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Brooking NO ARGUMENT that those BFPs are on the way

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SweetieTime Sun 27-Jan-13 09:23:02

Not started a new Fred before but hope it is successful for us as we are going to get our BFPs, either by traditional rat smacking activities or using the power of medical science.

Ladies I do declare WE WILL GET THERE - FACT !!!

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 19-Feb-13 13:25:00

Sweetie I'm so sorry it's taking so long to get a date. Have they given you any indication at all? The waiting is by far the worst part of all of this

SweetieTime Tue 19-Feb-13 14:06:59

geek sounds like a jolly good service you have had. that bfp is bound to be yours. just take it easy for next few days. Make most of it

maybe waiting is doing my head in to be honest. I am having loads of doubts, if we didn't have our donor lined up i might have turned my back on the whole thing. anyway i have booked to see the counsellor next week to go through my concerns, so hopefully that will help me get my head back on track.

Where are you in the waiting game?

ControlGeek Tue 19-Feb-13 14:28:25

Oh sweetie I had no idea you still had no date. I really hope counselling gets you back on track with it all because you've got a lovely donor just waiting to give you your BFP. (((hugs)))

ControlGeek Tue 19-Feb-13 14:43:08

I also forgot to mention, the nurse who booked me in yesterday, her daughter in law has just had her first IVF after 10 years of trying for a baby. Last week she got her BFP. I think that's a much more positive story than that other silly nurse who said nobody ever 'caught' on their first try.

Solars Tue 19-Feb-13 18:37:08

Oh Geek so very pleased to hear you're safe and sound at home! I hope they gave you lots of heavy duty painkillers to take home with you, I only took one of them the morning after but my cousin who recently had a lap was given none and she was in a lot of pain afterwards. Also I hope they gave you a few dressings too, I was obsessed about not get the wounds wet for fear of infection, but maybe that's just me. I started work the Monday after my lap which was on a Friday, but you have to remember I work from home so I didn't at least have to get out the house and commute anywhere. I was out driving by the Thursday I think but didn't really feel myself until at least a week and a half maybe 2 weeks. You do need to rest though. Get another 'Soft kitty' in tonight too!

Sweetie lovely, I'm with you on this waiting malarkey it's such a head f**k (excuse my French, and I'm not normally a swearer either) I too have been considering counselling. Did you get your gp to refer you to one or is it privately? DH keeps telling me not to worry but I have to admit I'm feeling down about a lot of it, found out today my last blood count showed an fsh level of 12 and weekends with preg SIL don't help especially when everyone was talking about names. I went for a long walk today though and that helped to clear my head. Hugs to you though, it is all so tough and I'm sure the counselling will help and put things in perspective x

Solars Tue 19-Feb-13 18:41:00

Oh I forget to mention the cousin above who had a lap was the one who recently got a BFP on her first ivf round, unfortunately she had an ectopic pregnancy so had one of her tubes removed last week. Today she just told me that apparently she's got another ectopic pregnancy in her other tube as they put 2 embryos back in, she's having another lap performed tomorrow to remove that. Poor girl.

SweetieTime Tue 19-Feb-13 18:50:41

Solars the poor woman, how unlucky. I thought chances of ectopic were greatly reduced because of where they place the embies.

The counsellor is available through the private treatment, we have to both go for initial counselling to make sure we are ok with tge donor situation. I think this is a legal requirement but we also can have up to 5 counselling session should we need them. You should really look into what is available for you either via your new clinic or gp. I am sorry to hear about the elevated fsh levels. Did you have this tested before? You got a few eggs on you last cycle didnt you? Also have you had you amh done?

Solars Tue 19-Feb-13 18:56:48

Sweetie I've had a couple of fsh tests before which were 8.6 and 7.2 on the cycle I did my ivf. I know they can vary but I can't help but feel my age is catching up on me. I may speak to my gp about counselling when I see her about my blood results.

Solars Tue 19-Feb-13 18:57:31

I've not had amh done yet was going to wait until we get to the next clinic.

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 19-Feb-13 20:11:43

Oh Sweetie it's so tough. Pleased you are going to see a counsellor. DH and I will have some when we start our IVF. Our clinic provides it throughout the whole process. I know what you mean about over thinking and questioning everything. It's human nature, and the more time you have to think, the worse it is.

Solars your poor cousin. That's so sad. As far as I'm aware, IVF significantly increases the chance of an ectopic, though I thought it would be the opposite hmm

Is it possible for FSH levels to vary cycle to cycle? Like maybe if you have an annovulatory cycle? I'm sure it's nothing to worry about though. I too went for a lovely long walk today. Was lovely to feel the sun!

Soph80 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:14:29

Geek, really glad you're ok. When can you start ttc again? x

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 20-Feb-13 10:31:54

Morning all. How are we all doing?any news Keep?

