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Brooking NO ARGUMENT that those BFPs are on the way

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SweetieTime Sun 27-Jan-13 09:23:02

Not started a new Fred before but hope it is successful for us as we are going to get our BFPs, either by traditional rat smacking activities or using the power of medical science.

Ladies I do declare WE WILL GET THERE - FACT !!!

Solars Fri 01-Mar-13 14:22:13

So cake is out the oven and cooling down....I'm quite impressed just looking at it without having sliced into it yet, I did add a slight variation as DH prefers fruits and nuts in his cakes so I added toasted hazelnuts as I didn't have any dried fruit in the house!

There's a slice of cake with your name on it Sweetie what time shall I expect you? That week away sounds lovely, got anywhere in mind yet? We're waiting to find out what they say about our ivf/icsi before we plan any hols but we do have a weekend away at the end of March. Come on clinic ring!!

Geek wow things seem to going quite well with MrG's son, I'm very very happy for you too smile

Not long at all now Maybe brooking you'll get an idea of timescales and things on Monday!

For Keep & Scarlett's Follies GROW FOLLIES GROW!!!

Apart from baking this morning I had quite a treat when I saw a monkjack deer in our 'back yard'. In fact I first thought it was a goat confused I say 'back yard' because we live in a flat which is part of this enclosed estate and behind us are meadows. Because our estate is gated and fenced I got quite concerned as to how it got in, so I knocked on the neighbours door. They told me they're quite common (it was the first time I'd seen one and we've been living here for 2.5 years!) and they jump the fences to get in. They're very fast too as I tried to get a pic of it on my phone but only managed to get shot of it's rear end as it left!

Soph80 Fri 01-Mar-13 20:20:26

solars how lovely! I think the most I ever see in the garden is the occasional scabby fox!

Withalittlesparkle Fri 01-Mar-13 21:42:51

Come on keep and Scarlett!!!!

ControlGeek Fri 01-Mar-13 22:54:33

Good luck keep and scarlett for your scans tomorrow, brooking that you've both got lovely crops of follies growing at the perfect rate.

<gathers pom poms, dons trainers and does the GROW FOLLIES GROW dance>

And after all that exertion, it's time for bed grin night brookers

keepitgoing Sat 02-Mar-13 04:37:34

Hi all, thanks for the brooking! So I had my scan, and currently have 10 follies between 9-12mm. Lining at 5.9mm. Estradiol a tad high, I think, but then the doc said that'll be from the number of follies. Language issues... So I'm not going to worry about that - it could indicate ohss if high at egg collection - for now.

So I carry on the same dose, and add another drug to stop early ovulation. Next appt Tuesday morning, and egg collection between Thursday and Saturday. Eek!!

I feel OK so far, only tired.

Scarlett I'm brooking like mad for your follies. I saw your post on the other thread. I don't have pains or nausea yet, but am on a low dose. Ask the clinic today.

solars I think they're muntjac... We have them at home, once one jumped into our garden and our cat faced it down, the butter grin

I am just focusing on Tuesday now. One step at a time.

boo love the new name. Hope you're OK for the hard last few weeks. And grin for teen boo!!

sparks how's the bump? I love you guys coming back x

maybe I agree you've handled this really well. But enough waiting already, so I'm brooking for fast treatment.

Hugs and pain au chocolats for all.

BeedlesPineNeedles Sat 02-Mar-13 07:34:41

keep 10 follicles sounds pretty good, I have no idea if the high estradiol is a problem.anyway you keep growing them and I'll join geek with the grow follies grow dance for you and scarlett

I'm getting a bit scared of the idea of IVF, not so much doing it ( though i can't say it sounds much fun) more the what if it doesn't work terror. Though you guys seem to have coped quite well with it so perhaps I just need take one step at a time - like actually getting a date for our appointment

solars we get deer in our garden sometimes, they like to eat the flowers, and we have to have a fence around the veg and strawberry patches to stop them eating everything there. It does spoil the look of the garden a bit grin

boo and sparks lovely to see you both. It must be getting a bit quiet over on ante-natal brooking. Hopefully we'll all be joining you soon.

