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Brooking NO ARGUMENT that those BFPs are on the way

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SweetieTime Sun 27-Jan-13 09:23:02

Not started a new Fred before but hope it is successful for us as we are going to get our BFPs, either by traditional rat smacking activities or using the power of medical science.

Ladies I do declare WE WILL GET THERE - FACT !!!

Soph80 Sun 10-Feb-13 15:36:49

Keepingitgoing - can I ask, are you paying for IVF then? x

keepitgoing Mon 11-Feb-13 02:34:47

soph we have insurance which is covering all iuis, diagnostics etc. But they have a limit of £2800 per cycle, so I think we'll end up paying about £2000 for the ivf. We're back to the uk in the summer, but NHS will make us wait till three years for if, we are at 20 months.

Yes, solars, we decided on short protocol as didn't get any v good reasons for long. So start injecting FSH on cd2 or 3. The blood tests for dh - HIV, hep b/c, full blood count, abo grouping. As he's a Dr he's had all these, though not all in the last year. They wouldn't accept his word on abo... And why do they want FBC. Anyway, we just paid up!

keepitgoing Mon 11-Feb-13 02:41:24

soph I know what you mean, but I think you need to see AC as a long game. Clomid has not been shown to do much for women that ovulate, so though it may increase your chances it's not a magic answer. Also, I produced two follies on 50mg, I would hope you will too, else isn't there no point? Have you had your lining checked/? Is it OK?

I am totally not expecting iui to work, just thought it's worth a shot before ivf. There is only a 10-15% chance, which is much less than a 'normal' person in a normal cycle... Even ivf is 35%, so more likely to fail than succeed. For my sanity I'm telling myself 'we'll likely have succeeded after three'.

But we'll see how that goes in practice. Anyway, that's just me. Hang in there with us x

Solars Mon 11-Feb-13 16:35:55

Hello, really hope everyone is doing good out there, it really has been quiet on these boards lately.

Did everyone else wake up to snow again this morning? We had about 3/4 inches.

As its CD2 for me I had a whole load of bloods taken today for all the tests the new clinic want. They took 4 vials today!! The only one left now is amh but I'm trying to get my gp to give me a private blood form for that, so then at least I've got everything before my appointment.

Maybe hope you're ok, less than a month for your appointment now!

Keep hope you're doing ok, Life of Pi was really good by the way.

Geek are you still feeling excited about your op? Hope dink boss isn't piling more work on you.

Waves to Beedle, Cups, Soph, Sparkes, Boo, Face, Cru, Sweetie and anyone I may have forgotten

<shakes the poor forgotten Pom poms left behind the settee and leaves behind chocolate cornflakes>

SweetieTime Mon 11-Feb-13 18:46:36

<waves to brookers>

sorry i haven't been around just too busy in rl. still brooking big stylie. just popped on preggo brookers thread to mark my place ready for triple sneeze births. can not wait - so exciting.

Hopefully things will quieten down and I can resume normal brooking including posting & everything grin grin grin

bye for now lovelies, thinking of you all

keepitgoing Tue 12-Feb-13 03:41:35

Hi solars, glad you've got most of your bloods done. Hoping that therefore you can proceed straight off from your appointment. Do you have a date? Re amh, had you not had that done for your previous cycle? Could you try and get your GP to order it on the NHS, as I think it's fairly expensive, and every little helps!

cup hope your break was good, and thinking of you for the funeral x

sweetie!! You'll be starting soon!! Can't wait!!

geek hope work is not too manic, and that at least you won't have to work this weekend...

ControlGeek Tue 12-Feb-13 11:52:35

Just popping by briefly - trying to cram all my work in before the end of Thursday and dink boss keeps interrupting me.

keep the hgw has kicked in blush Unfortunately MrG can't enjoy it because his toothache is so bad. He has a dentist appointment this evening, then I think tomorrow night might be a bit erm busy grin

Does anyone else get the munchies post-o? I've been eating like a horse and am dead on my feet for the past few days.

Solars Tue 12-Feb-13 11:52:56

Hi Keep looks like it's just you and me trying to keep the thread alive. No the NHS didn't need my amh for my last cycle. I spoke to my gp surgery and they said I can get a blood from to get it done privately from them, they don't allow it on the NHS. Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow. I'm not sure how soon we'll start after our initial consultation, from what i've read they may require some further monitoring and tests before starting so still could be way off before I start my next round. It is all quite frustrating and it's getting me a bit down but I'm trying to stay positive and looking at the bigger picture and the end goal, what's a few extra month or 2, or 3, or 4.......? [resists the urge to tear hair out]

Solars Tue 12-Feb-13 11:54:05

hi Geek sorry x-post...