The new NICE guidelines for IVF are out today. Worth a look!

keepitgoing Wed 20-Feb-13 10:40:41

Hi all, story, am on phone today, so won't be wordy.

sweetie I can't believe you don't have a date, thought you were just lining up cycles with the donor. Hopefully they'll let you know and then you'll just start quick smart.

New Nice guidelines are great, but pcts mostly ignore the current ones, so I wouldn't expect much change...

No news here. Mil and bil here, so am doing my tourguide act, which stops too much craziness... Am sure I'm not preg, so its just hoping af stays away long enough.

I love geek's surgical removal of af! Wonder if it'll muck up your cycles the old hag, we tried to tell her but she didn't get the message

keepitgoing Wed 20-Feb-13 10:45:33

solars chin up, you had a good last ivf cycle, for a failed one iyswim,and I think if you get eggs then your chances aren't affected by fsh or amh. Ie if you've beaten the numbers to get eggs then they're beaten. It's the waiting that's the awful thing, as someone said. But not ling till the .7th.

I'm terrified I'll get no eggs, no embies etc. I am going to have to focus on one step at a time it I will not cope.

BTW come join us on the egg buddies thread. V nice people and several bfps already.

Solars Wed 20-Feb-13 15:58:48

Maybe my FSH values have varied and I am hoping they will go back down to below 10. The reason I'm quite concerned is that from what I've read ARGC don't like you to cycle if your FSH is above 10. Lots of brooking is needed I think.

I've been reading a lot of the stuff about NICE guidelines too, but Keeps right PCTs will probably ignore them. It is interesting they say that you only have to have been trying for 2 years rather than 3 before being referred for IVF now.

Thanks Keep you will of course get eggs and embies and remember only the one is needed for your bfp, don't you fret, as you say one step at a time. I will join that thread once I start my ivf round.

Geek how are feeling today? any shoulder tip pain? hope you're doing ok and recovering x

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 20-Feb-13 16:15:32

I am brooking for you with all my might Solars. It's not long till our appointments now smile

I know what you and Keep mean about PCTs. I thank my lucky stars that ours is very good with regards to IVF and tests.

I follow Dr Christian on twitter (I may have a slight crush) and he was talking about the guidelines. He then went on to say that he didn't feel that it was a human right to be able to have children. And it started a big debate off. It made me think and feel quite sad. I totally agree it shouldn't be a right. But I think we deserve it. As brookers. Fact. I also think a lot of people are under the impression that it's a decision that we have just made. Not the fact that it's been years coming, then you have to jump through hoops to get appointments. And fill out welfare forms etc etc. I'll be quiet now grin

<climbs down off soap box and steadies nerves with a large Shiraz>

SweetieTime Wed 20-Feb-13 16:25:07

Solars my fsh levels have also varied too which makes me wonder why so much emphasis is put on these things. Brooking that your levels drop to where they need to be.

I agree that unfortunately the NICE guidelines are just that, guidelines, and most pcts wont take much notice. It is such a postcode lottery and I cannot see that changing in these cash strapped times. sad

Geek any news? how you feeling today?

Keep you seem to have a steady stream of visitors to prevent mentalling. how many days until af not due?

We have never been given dates on our treatment path. only instructions what to do and why. so I am on the hrt to regulate my cycle to make it easier to align with the donor. but don't have any information when this actually will be. as I am on my last pack of hrt I thought it would be very soon but having spoken to them dont think so. I think they will just give me more packs of hrt pills for as long as needed. so I suppose that is my Christmas baby idea gone in a puff of smoke.

SweetieTime Wed 20-Feb-13 16:35:28

Maybe cross post. I agree my pct and gp has been very good super amazing in fact, I could gush for hours on the subject as I proper luffs them but I sort of agree with Dr Christian too. Trouble is we all live longer so think time is on our side and we can have it all when we just cannot. I really thought that myself but not that I can change circumstances as I only met dh when I was 36 and we got cracking with ttc almost straight away. We also have to accept medical science has come along way but again can only go so far. We have to be realistic that miracles cannot be performed. Anyway I will get off the soapbox before I fall off.

btw isnt Dr Christian batting for the other side? Your crush may never come to anything just like mine with Gok

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 20-Feb-13 17:01:37

He is totally batting for the other side. I also love Gok. what a waste

ControlGeek Wed 20-Feb-13 19:22:24

Hello ladies, just a quick one while my minders are both out of the room grin

sweetie I really hope you hear about a date soon, that is so frustrating. Good luck with the counselling, sometimes just saying things out loud to someone not involved in the situation can be a huge help. How is the HRT treatment going? Hope you're not getting too many side effects from it.

keep I can't believe how many visitors you have had! You've had more than I've had in the last 18 months grin

solars I agree with the other ladies, those levels can fluctuate so much they can't possibly go by just one reading. Brooking like mad that they do another test and it's back to what it was for you. You've had good results with your eggs up til now, there's no reason why things would be different in just a couple of months.

maybe I'd be really annoyed if someone I followed made a statement like that. I can well imagine how it would spark off a bit of a debate. YY to it not being a quick decision, either. It's actually quite heartwrenching.

