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Another question ....Forgive me if it's a dumb one.

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dondon33 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:40:37

* of course all of the above should say Mg not Ml hmm

dondon33 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:35:01

Thanks Andcake it could have been that my translation of his word used was the wrong way and Dp is not really clued up enough yet to know exactly what he meant. Damn you foreign language
It's the temping that's putting me off, I know I'll probably forget before I jump up on a morning hmm
I'm going to look and see what ov monitors/predictors are available here.
Wow! the B6 worked well wink
How many ml daily did you take? Was it a very high dose?
I ask because I've been taking some pre-pregnancy multi vits and it contains 1.4ml in each tablet (from what I've just quickly googled recommended dose is 1.3 for a woman aged 19-50) plus I'll be getting more from food, I eat 1-2 banana's every day so get lots from those too.

Andcake Sun 27-Jan-13 10:47:27

Although it would be weird for the doctor to describe it as something yellow corpus luteum actually means 'yellow body' in Latin!
Also drs do fsh/ lh on day 3 to test ovarian reserve. But if they weren't done on a specific day (and havent asked you to go back) it's safe to assume that they did it for pcos.
I was never one for charting (taking temp every morning was only going to make me more obsessive) I just bought the v cheap ov sticks from amazon. Now you know what date you prob ov from the dr see when your next period arrives as you may have a lutuel phase defect. I worked this out after a similar scan - started taking b6 to help correct and was pregnant 6 weeks later after 3 years of trying and two mc.

dondon33 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:36:20

Thanks Euro smile
I don't think there's even been a mention of PCOS, I've read that those tests can check your reserves of eggs too (obviously would need to be done at the right time I imagine hmm)
As I know I'm ovulating I'm not sure whether to bother with charting or just try sending the swimmers in from say day CD10 and continue every other day until CD20, for a few cycles and see what happens.
It kind of messes up Dp's plans of attempting natural sex selection (a la Dr Shettles) but my way sounds less stressful grin
The picture on the scan was as clear as mud to me as are the print outs I have in front of me - I can't see what he seen, not for the life of me.

EuroShagmore Sat 26-Jan-13 20:08:27

The LH/FSH tests are mainly done to look for PCOS. The main problem with PCOS is rare/no ovulation. So if you are ovulating I personally don't think there is a huge value in it, although here the first line fertility investigations are usually day 2-5 LH/FSH and day 21 progesterone regardless.

On scans to me the corpus luteum looks like a light grey oval and I could make out the crater shape from the different shades of grey, whereas the follicles are black ovals. I have seen it quite clearly a couple of times when sonographers have mentioned it. I find looking at my insides fascinating. smile

dondon33 Sat 26-Jan-13 18:44:10

Thanks for the reply Euro
He seen that and tried to explain/show me but it's not for normal untrained eyes to make out. My ovary that released the egg was overall larger than than the other by a few mm.

I knew the tests weren't done at the right time hmm I was hoping that there was some point to them like maybe to compare them all together.

It is entirely possible, due to the fact I've not been diagnosed with having any problem TTC other than a little irregularity, that all of the blood tests were done just as a baseline iykwim? to see if they actually are present to whatever degree and later (if I do have problems TTC then they'll test me properly) ? confused ?
The fact I am ovulating and my endometrium is a good thickness, makes me happier that it appears my hormones are working as they should. I need to stop stressing unnecessarily.
Thanks again

EuroShagmore Sat 26-Jan-13 17:40:14

Something yellow? <Baffled> The sign that you have ovulated is usually the corpus luteum - this is what is left of the follicle after the egg has popped out of it. It looks a bit like a little crater.

The LH/FSH test is usually done on Days 2-5. I know LH has a rise just before ov, so I am not sure that it will give them the same info as it would early in the cycle. The prog one is ideally done 7 days after ov to pick up the peak progesterone level.

dondon33 Sat 26-Jan-13 17:31:08

As I mentioned on another thread I had a Gynae appt yesterday and was scanned both internally and externally.
He said that I'd recently ovulated from my right ovary and could see something yellow?? Could he have been talking about my actual egg??
My problem is my P's aren't exactly regular (every 25-27 sometimes 28 days) so I'm not sure when I'm actually ovulating - I previously thought to calculate a 28 day cycle, assume ov on day 14 then reduce for the length of my own cycle but quickly learnt its not that easy, but getting back to my original question - yesterday was my CD19 so if the Dr could see ov had happened, would it have occurred in the last few hours/days? thus showing I ov late in my cycle ? or is the only way to know for sure to start charting?

Also, you know how you have the hormone tests done and they should be done on specific days of your cycle - the progesterone one should be fine (I hope) but they also done my FSH and LH yesterday too - can they still find what they're looking for or was it pointless and I need them redone?

I'm so confused- I read what the UK says about it all but I live in a different country (who actually advise pretty much the same) confused

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