ControlGeek Tue 12-Feb-13 13:08:12

<sneaks a lunch break when nobody's looking>

awww solars you'll get there my lovely, honestly you will. It's just so frustrating not knowing when it will happen. I swear, if we could have a crystal ball and know something along the lines of 'yes, it'll happen but it won't be for another x months' things would be so much easier to cope with.

I think we need a brooking list again. Was it keep or maybe had a good one going? I have completely lost track of who starts what treatment when. Who is the next IVF brooker? All I can remember is that keep is post-IUI and sweetie is starting soon confused

cru how are you feeling these days my lovely? Is it starting to feel real yet?

cartoon are you a proper grad now???

sparks how is your new job going?

cup thinking of you, hope Prague went as well as it could under the circumstances.

sorry not to namecheck more, for some reason I feel dead on my feet today and my brain just won't function. <waves to all and leaves selection of starbucks and flapjacks>

cartoontrickster Tue 12-Feb-13 13:38:40

I'm still here! grin Im half and half. I've got a scan 2mora afternoon so ill be sure to let u all know how I get on.
I too find it hard to keep track of who's doing what. plus I have no knowledge on IVF iui etc etc so most of it goes over my head. but I'm always checking in and thinking of u all even if I'm not posting. grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 12-Feb-13 14:02:02

Hello all, sorry for the absence! Was a manic weekend. The party went off with a bang and MrMaybe was very, very surprised!!

Good luck tomorrow Face

How are you feeling about the op Geek?

Keep it's great that things move so quickly out there! How are you doing after your mini-meltdown?

Solars my clinic are apparently doing an AMH as standard when MrM sees the urologist in a few weeks. I can't believe the variations in what's available on the NHS.

Also, if anyone is interested, the HFEA have released their latest stats for IVF. Makes for an interesting read.

keepitgoing Tue 12-Feb-13 15:59:56

Yes, I feel us brookers flagging we've been here forever

maybe so pleased the party went well. I love surprises!!

face good luck tomorrow. How many weeks are you now? 9? Are you relaxing at all yet?

solars sorry its taking so long, but good they are thorough. Seems like at my place as long as you pay you can start asap... I suppose yore right about an extra couple of months. But the waiting. God, the waiting.

geek!!!! The HGW is working, eh, eh... Have fun tomorrow...

Thanks maybe I seem to have calmed down after a chat with dh. We will do one ivf cycle then have a reevaluate. I think it'll be ok once we get going and there's no turning back.

face lucky you not to know about iui/ivf... ;) tune in for boring updates... Did I tell you ladies dh has had sheikh porn one time at the masterbatorium, and once Teenage Anal Princesses... Second time I sent him in with a few piccies and a dirty email blush This all sure does have its moments!

A list is good:
keep, on tww of iui mark 3 (no 1 pulled due to lining). On HRT... Will start short protocol ivf if af shows on or after 24/02 - if she arrives early I don't know what the plan is...

ScarlettInSpace Tue 12-Feb-13 16:18:46

Hiya peeps,

just checkin in...

Well I'm on my last 2WW before we start next round of IVF a week on Monday, I've persevered with temping this month and it backed up what I thought, FF has put ov at day 12 [which was Friday] as I expected [smugsmiley] so I am 4dpo today and there is no chance we mistimed any action iykwim as we went away for the weekend so there was a lot of nookie from Thursday onwards grin.

<leaves hot chocolate & biscuits on the side, to go with this second batch of snow that doesn't seem to be shifting>

ScarlettInSpace Tue 12-Feb-13 16:20:45

Oh dear.

Why have I found THIS website...

ControlGeek Tue 12-Feb-13 17:55:20

scarlett that is so not a good website - I've had to ban myself from going there, I was a regular from 2DPO!!!

maybe that report makes very interesting reading indeed - thanks for mentioning it.