I would leave some breakfast for you all but my weekend shreddies are too precious to be shared with people who can just buy them in the supermarket. So you can have some muesli grin

keepitgoing Sat 02-Mar-13 07:41:19

beedle so far it's fine. Yes, there's the what-if-it-doesnt-work. But what if it does... I think once you get going it's much easier. You may recall my freak out a couple of weeks ago... And if it doesn't work you can either keep trying naturally, as you'd be doing if you hadn't done ivf, or try again if poss.

Any chance of iui to ease you into treatment.

I am expecting it not too work, but hoping it does. Ie trying to not put too much pressure on this one cycle.

Yes, your next step it an appointment! Baby steps x

keepitgoing Sat 02-Mar-13 07:43:43

PS I can't get shreddies. Yum!

Withalittlesparkle Sat 02-Mar-13 09:27:23

Keep 10 follies sounds great!!! How exciting!!

Twinks is growing big and strong 24+1 today smile

Brooking that you'll all graduate soon, with all these appointments we're surely due some success!!

Solars Sat 02-Mar-13 09:41:54

Well done Keep that sounds fantastic!! <continues the dance for Scarlett > The muntjac did seem quite skittish, not a worthy opponent for a cat!

Beedle we're all here for you so don't you go worrying about ivf, as you say, one step at a time x

Blooming heck Sparkes where has the time gone!

ScarlettInSpace Sat 02-Mar-13 10:28:27

Quick update so solars can have break from dancing, ive definitely got 3, Maybe a 4th but my ovary was hiding behind my bowel <hurl> so she said they'll have another look on Monday, 1 at 10mm the others at 12mm so looking good so far!

Nurse was lovely and said at my age we should get good quality eggs so all very positive grin

Well done keep 10 is fab!

ScarlettInSpace Sat 02-Mar-13 10:29:50

beedles and geek you can have a seat too grin

keepitgoing Sat 02-Mar-13 10:38:44

Ooh well done Scarlett, are they all on your one good ovary? Are you staying on the same dose? What did they say about your tummy pains? Any indication when you'll have EC?

Remind me how old you are...?

ScarlettInSpace Sat 02-Mar-13 11:06:47

Nope 1 on L which is supposed to be good one and 2/3 on R so further evidence consultants don't have a fecking clue!

Same dose, pains are just part of it, i'm 36 x

keepitgoing Sat 02-Mar-13 11:14:12

Silly consultants... Your right one's a good 'un.

Will take that to apply to me too them, as I'm 30. Thanks, Scarlett's nurse. My doc tells me all these things but won't comment on if they're good or not.... Like Lh levels, estradiol, no of follies... Argh.

BeedlesPineNeedles Sat 02-Mar-13 11:14:30

Woo hoo scarlett and yah boo sucks to silly consultants that don't know what they're talking about grin

keep I don't know why shreddies don't get exported, other breakfast cereals do.

NoMaybeAboutIt Sat 02-Mar-13 11:42:24

Oh wow Scarlett and Keep you're both doing so well! Scarlett are you on short protocol too? Your eggs will be deliciously good, I'm sure. A friend told me that she was advised to eat a portion of edamame beans a day to help.

Lovely to see you Sparks

Solars I'm loving your brush with nature! We live in the river and there's loads of fields opposite our flat. There are a load of horses in there. Which I love, but Otis gets far too protective when they come near me, so walking him near them can prove interesting! How did the cake taste?!

Geek I forgot to say, why are you seeing a cardiologist? Is your ticker ok? Are you back to work on Monday?

Soph80 Sat 02-Mar-13 21:00:45

beedles where abouts are you living atm?

