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Elderberry Pavlovas And The Eternal Sausage of Wang (Part 4): a frightfully good thread for the over-30s TTC their first baby.

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viviennewestwould Fri 25-Jan-13 18:58:59

Over here, sausage-wangers!

Bunnygirlie Sun 24-Feb-13 09:05:16

Oooooh 'Soph* nearly snap!

Our new home is ready and waiting for all you lovely ladies.....

Hope you like our slightly adjusted name smile

Fairydogmother Sun 24-Feb-13 08:47:29

Fairydogmother - 33 and TTC from January 2013. I'll know by this Friday if its a bfp!

Soph80 Sun 24-Feb-13 07:24:25

Barking - I honestly don't think they should give results out over the phone. We stupidly talked our GP into giving us DHs SA. His morphology was slightly low but the GP didn't really know about it and so we waiting about 3 months (for our consultant appt) to tell us it really wasn't a big deal.

On a different note, I went on a girlie night out last night, to a 'club' (I use the term loosely). Dear god, I am ready to stop nights like that and ready for a baby lol.

Bunny, 33, married, TTC since June 2012, first for both of us, AF nearly here!
Pipbin, 37, TTC since May 2011, on the waiting list for IVF
Happylass, 35 cycle 7 AF due 17th March
Twinklestar2, 34, ttc since August 2011, BFP due 22 March
Barkingtreefrog, 33, ttc since January 2012
Soph 33, married, TTC #1 since Jul 12 (basically what Bunny said, bar a month!)

barkingtreefrog Sun 24-Feb-13 05:56:57

Bunny, 33, married, TTC since June 2012, first for both of us, AF nearly here!
Pipbin, 37, TTC since May 2011, on the waiting list for IVF
Happylass, 35 cycle 7 AF due 17th March
Twinklestar2, 34, ttc since August 2011, BFP due 22 March
Barkingtreefrog, 33, ttc since January 2012,

Currently lying awake listening to DP snore.....

sazzababs Sun 24-Feb-13 00:40:43

Jeebus! I disappear for a wee while and the thread goes mental! Will catch up on all your shenanigans tomorrah, just wanted to say hey and I'm still here! XD

twinklestar2 Sun 24-Feb-13 00:37:33

Pip - how long is the waiting list?

twinklestar2 Sun 24-Feb-13 00:37:16

Twinklestar2, 34, ttc since August 2011, BFP due 22 March

Thinking its highly unlikely ill get a BFP in march as I'm having the hsg on cd13 and can't dtd for 3 days. Hoping we might get a late egg and catch it though!

happylass Sun 24-Feb-13 00:18:15

Bunny, 33, married, TTC since June 2012, first for both of us, AF nearly here!
Pipbin, 37, TTC since May 2011, on the waiting list for IVF
Happylass, 35 cycle 7 AF due 17th March

Pipbin Sat 23-Feb-13 23:57:12

If he did do it I don't think he would have said. I don't think it was him as both times we have done it it has been a Saturday and I know he doesn't work Saturdays.

Bunny, 33, married, TTC since June 2012, first for both of us, AF nearly here!
Pipbin, 37, TTC since May 2011, on the waiting list for IVF

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Feb-13 23:42:49

Evening! Right nearly time for a new thread, I usually like to start with a list, I do love a list, of all our stats so add yourselves and then it's time for a shiny new thread where the BFPs will be plentiful (I fecking hope so anyway)

Bunny, 33, married, TTC since June 2012, first for both of us, AF nearly here!

happylass Sat 23-Feb-13 23:39:18

Boodle when my friend was in labour she was asked if a male student nurse could come in to observe her being examined internally. When he walked in it was a boy she used to teach! She didn't have a stitch on either! blush

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 23:02:23

shock Pip! Small world, eh?! Do you think he would have brought it up if he had done it?

If I ever do find myself pregnant, there are at least two midwives at our local hospital whose children I have taught! Reeeeally don't want them looking at my bits, but I'd take both of them in an instant if they could sort me out for a 2013 baby!

Pipbin Sat 23-Feb-13 22:51:25

Just got back from a friends house. Now I knew that he worked in the hospital lab, but what I didn't know, until he mentioned it tonight, is that he does sperm counts!! I have no idea if he did DH's but he didn't mention it if he had.

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 22:49:36

Sausage duel! I must make a note to not watch any more as I don't want to see that episode you've mentioned; that would have me shrieking at the telly!

This is just a one-off for me - thoroughly intended to do some work tonight. OBEM just shows how desperate I am to dodge it!

barkingtreefrog Sat 23-Feb-13 22:40:25

Thank you. It is indeed nice to not be ranting into thin air. smile I'm happy to slap you with a sausage for watching OBEM but you'd have to catch it and slap me right back.... I'm a few episodes behind at the moment but the last one I watched was frustrating. The mum who already had two kids and didn't really want anymore but new partner wanted one of his own. Oh, go on then I'll just pop another one in the oven, just like that....

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 22:32:20

Oh...and sorry for the 'rational' thinking!!! I just know how these feelings of "AAAAAAAARRRRGH!" just take hold sometimes, and I didn't want you to feel like you were ranting into thin air! (Or whatever the cyber-equivalent of thin air is.)

