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TTC#3 Anyone who is care to join me?

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QueenofClean Sun 27-Jan-13 11:41:59

We actively started TTC#3 yesterday. I have a DD1 who is almost 8yrs & DD2 who is 13 months.

Scared about going from 2-3 but excited at same time grin

Cycle1 BFP due15th Feb.

toffee01 Mon 04-Mar-13 11:59:14

Sorry Bambam for AF. I'll be feeling like all of you when (if) I get AF. Do I try again or shall I just be contented?
My willpower will be short lived I'm sure. After all thursday is such a long way away wink

Sammieh86 Mon 04-Mar-13 12:32:57

Hiya was wondering if u were lucky enough to get ir in same boat i have a 8 and 6 yr old, cant wait for #3, im not sure if what im
Experiencing now is an implantation bleed as its 5 days before my regular 28 day cycle! I hate the wait!xx

metimeatlast Mon 04-Mar-13 12:49:27

sorry to hear AF arrived bambam
toffee thursday is a long way off yet, i did a hpt yesterday, bfn so far. and i cant pop to the shops yet again for any tests, dd has got a sickness bug at mo sad
fingers crossed for any ladies out there who are still in with a chance of bfp this time round x

mumoftwoboysS Mon 04-Mar-13 13:16:56

can anyone reply to my previous question or should I post it elsewhere? I just felt this thread was friendlier as I've posted here before....

mumoftwoboysS Mon 04-Mar-13 13:40:42

forget my last messag, its fine, I probably should just start a new thread. Good luck to all those ttc x

Fairypants Mon 04-Mar-13 13:58:14

Hi mumof I would guess its poss depending on your cycle. I don't know much but as the swimmers can hang around for a while, it's a possibility.

metimeatlast Mon 04-Mar-13 16:40:11

Hi mumoftwoboys
have you flicked onto the ovulation info page on mumsnet? try using the ovulation calender as well, it will give you a rough guide to when you may be ovulating. i dont use opks, so have no info on them, also as for dtd on day 8 of your cycle, ??? who knows, technically sperm can last inside for upto 7 days, therefor that would then give you a possible window of upto th 14th.
form looking around i think whilst you are just pre ttc may i suggest some of the following?
get to know how long your cycle lasts (day 1 of period to day 1 of following period)
take a look at some websites that show you what your cervical mucas is doing throughout the month.
stock up on home pregnancy tests (cos when you get going you will use them quite frequently)
look into folic acid and other vitamin supplements.
take note of the last day of your period, and count & note the days in between that and 1st day of next period. this is known as your leutal phase, this will help you to work out. there may be more bits, but gota go, kids now arguing! best of luck x

mumoftwoboysS Mon 04-Mar-13 21:07:17

Thanks for the replies! I've had a quick look on the ovulation info page and will have a more thorough look - helpful info there.

yeah I need to suss out my ovulation- not as easy as I thought it'd be! not even sure if its been and gone already as temp hardly changed and seemed to have lots of cm and now nothing...hmm. Anyway appreciate replies thanks!

BankWuggery Tue 05-Mar-13 11:19:39

Hi all. Can I join in? commencing the ttc no.3 this evening- having coil (old fashioned IUD) removed later today ;)

DS1 is 8 and DS2 is 4. First was unplanned-ish (we weren't being careful with contraception but not actually thinking we might get a baby confused) so didn't have the 2ww thing, and must have conceived ds2 on the day that we started trying as a fortnight later my period was due but instead I got a bfp. So hope that it is as easy this time round, it will be our last child for certain. Aware that its not always so straightforward though- I NEED another baby!

I work part time and we are just about to commence some major building work at home (another bedroom, I joked with dh that we are only growing our family to have someone to put in the new spare room;)). Plus with both dc I had quite severe Hyperemesis and so am a bit fearful of that recurring. Have sort of accepted it will though. Don't care. WANT BABY.

