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BFP in 2013

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RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 10:02:18

Hello - starting a new one as the old one filled up.....

Didn't want to start another...but I really hope this is the last thread for all of us.

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 10:02:56

<patiently waits for familiar faces to pop in>

Thingymajigs Sat 26-Jan-13 10:18:04

Hi red. I hope so too. BFP's for everyone. smile

LeenHS Sat 26-Jan-13 10:25:05

Hello - I would like to join. TTC nine months. Hoping 2013 will be the year. Feeling a bit isolated in my frustration as it seems to happen so quickly for my friends, which is tricky. AF due Monday. Impatient. Have got PMS symptons so not that hopeful. But we really gave it everything we've got this month so think it might be extra disappointing. Good luck to everyone else for 2013!! The sun is out, maybe it's a sign.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 26-Jan-13 12:37:51

Good work red fx this is the last thread for all of us.

leen hope af stays away. I am only on cd 8 so need to start dtd soon. I have been rather lazy re dtd so I need to up my game. I was worried about pressuring dh too much but I think I might have gone overboard. He wants more sex grin

Thingymajigs Sat 26-Jan-13 12:46:10

Good luck leen really hope this is your month.
We need to get started too when. DP started off too enthusiastically a few days ago and now he's got a bit bored. I'll have to show some initiative but I get embarrassed. I don't know why I think I'd ever be rejected by my own partner, on a weekend during ovulation but the worry is always there.
How are you doing red? Are you 10dpo?
How did your scan go little?

twinklestar2 Sat 26-Jan-13 12:50:16

Oh there we all are! I can tell how fed up you are red from the thread title and your post sad

Welcome leen smile

I haven't been myself the last few days, just feeling downright miserable about it all. Feel I have nothing positive to think about. What to do?!

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 13:09:42

G'day. Happy Australia Day (excuse = DH is from there!).

Trying to be upbeat...

What is it in Pregnacare that turns your wee a fluorescent colour?

Like the title red - very to the point!

Thingymajigs Sat 26-Jan-13 13:13:12

Excess B vitamins cause the fluorescent yellow colour. At least we know there's actually vitamins in them.
I wish I could help twinkle. I try to focus on things that I am in control of like looking forward to my holiday and time off with DP.

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 13:13:16

PS Hi all. Chin up winkle that's an order. Welcome leen - you're on the right thread. We're on 9th month too.

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 13:14:22

So glow-in-the-dark wee isn't a sign that you've gone OTT?

weechops Sat 26-Jan-13 13:18:34

Ah there you are smile ok this has got to be the last ttc thread we're all on! 2013 is our year.

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 13:21:13

Fed up would be an understatement winkle

yes I am 10dpo thingy - had an absolutely awful 2ww.

1-6dpo I had no symptoms.
7dpo - 9dpo I had very strong and severe period cramps and uterus pinching and felt exactly like July when I had the cp. I even had lower backache, sore boobs, bleeding gums and tiredness. Then fertility friend said I might have a triphasic chart. I got so excited thinking this might be it.

10dpo tested with fmu - why did I expect it to be anything else but a bfn sad

My boobs are not sore at all, don't feel anything now, and cm has dried up completely. Just wish to feel how I did on 7-9dpo - the uterus tugging felt so real.

DH and I are just totally down in the dumps and I am def taking a break from ttc next month. Oh and my temps have plummeted so guess the witch is on her way.

Ffs! I'd take torture in Guantanamo bay over this hell!

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 13:23:54

Hi leen and sorry about starting this one on such a downer.

winkle I know how you feel.

twinklestar2 Sat 26-Jan-13 13:31:54

Thx thingy and res. problem is I have done all the things I want to do with oh as a couple - a family is the only thing I want now. I've been on umpteen holidays, had loads of boozy nights and lie ins. I'm ready to be a mum but I don't have the child to go with it. It's heart breaking. I started a project taking a photo a week to chart my 2013 and I got sad earlier thinking its highly likely the collection won't have any pics of my baby in it.


Red so sorry but hoping its too early to test.

Keeping my fingers crossed for us all for 2013.

Red I hear you about Guantanomo! <packs bag for next flight>

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 14:07:57

One of my only other female friend has just rang me to tell me she's 12 weeks pregnant. Another accidental pregnancy.

I tried so hard to be happy for her but I am just so angry and pissed off as she was moaning abt having to give up her career and not being ready for it. She knows we are trying and not once did she ask if I was okay.

I am heading into to bed to carry on sobbing.

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 14:20:37

red sorry hmm. I know it's hard but until you've got to that "we're trying but nothing's happening" stage as personified (not the right word but YKWIM) by this thread, I genuinely think you have no idea of the turmoil that those in that stage go through each time there's a(nother) announcement. Still, you never need to tell others it was an accident and TBH I'm never sure I believe in "accidents" after the age of 21. Contraception isn't rocket science.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 26-Jan-13 16:02:48

Sorry red I think resipsa is right until you've had issues ttc you truly don't understand the hell that it can be.
I think she's right about accidents, people who I know who have become accidentally pregnant either forgot contraception and didn't bother with the morning after pill. Were using the rhythm method idiots or were on the pill / mini pill and forgot to take it right.

I'm pretty sure in all of those cases the women were lax with contraception on purpose and secretly hoped to get pregnant.

As you can tell I have my judgey pants on today.

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 16:33:18

I know res but I can't help but feel why her and why not me.

Initially She told me she wanted to see if she would get pregnant but just didn't think it would happen with her timing it a week before ovulation. Now she's telling everyone it's an accident. We all know she had been watching her ovulation and the ridiculous part is she even paid to get blood tests done to check her hormone and thyroid levels to make sure she was fertile. Now she's complaining about having to give up work soon and she hadn't planned for it and it just makes me so sad and angry.

I haven't reached that stage yet but it's been 9 months with 6 pregnancy announcements and I just want to scream from the frustration of it all. Just having a bad day. Rant over.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 26-Jan-13 17:35:42

Oh I know you ladies probably don't want to hear this but my cousin is in labour. she's one of us, 18 months ttc, high levels of prolactin, in the middle of fertility investigations when she got her bfp

Haven't had an update but apparently she isn't progressing well sad. But by the end of tonight they will have got the baby out somehow and she will finally have her baby. grin

LeenHS Sat 26-Jan-13 20:03:55

Red I so know the feeling. One of my best friends keeps telling me to be patient and 'not stress' but she got pregnant straight away and doesn't empathise at all. She even got cross with me for not asking about her baby enough. It's very tough. And having to put a fake smile on every time someone announces their pregnant actually hurts. When, it's nice to hear of people who ttc for ages having a baby. I hope the baby arrives safe and sound.

kittykatsforever Sat 26-Jan-13 20:15:13

Sorry red. What a shitty day sad I'm hoping you are too early aswell as if you have a 21/2 week wait anyway 10dpo is really early. Your friend was really tactless to you though especially when she knows your trying!
When how exciting a new baby, and a long waited for one,

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 21:25:40

red I know she's your friend but that's definitely attention-seeking behaviour, however you look at it. Don't understand that after age 10(ish)!

But know how you feel, still. I have a list on my phone - weird saddo admission - of all the births due in next 3 months + next 6 months then a list of all the ones who I reckon will declare soon. I'm the only one on my third list hmm.

resipsa Sat 26-Jan-13 21:26:53

when lovely, lovely for your cousin!

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jan-13 21:42:36

leen your friend sounds very similar to mine.
Res - spot on abt the attention seeking behaviour.
It might sound crazzzie but I am still hoping for a bfp this month.

Although getting very merry tonight with family - on my fourth glass of wine

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