All good here, but I've slept most of the last two days away. Still taking all the painkillers I can as one of the wound sites is still very sore. I've not had any shoulder tip pain, but the shoulder muscles between my neck and my collar bones have been aching with the gas and bloating. solars I really take my hat off to you only taking painkillers for one day! They have given me paracetamol (double strength) and codeine separately and I just take them when I need.

I've taken one of my dressings off but not yet brave to remove the others yet. They said I can take them off after two or three days. My stitches are dissolvable so should come out of their own accord by the time I go back to work.

Right, company is back so best scoot!

BeedlesPineNeedles Thu 21-Feb-13 07:22:31

sweetie I'm sorry you're still waiting for a date - it all seemed to start so well when they found your donor so quickly.

solars your poor cousin, to have an egg that implants in the wrong place must be heartbreaking.

geek it sounds like you're being looked after well, I hope the pain reduces soon - so you can test your lovely clean and shiny womb. grin

Still stupidly busy at work but I did have time for dinner with a few of my friends last night which was lovely. other than that we're still waiting for our appointment. Its quite inetresting to me that you all know so much about your FSH levels. I know nothing about me, other than my "CD21" progetserone levels were fine, and all we know about MrB is his levels are low (probably more very low than quite low -but really I have no idea) Oh well its not like i could do anything even if i did know.

ScarlettInSpace Thu 21-Feb-13 09:34:14

Morning brookers, sorry I’ve been crap lately but we have had now wifi for weeks [tip/ don’t switch to EE!] but I'm on countdown now, I’m on Day 7 today of my detox & so far I’ve lost 5lbs and 1cm all over which on the week before AF is a minor miracle as I can put on half a stone this week usually grin

sweetie sorry you're down, this whole thing feels like lots of waiting then a flurry of activity without warning! Hang on in there love

geek hope you're feeling better today

solars my FSH is 12, and that was a year ago, now 12 months on and at only 36 I'm fast feeling like my boat has sailed because my body has let me downsad

keep no eggs is my biggest fear too, they only got 1 last time, maybe there isn't any left sad

waves to maybe & beedle gosh is this all that's left here? <clanks around empty thread>

I've had a great chat with my boss last week, I’ve been working on clearing down my to-do list so I can work from home the 2 weeks when I'll be in and out of hospital for scans, and for EC & ET. Until last nigth I felt very in control and planned and prep'd and ready...

My biggest concern was that this would be a longer cycle than normal and I wouldn't come on on Monday thus throwing out all my carefully laid plans - needn't have bothered, my body has thrown me another curve ball ffs I thought we were supposed to be on the same side and I started spotting last night, 2 days earlier than expected so it looks like CD1 will be Friday/Saturday rather than Monday which is actually worse timing wise than being late

I am going to get my drugs today and nip in to see the nurses and ask if they are going to be able to do CD1/CD2 scan on saturday morning first thing as we are out for the day with SK's, and I really wanted Sunday to be a nice day with me & OH before the madness starts again next week but as it looks like I’m going to have to start jabbing on Sunday then that’s out of the window, & for some reason this has really pissed me off, and upset me, my eyes keep filling up ffs hmm.

ScarlettInSpace Thu 21-Feb-13 09:35:21

*no wifi

BeedlesPineNeedles Thu 21-Feb-13 11:12:01

scarlett sorry you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything. Would you be able to do the jabbing on Sunday evening so that you don't feel like it will ruin the whole day? Nothing is ever easy is it ((hugs))

Solars Thu 21-Feb-13 12:00:12

Hello Scarlett lovely, what is it with our bodies, they just never do what we want them too! Have you had your FSH tested recently? Just think of the bigger picture and hopefully that will help starting up again. Have they changed your doses for this time round? That should hopefully make a difference. I am brooking like anything for you! Just think this time in 4-6 weeks time you'll be getting that bfp of yours! Well done on the weight loss too x

Beedle how long have you been waiting now? Any chance you can ring someone to find out what's going on?

<sniggers at Maybe's crush on Dr Christian> he's a bit too muscly for me. Yes not long now for our appointments, 2 weeks for me and only a week on Monday for you!

Sweetie brooking you get to hear from the clinic soon about when you can start. Hope you're not suffering on the HRT. By the way one of my cousins knows Gok.

Keep hope you're doing ok, everything crossed for Saturday, is that when you're testing?

Geek hope the recovery is still going well, you lucky thing being looked after so well x

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