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What's likely to happen- chemical pregnancy?

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Francescarose Wed 23-Jan-13 21:49:30


I had a bfp on Sunday followed by bfn's ever since. I can only assume this is due to a chemical pregnancy. For those of you who have sadly had these before, I wondered how soon I am likely to bleed? Will it be at normal period time? Am due Friday according to fertility friend. Also is there any known impact on fertility next month?

Thank you

Darksideofthe80s Wed 23-Jan-13 22:02:28

I had bfp on christmas eve, bfn on 30th started bleeding later that night, red from the start.
Af came today bang on schedule.
Not sure on impact on fertility, I'm sure I read you are more fertile after mc.

RedRobin1 Thu 24-Jan-13 11:30:04

Sorry you are going through this. I had a CP in july last year. Faint positive on test on Wed and AF arrived on Friday - red and full heavy flow.

My tests kept getting fainter on thursday instead of darker and the digital ones came up as bfns.

Fertility wise I have heard many others conceive soon after a CP, however its been 5 months since and I am still ttc. I ovulated bang on time in August and it didn't seem to have any effect on my cycles.

MagdalenVanstone Thu 24-Jan-13 11:33:40

Hi, I'm sorry for you.

I had BFP on day before AF due and day AF due, then BFN next day and got
my period 1 week late.

Nurse at EPU said if I was getting negative tests HCG level already very low so she would expect bleeding within 7 days.

mycatlikestwiglets Thu 24-Jan-13 17:40:23

I've just had a chemical pregnancy myself - I tested on Monday, 2 days after AF was due, and got my BFP. Was just getting excited as I also had a number of pregnancy symptons when they pretty much disappeared yesterday. After low level stomach pain all day AF appeared last night (so 5 days late) and much heavier than usual. If your AF isn't due yet, you will probably have a few days to wait before anything happens but you may find it comes as usual on Friday.

I've also heard that fertility is higher after miscarriage so am hopeful for next month but not sure whether that applies to chemical pregnancy. Fingers crossed for everyone waiting for a true BFP.

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