ControlGeek Sat 02-Mar-13 21:02:29

scarlett that is such fab news - a 300% increase on last time, too! Did the silly consultant give any reason why he thought one of your ovaries wasn't much good? You've obviously proved him wrong! Hope the pain dies down a bit for you soon.

keep 10 - wow my lovely! Will they drop your stim drug a bit if your estradiol continues to be high? How else do they know if you are developing OHSS - does it show on scans or anything?

solars I would have happily strangled and bbq'd and eaten the muntjac that used to demolish my allotment. Their hooves would trample everything they didn't eat, and they didn't poo enough for it to be worth digging in. Between them, the rabbits and the wood pigeons I reckon you could have happily lived on my allotment permanently, if it wasn't for lack of veg!

beedle don't they sell shreddies in sweden then? <clueless> I don't like many cereals, but they are one that I will eat.

maybe that's just it, I don't think I am! I just got a random call saying I'd missed my appointment with Prof Blah who turned out to be a cardiologist. I'll chase it with the clinic on Monday to make sure that I haven't been referred and they forgot to tell me. I reckon they just put my name down instead of the patient who really did need to see the cardiologist. V worrying considering this is a private clinic.

I went to archery today and shot my best score yet. I even went for a badge and passed with flying colours. SFF has also begun, though I think I may have overdone it slightly as I'm getting lots of twinges this evening. Hey ho, I'll blame it on the archery grin

<waves to everyone, shakes pom poms at scarlett and keep and continues the grow follies grow dance from a sitting position>

keepitgoing Sun 03-Mar-13 06:43:20

geek I'm very impressed on the archery! Also on sff already! Enjoy your last day of no dink boss. They didn't mention lowering my dose <mental>. I see them on Tuesday morning. Ohss normally doesn't show till post EC, I think the hcg trigger can set it off. You have to watch for bloating, no peeing, pain. 14cm ovaries <panics>. I won't think about it, and Google is not much of a friend.

Starting to feel a bit 'full' now.

No sex for me from today. We don't want dectuplets... (Come on, what are the chances given we need ivf...)

Realised today dh has had Not One Person look at his bits throughout this whole thing. Where's the fairness, ladies.

We're having a lazy Sunday. And a new a/c unit fitted. Whoop whoop.

On breakfast, that's the one meal I won't go Thai. Green curry or noodles at 7am?! No thanks. I buy very expensive imported German muesli.

BeedlesPineNeedles Sun 03-Mar-13 08:26:37

Ha ha keep MrB has had the indignity of having his bits examined grin Actually he's had 1 examination and had to produce 2 JIAJ samples (not all together shock ) and I've had 2 dildo cams. So, he's had it worse so far grin Clearly everything will change soon.

keepitgoing Sun 03-Mar-13 09:11:38

Pah at jiaj. Think he's done 6 of these, including the iuis, but just watching some porn is not the same as a period dildo cam! grin

Solars Sun 03-Mar-13 17:27:47

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...

Hope it's a nice easy day back to work tomorrow Geek and well done on the sff too!

Well done on the follies Scarlett and good luck with the scan tomorrow, Grow follies grow

Keep hope you're doing ok grow follies grow DH has had 4 JIAJ sessions so far and 1 coming up at our next appointment heh, heh, hee but no fair as at least they're bits aren't under scrutiny like ours are!

Maybe brooking for your appointment tomorrow hoping you get an idea of timescales etc. Cake was lovely thanks, I was a bit sceptical of the creme fraiche as never baked with that but it was lovely and almost all gone blush

keepitgoing Mon 04-Mar-13 02:21:22

GOOD LUCK MAYBE!!! The day is finally here. Hope it goes well, they have lots of easy solutions, and the ivf can be scheduled for next week or so smile

Also go Scarlett! hope the bowel's not in the way today go for a poo first Are you feeling OK? I'm just tired, tbh.

Ooh, what is happening today?? clearly not read back, sorry blush brooking it is something exciting for Maybe and Scarlet to bring them a big step closer to their BFP's smile

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