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What the fecking feck is going on?

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Bottleoffish Thu 24-Jan-13 22:19:55

We are TTC, although I had two LLetz procedures fairly recently. (To remove pre cancerous cells after an abnormal smear) I've been given the go ahead to conceive though.

However, my cycles seem completely messed up. I had a period during my second LLetz procedure then didn't have another period for 8 weeks. Then had my normal period, albeit a very heavy one, 35 days after that, but I don't think I ovulated during that cycle, as no positive OPK and no EWCM etc.

Since my last period I am now on CD16 and I have been getting stronger lines on OPKs, with near positives yesterday and today, although digital OPK said not ovulating.

However, I am now cramping and am bleeding. Not sure how heavy it is yet, but its definitely more than spotting.

What on earth is going on? My periods have always been really regular lar before and this is really abnormal for me.

Bottleoffish Fri 25-Jan-13 13:46:17

Anyone? Please?

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