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18 months TTC- Now strange bleeding, any help or advice Very Very Welcome

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Puppylove123 Sun 27-Jan-13 01:52:20

Hi all, I'm new, although I have sat back and viewed the board for some months & used it as a 'secret support'... But I'm joined up now because, well... This road is just so hard on your own, when all your friends are pregnant and nobody 'really' understands that bereft feeling we get every single month!

Our history: Hubby has a low (but not impossible) sperm count. I became unexpectedly pregnant 18 months ago & miscarried. We have been very actively trying since.

I really hope someone can give me some advice. I'm 33, have no children & Me & my partner are currently trying to conceive, I have been actively using a clear blue fertility monitor & charting basal temps. My cycle is a little irregular, usually between 29-32 days but never earlier.

My ovulation times have been quite regular too, usually in the region of CD 13-16. However this month I ovulated on CD 9, which I thought was strange but did all we needed to, all at the right times.

From 3dpo I have been having symptoms I've really never experienced before, just started with sudden hot flushes, cramps in lower legs, then thighs, extreme painful breasts (at the side near armpits), then nipples burning, quite extreme lower back pain, dull ache that comes & goes, a headache EVERY day & most importantly, urinating. I literally would usually urinate 4 times a day, however in the last 3 days I've counted 14 times in just one day? It's not a lot of urine just the need to go. Yesterday I had stringy creamy discharge (sorry tmi) & some niggling pain in pelvis, like pinching.

Today I have , for the first time since ovulation a sudden temp dip, & feel very tired. After going to the loo at 11 am today there was discharge but dirty blood streaked on the tissue. This has carried on through the day, it's not enough to wear a pad or a tampon, it's only there when I wipe? It doesn't smell like period blood, & it's dark brown to orangey? Slight back cramping but doesn't feel like period? I'm only day CD20 of my cycle so certainly am not due for another 9 days at least. Have done about 9 tests in last few days ( YEP... I too am a POAS addict smile but they have all been negative. I know it's very early, but I'm perplexed? Can anyone help?

Desperate, thanks!

Soph80 Sun 27-Jan-13 07:38:54

Hi Puppylove

I too am 33, TTC for 19 months. Are you on clomid? Only some of the symptoms (not all) are side effects of that. I guess it could be implantation bleeding, however, if you do get your AF, might be worth going to the doc. Really hope its implantation xxx

Puppylove123 Sun 27-Jan-13 11:28:14

Hi Soph,
Thanks for the reply, I'm not currently on clomid, We are in the process of waiting to see a fertility Dr, so currently medication free. However Husband has been on DHA herbal remedy for the last month in an attempt to assist his little swimmers. Today blood is a littlen pinker, but still only when I wipe, not really heavy. I'm keeping fingers crossed! smile Thanks & good luck to you xx

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 27-Jan-13 13:02:25

Hi Puppy. Could be a couple of things. Your body starts to play games with you after a while!
Could just be spotting. I started to get that later in my cycles with no rhyme or reason. Could be implantation bleeding - if it is, it's too early for a positive test. Step away from the pee sticks! Until AF is due.

Re the sperm count - just a word of encouragement. My DH had a very low count. He had a variety of tests including prolactin - have they checked his prolactin levels? - they found an imbalance in his hormones (caused by a growth in his pituitary gland). Once they treated if, everything came back in range and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant smile

Soph80 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:35:00

Havingalittlefaith - could that affect the sperm morphology?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 27-Jan-13 13:42:30

His morphology wasn't too bad, it was the motility that was really affected. No rapids at all. About 10% sluggish. Essentially they were all going in circles! confused He has to take medication now and his blood tests and SA were normal within 3 months.

Symptoms included lowered libido (had gradually got worse over time), anxiety, depression, general lethargy. He's like a different bloke now.

Puppylove123 Sun 27-Jan-13 21:19:51

HavingAlittlefaithbaby- They have only just taken first round of bloods from DH, after assessing his sperm count they are now trying to see why it's so low. However, they haven't asked him at all about his general well being & have to be honest... The symptoms you mentioned above that we're presenting in your DH are exactly spot on in what my DH is presenting with, but he feels has nothing to do with the sperm count. This is really reassuring! I think my 'Spotting' has now turned to AF as is heavier so pretty certain I'm out this month, but hearing your news gives me great faith! So thank you & huge congratulations! smile xxx

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 27-Jan-13 21:36:57

Ah you're welcome! smile DH was being treated for depression/anxiety without a clear cause when this disgnosis finally came through. It's worth making sure they've checked his prolactin levels given his symptoms. We were a bit shocked when it all came to light (I was convinced I had PCOS and that was the problem!) but our consultant said its a good diagnosis because its reversible. We were told even if they couldn't improve the sperm count we'd be candidates for IVF because they could 'spin' the sperm to concentrate it and get the good ones out! I know another couple who TTC'd for 4 years (with him having a low sperm count) and had twins too smile so stay hopeful!

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