Right, so the list so far:

Keep on tww of iui mark 3 (no 1 pulled due to lining). On HRT... Will start short protocol ivf if af shows on or after 24/02 - if she arrives early I don't know what the plan is...
scarlett last 2WW before we start next round of IVF a week on Monday (25/02/13)
maybe AMH test and MrM urology appointment coming up
geek D&C and adhesiolysis and endometrioma removal on Monday 18/02/13, IVF to follow as soon as the consultant says I am fit enough.

cartoontrickster Tue 12-Feb-13 21:23:55

wonderful a list!
teenage anal princesses,*keep*? hmm well what ever floats ur boat I guess.
by lmp I'm 9wks today (good guess u really are good at remembering stuff) but from the measurements taken at last scan I'm 8+5 today. not really sure which to go with guess ill see what I measure tomorrow!
did everyone have pancakes?

NewYearNewBoo Tue 12-Feb-13 22:21:44

Good luck tomorrow Tricks what time is your appointment?

I made pancakes for the boys but after this mornings revelations I didn't partake sad they had chocolate on theirs.

Hiya everyone else, hope you are all well smile

cartoontrickster Tue 12-Feb-13 23:13:05

boo its not till 2.45pm going to be a long morning!
I had lots of pancakes some just with lemon juice and sugar then banana ones with toffee sauce and squirty cream.

keepitgoing Wed 13-Feb-13 03:00:12


face he turned them off quick smart apparently but did wonder how the staff judge which delightful porn film you'd want... smile

Scarlett, my ivf buddy, I am brooking that at least one of us will get our ironic bfp this month. Symptom spotting? I am so tired of it all I can't be doing with that, plus those women are all mad. Bet most of them had similar symptoms each month. Glad you had a good dirty weekend!

Withalittlesparkle Wed 13-Feb-13 08:08:42

Morning Brookers

Have got in to work early enough to send you guys a bumper post, and be able to name check and all sorts!! granted only name check the first page!!!

Solars Sorry AF got you!! When does your next AC cycle start? Sorry have lost track a little. How did you find Life of Pi? I thought it was such a beautiful film, but they added parts that I didnt like and left out stuff that I thought was really important!!

Soph Dont lose faith, my sisters friend had 5 cycles of clomid, finally conceiving on the 5th!!!

Geek Yup to post-O munchies!! but then to be fair I got munchies around when O was due because all that bonking is just down right exhausting!!! New job is ok, not the best career move in the world, but obviously given the situation I had to move posts sharpish to ensure I got my continous benefits!!! Its ok though, like any job it has its ups and downs, and with a decent enough maternity package to look forward to I wont complain!!!

Scarlett I have my fingers crossed for a nice ironic BFP!!

Keep You are banned from the forum until you have consummed your body weight in pancakes!! I have three then got bored of making them, mrsparks has been amazing doing all the cooking and what not BUT he insists someone else makes pancakes, same story every year!! He ended up with 4! Told him if he wanted any more he'd have to make more mixture, so he just sulked instead!!! shudder at the thought of 'those' sorts of DVDs, but nice to see you have employed other tactics lol

Face I wouldnt worry too much about dates just yet, baby has a lot of growing to do, and the NHS wont think too much about dates until your 12 week scan! my dates from LMP were 22/06 I had a privates scan before my 12 weeks, which put my due date back by 5 days (27/06) then my 12 week NHS scan bought me forward by 6 (21/06)

<leaves left over pancakes all brookers and sugar free treats for Boo>

Lent day 1 = so far so good, but then it is only just gone 8!!!

Solars Wed 13-Feb-13 08:35:24

I read this yesterday and just had to share with you as I couldn't believe this woman had such a bad diet and ok 1 or more of her children were born without enamel but she had 8 children!! Granted she's passed away now but she still had 8 children!!

Will be back later to post properly, waves to Sparkes, Boo & Face

keepitgoing Wed 13-Feb-13 10:39:51

Urgh, solars I hate those things. It's so unfair, also on the kids. '1 or more' had no enamel, wtf didn't anyone do anything.

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 13-Feb-13 10:51:29

Oh Solars that's horriffic!! I also love how they are blaming it on Coca Cola themselves, not the fact that she was the one drinking it!

Sparks what have you given up for lent?

Geek good work on the list. We need some new blood don't we.

Scarlett that website is hilarious.

It's funny, now I know I can't possibly be preggers, I can look at post-ov symptoms in a new light. without fail, my boobs are huge, they hurt like buggery, I feel sick and my gums bleed. God knows what I'm going to be like when I'm pumped full of progesterone following ICSI!

GreenOlives Wed 13-Feb-13 12:19:45

Hello ladies! <shamelessly place marking!> grin

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