but now feels more like af symptoms.....arrrgh! Waiting waiting is just so frustrating, will try resist frer until at least nxt Tuesday!, if that's neg too then will be :-( surprised how much I want it to happen now it's taking so long. Good luck to u all.

MaybeAgain Tue 19-Feb-13 20:28:06

Hi, I think I posted earlier on in this thread, well done to those with BFPs.

I feel like a bit of a fraud posting really as we're not actively TTC until April. I came off the pill last month and have been taking folic acid in preparation, DH is still not fully on board for April yet but I'm working on him.

As we're having to use condoms, which we both don't really like, we ended up having unprotected sex on Saturday. According to the app I have on my iPhone, I should have ovulated the day before. I know that there is probably the smallest, tiniest possibility of me being pregnant, as I've not yet had the 'real' period since stopping the pill so may not even have ovulated, but it's not stopping me hoping and wishing like a mad woman.

Also, I've had the weirdest feelings since being off the pill, it's like I can feel everything starting to fire up again, and I had the mucus too (this website has informed me about so much that I never even noticed before). I've been off the pill quite a few times but its the first time I've paid attention to my body.

Think I should say that my DH is totally aware that I'm not currently on the pill, he agreed with me coming off it last month so knew that the sex was unprotected.

So, do you think there is any real chance of a BFP? Or am I just clutching at straws? I would love us to be TTC right now, I've been ready for a long time. Wish DH would just decide properly but maybe he's not wanting to make a 'final' decision and leave it up to me, he can be quite indecisive.

AF due 1st March, in the past (when not on pill) I've been pretty regular.

Am I a crazy, mad woman?

toffee01 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:35:47

Newto and *Bumpkin welcome and good luck!
Metime, regarding the "hiding" while DTD, usually ours are asleep and our door is closed, so they don't hear us.
Fruitpastille welcome and good luck, just to let you know that I feel exactly the same as you, I am wondering wheather I am crazy to want a third.
How old are you?
I don't know wheather I'm ovulating, but I certainly have the EWCM today, does that mean I will be ovulating in a couple of days?
We did it yesterday (I don't suppose it was any use), but the trouble is, tomorrow night and the night after that are out as we are staying in a hotel for a couple of nights, and the kids are sharing a bedroom with us sad.
How can I sort that out? Otherwise I'll waste a month.

toffee01 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:38:18

Sorry I can't even spell tonight, I meant to say "whether" not "wheather".

toffee01 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:55:26

PS: I'm on CD13 and noticed some EWCM, so does that mean i'm ovulating now or in 2 days time?

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 00:55:03

Toffee I'd say ovulating now.

toffee01 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:21:14

Thanks Queen, we'll try and do our best while away but didn't do it last night, hope it's not too late. Any news for you queen?

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 11:23:16

Well I poas this morning and BFN and AF made her appearance about half hour ago. So can concentrate on making a Nov baby wink

fruitpastille Wed 20-Feb-13 20:52:24

I am 37 toffee. I kind of feel a bit now or never about number 3 as i would prefer a smaller age gap. DS and DD are two and a bit years apart and get on well mostly so i worry a bit about a third feeling left out and we definitely can't afford 4! We might have done it earlier but i left a job that had become stressful and since then had a temporary contract so had to wait to get a more permanent position. If it works out i am considering child.minding though. I feel like everything is on hold until we know for sure about number 3!

Have dtd 3 times this week around halfway through cycle (this much dtd is unheard of!). DD was result of careless one off so i feel like a bfp is quite possible. I could be sharing my birthday potentially!! Have to admit to savoring a few glasses of wine this week just in case i have to give it up...

toffee01 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:14:13

fruit I'm 37 too, but my youngest is nearly 6. I wanted a smaller gap but we were so indecisive that we decided against it a couple of years ago. Now our situation has changed so it would be much easier financially, but I'm older and the gap is bigger, but we are both keen although terrified (me).

Newtothisstuff Thu 21-Feb-13 06:59:31

I'm 32. Youngest 9 months oldest 6 ! Definitely want a small age gap for my last one. I've been charting temp. Anyone else ??? I just don't get it. How much would your temp dip before ovulation ?? One day it was 36.46 and the next 36.19 is that enough of a dip to be the before ovulation dip ?? (Lots of dips) now it's up to 36.91 (4 says after the 36.19) it's all confusing to me

kimmy2912 Thu 21-Feb-13 09:04:46

we are ttc #4 i have just finished my period and baby making starts tonight smile

metimeatlast Thu 21-Feb-13 09:40:15

another one here who never paid much notice of cm, or ovulation times. i managed to click on a website yesterday that showed me pictures of it...yuk to say the least! but it certainly was informative to see the differences and know exactly what to look for! this is now my 5day window for ov roughly according to the calculator, so im hoping that the two times we managed to dtd before dp went away for a couple of days did the trick, although he is back saturday so we will have another couple of goes that will still be in the window. then its just the waiting game again.
there should be a sits back and waits emoticon grin
good luck for all those bfps ladies for all of you who have got AF due before me, hope she stays away and we have all made our november beans grin

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