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TTC#3 Anyone who is care to join me?

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QueenofClean Sun 27-Jan-13 11:41:59

We actively started TTC#3 yesterday. I have a DD1 who is almost 8yrs & DD2 who is 13 months.

Scared about going from 2-3 but excited at same time grin

Cycle1 BFP due15th Feb.

Mythreeknights Wed 15-May-13 12:49:15

PS thanks Fairypants how is your upduffing going? Are you in the 2ww yet?

ELR Wed 15-May-13 16:16:53

What is 2ww? Sorry up to date with all these things!
mrsa we also always wanted more but then decided two was enough but always said if it happened by accident then that's fine but now we realise we actually do want another! So going to officially try in August. Both kids are on bored too especially dd.

Fairypants Thu 16-May-13 07:04:58

We are in 2ww (2 week wait between ov and testing ELR). Last month I got a bit carried away with testing so this month I am determined to hold out til the 25th. That's the day before af due but I am going camping with friends so its best to test before that.
I'm afraid I didn't have spotting with my girls but I could be the exception to prove the rule. smile
How are you coping with the spotting mythree? I would imagine its putting you on edge. I hope it stops soon and you can relax a bit and enjoy it.
Random question for a ttc#3 thread but is everyone thinking third and final or are some hoping for even more?

ELR Thu 16-May-13 09:11:02

Thanks fairy 2ww which feels like a two year wait!!
Well is said to DH yesterday about more after a third and he said no way third and final!

Mythreeknights Thu 16-May-13 13:11:59

Oooh fairy and ELR, good luck! All well with me thanks - spotting has stopped and so has cramping so I have nice clear knickers now! :-) (mmm, lovely). Definitely feeling better now that it has stopped (to the point that I have got all my old mat clothes out and am running them through the wash 'in preparation')Anyhow, re-testing tomorrow, so a full 5 days after my initial BFP and hopefully the line will be stronger.

fabgreat Fri 16-Aug-13 00:05:59

TTC #3 for 2 years next month. Can't believe its been that long. Other two are 6 and 4. A friend announced her pregnancy today - another one. Is it me - or has there been a baby boom this last year! Been to Doc to have blood test and had scan but nothing obviously wrong, but I don't feel right, my periods have changed - lighter, longer, cycle changing from 31 days to 34 to 37. More pain before period.

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