BangOn Tue 05-Mar-13 15:13:05

Hi. hope there's room for one more.

am on my 6th (i think) cycle of ttc #3. have 2 dds aged 3 & nearly 7. dd1 was conceived without trying at all, dd2 took about 4 months, so I suppose i'm wonderinh how much longer this will take. seems like forever already!

In terms of being prepared for a 3rd - there are no certainties in life, but we both work, own our home (albeit a very small one!) & will probably need a bigger car, unfortunately.

am on two week wait, feeling like af may arrive any moment. af due on around 10th March.

Newtothisstuff Tue 05-Mar-13 18:18:39

AF was 2 days late so tested and B F P !! Very excited, although I've had awful period type pains for the last week and a bit of brown stuff (sorry tmi) I don't want to get my hopes up now

fruitpastille Tue 05-Mar-13 18:29:49

Sorry to hear about AF wyhtfa and bam. I got mine last thing Sunday. Fingers crossed for toffee sounds promising! And sticky vibes for new.

I need to take dtd a bit more seriously but am never in the mood. Frankly 3 times last month was doing well! Surely i am not alone??

QueenofClean Wed 06-Mar-13 07:58:39

Welcome Newbies and sorry to all those who's AF has arrived.

Sorry I've been AWOL things have been really busy round here. DD2 was really poorly last week sad although better now and DH is away for the week on business. I'm currently on 2ww and periodically my boobs hurt but it's all in my head to early to tell I think. Although do think I ov early this month so hoping we got lucky. BFP due 15th March.

metimeatlast Wed 06-Mar-13 09:40:12

AF due today/tomorrow, poas today fmu, bfn. and yesterday through out i just had thee most uncomfortable stomach/back the lot. the only way i can remember being so uncomfy was in labour with dd2. Whats that all about?!
no sign of AF so far, so it aint over for me Just quite yet i hope
Well done New grin
Waves to all the newbies smile

thethreeblondies Wed 06-Mar-13 10:25:25

Hi ladies just popping in to see how you are all doing! 7+4 and time is still going rather slowly, had booking in with midwife and just waiting for scan date to come through, haven't actually been sick but need to eat sonething regularly to keep nausea at bay. So many stories here are similar to mine, DD's 8 and 4 (well they will be over next 2 weeks) DD1 took us a bit by surprise (was planning wedding) DD2 took a while to concieve, we are doing work on our house too, put an extension on a few years back and now starting a loft conversion (Just in time for DC3 hopefully)

Good luck ladies, fingers crossed for some more bfp's grin

toffee01 Wed 06-Mar-13 13:14:57

Hi everyone! Well done new that's exciting! I hope it all works out all right for you!
AF due between today and saturday. Couldn't help myself from doing a test today and got BFN.
I will try and test again in a few days time unless good old AF arrives.
I still have veiny boobs and bigger and sore now.
Spent some time with a friend who has a baby and a 3 year old yesterday, and were thinking "maybe I'm too old for this, but maybe it's already too late (ie I may be pregnant now)".
It's not great but I still have doubts about what I want.

Maybe because I feel like I'm pregnant so it seems more real and it terrifies me. Also I'm feeling a bit of guilt towards my children, almost like I am not contented with them that I need a 3rd.
Been really emotional recently, yesterday I nearly cried because the adverts came on during a programme I was watching. How dare they put adverts on so often?
I feel exactly as if AF was imminently on its way but with some pregnancy symptoms too so it's confusing me and making me emotional.

Any one else feeling like that or am I a freak?

the three blondies I'm delighted it's going well for you, I bet you can't wait until your first scan!

metime test a bit later it could be too early? Maybe that pain was implantation?
Hi to all newcomers too and good luck x

toffee01 Wed 06-Mar-13 13:16:25

Sorry can I cross out the metime I don't know why it ended up on the second line of my post blush please void it (in your heads)

toffee01 Wed 06-Mar-13 13:20:24

Another correction:
"Spent some time with a friend who has a baby and a 3 year old yesterday, and were was thinking "maybe I'm too old for this, but maybe it's already too late (ie I may be pregnant now)".