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 22:30:31

Unfortunately, no matter what they say on Monday, it most likely will be more waiting. That's all I seem to do at the moment; wait, wait and more waiting! It's agonising. Only thing that keeps me sane at the moment is knowing there are other people out there who understand and are in the same boat / on the same sofa! (Returning to earlier conversations!)

I hope things go well on Monday for you though. I've decided that the best way to cheer myself up tonight is to watch OBEM...have already fetched the remnants of an ice cream tub to see me through it. Pretty sure I need to be happy-slapped with a sausage but am hoping none of the more aggressive elderberries are online!

barkingtreefrog Sat 23-Feb-13 22:13:50

Oi, boodle, stop with all that rational thinking, you're making far too much sense and I've calmed down now < looks worriedly around room to see how boodle got in with the chloroform >.
I don't have a problem with the receptionist she'll just be following routine, I'm just frustrated that I've still got to wait, and trying not to second guess what I'll find out! This is worse than waiting for AF every month!! I've got so many questions and I know what I want them to do but I'm worried the actual result will be more waiting before anything happens.

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 21:59:56

Awww, barking, I can see why you're stressing! Rant all you like and we'll be here to hold a chloroform soaked rag over your face until you pass out stroke your hair and whisper soothing words! wink

Firstly, it sounds to me like the hospital were just covering their asses! It probably would only have taken a week and your first appointment would have been fine...not that that helps you now!

With regards to the receptionist, I wonder if calling to give results is just "something" they do and that it was done without the knowledge that you and your husband were planning to go and get the results at the same time and face-to-face with doctor? I can easily imagine that happening in a busy surgery!

Speaking from my own experience, my doctor ordered LOADS of tests for me and wanted me to go back in and chat about them. SA is only looking at, what, 4 things? Much easier to give over the phone and my DH was told to just ring for the results.

barkingtreefrog Sat 23-Feb-13 21:34:39

Boodle - sorry, I meant temperature rise, my brain is all befuddled as I had much higher temps post O this cycle, and they stayed higher past my AF due day and I got all hopeful then my temperature came crashing down and AF arrived... Hence having the temp drop in my head when what I actually meant was temp rise... My temp always stays below 36.5 pre O and spikes above 36.5 post O, but I've noticed I often have one day of dip below again, which keeps messing up the O prediction and last cycle I used the CBFM which put O as the day before my spike, but because it then dipped below .5 before rising up again, the FF app put O as the day before the second spike. So by the time AF came I was 4 days late on the CBFM prediction (based on their O day and my luteal phase always being 8 days by my calculation) and 2 days late on the FF prediction. Really annoying.

But anyway, RANT ALERT. I have been trying not to obsess about going to the GP to get our results on Monday. I first went to the GP in December as that was the 1 year of ttc and I had all my tests within the month. My DP had to wait for an appointment for SA and by the time he got it I'd already had my tests done and we'd booked a GP appointment for the following week as they said the SA results should be quite quick and we should book a joint appointment so we both pick up our results at the same time and they can fill in the forms to be referred to the fertility clinic or whatever at that point. However, at the hospital they said it could take 3 weeks, so we changed the appointment. Unfortunately the GP we needed to see (apparently there's just one doctor that deals with the fertility stuff) only works two afternoons and one morning, and was on holiday for a week, so it's taken this long to get another appointment.
My DP has been away for a week, abroad, just got back tonight. While he was away the GP's receptionist called him to tell him his results were back and everything was fine with the SA - I just found out when he got back as he didn't want to talk to me about it over the phone.
I am now angry upset worried confused. Why did they tell us to book an appointment when both sets of results were ready if they were going to call him and give him his results anyway? If they were going to call with his results why couldn't I have picked up my results 3 weeks ago and saved 3 weeks of wondering what they are? Does this mean the problem is with me? Is it a good thing that the problem isn't with him? Argh!!!!! sad. Unfortunately my shocked reaction was to burst into tears (not good when I'd spent a week missing him like hell and was so happy to have him back) and fire all these questions at him. It's not like he can answer any of them. I'm still feeling tearful but not really sure why. Just so p$$ssed off that it's happened like this when we were supposed to be able to collect the results together in front of someone who could (hopefully) immediately answer all the questions that are now going round in my head.
Rant over. Sorry. Needed to spit it all out...

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 20:04:02

grin Hmmm - if the weather stays as it is, BRRRRRRR! Don't know if I could handle a 4 hour drive for that!

happylass Sat 23-Feb-13 19:40:10

<hastily apologises to anyone living in or near Bangor>

happylass Sat 23-Feb-13 19:38:50

Bangor so, er no!

Boodle9 Sat 23-Feb-13 19:17:57

Would the 4 hour trek be to somewhere pleasant? That could influence the decision somewhat!

happylass Sat 23-Feb-13 19:12:02

Boodle you may use me as an example anytime smile just to add to that my temp drop is always on cd11 and spike cd12. As I get OV pain on cd 12 I always thought that's when I OV. But since temping I realised I may have been timing things a little late. In the case of next weekend we will probably DTD Thursday night before DP goes away and that should cover it (along with regular sex in the days before that of course!) I'm totally with barking though in that if I miss any days in shag week I always think what if that was the one that would get me upduffed ?? seriously considers 4 hour trek to DTD next weekend

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