I promise I will preview my messages from now on.

QueenofClean Wed 06-Mar-13 13:55:54

toffee your not too old!

5 mins peace whilst DD2 is asleep and before chaos resumes when I pick up DD1 & her friend for tea & then taking to Brownies and home again.

Am a single parent this week as DH is away on a jolly business! Things seem normal to me anyway as he works long hours when he is here so used to doing everything myself, just feel rushed off my feet today.

toffee01 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:42:35

Sorry for you Queen!!

Welcome back we haven't heard from you for a while!

Girls don't laugh: I think I have had a phantom pregnancy.

AF turned up today, kind of orangy pink. And got a BFN this morning. sad

But I couldn't believe it, not because I wanted it so badly but because of my physical symptoms, ie prominent pink, enlarged nipples, veins on boobs, breasts feeling fuller and sore (even DH admitted that they felt bigger a few days ago), blood rush and veins all over the body looking bluer.

To be honest I was actually freaking out because I was convinced I was pregnant and when it hit home I was myself.
So actually, when I got AF today I almost felt relief. But disappointed at the same time if that's possible.
And how come I still have those symptoms? Will they ease off when my mind has accepted that I'm not pg?
Or is it an ectopic pregnancy or something?

I feel very emotional at the mo. Very confused.

PopsyWind Thu 07-Mar-13 08:21:37

Hi toffee, hope you're feeling ok today. An ectopic would give you a positive test so hopefully not that.

I'm with you with the emotions all over the place. Sometimes I'm desperate to be pregnant and then I have a stressful morning with the kids and I think - god I hope I'm not!?!

I'm in 2ww now, sigh...

fruitpastille Thu 07-Mar-13 10:03:21

I am glad that i am not the only one with mixed feelings. I also had that sense of relief as well as disappointment when i got bfn. I leave the test face down while i wait and have to really steel myself to turn it over! Next time i think i will get DH to check it.

toffee01 Thu 07-Mar-13 10:59:18

Ha ha fruit that's exactly what I did yesterday I left mine face down for a while.
Well I think that's it for me, I don't think I'm going to want to try again.

The fact that I freaked out so much when I thought I was was the giveaway.

I kept imagining myself at 47 with a 10 year old [shocked]

I will have a talk with DH tonight because I need to tell him. I'm sure he'll support whatever decision I make.

All the best to all of you girls, I hope it happens soon for you xxx smile

P.S: Don't laugh if I'm back next month though blush

BankWuggery Thu 07-Mar-13 13:00:11

Toffee hope you do come back. I think trying for a baby is always going to be a bit of a balancing act of pros vs cons in our minds. That just means we are considerate and sensible (ish wink) people who are weighing up the impacts on our families. The din noise my broodiness is making is much louder than any of the rational thoughts my brain can come up with and that's what makes me know its right for us. (DH obv. concurs)

A friend made me really think about this a while ago when I was trying hard not to want a third baby- she said that would I regret having a third baby or feel more regret not having one? Think dh and I had "the chat" that night.

metimeatlast Thu 07-Mar-13 13:24:30

Aw toffee im sorry to hear AF turned up. the relief/ gutted feeling is very normal, as at the moment we all seem to have families already. i too am considering the what if it doesnt happen for me approach, i know that its only our 1st cycle of ttc, but part of me is thinking what if i just stick with my lot? should i just get an implant so i dont have to go through all this each month? as i personally had set a time limit and decided that i would only give it another 11 cycles, then thats all as im now 38, dp is 41 and i didnt want to be starting again at 40+. currently AF has not turned up for me, im on CD 30, never normally go past 28. yet again another BFN today. i have stupidly convinced myself that i AM pregnant! as i seem to have been crampy since ovulation, sleeping pattern is awful, very tired early on, then awake half the nights. i dont feel like AF is coming, yet she probably will. i just wish she would bloody show or a bfp would show! sad

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