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Experience of vasectomy reversal after 14 years?

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hopetobeamom Wed 23-Jan-13 08:11:01

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading smile

My partner had a vasectomy about 14 years ago. From a t'interweb search it's not looking very hopeful for us to have a successful reversal.

I wondered if anyone has been in a similar boat, did you decide to try for a reversal, or go with IVF/alternate options or just opt to keep a cat instead?!

What down sides did you come across? What advice do you have?

He's going to see his GP about options, but I was hoping for views/experience of folks who've been faced with this situation.

Appreciate all your comments smile

Nuttybiscuits Wed 22-May-13 14:20:33

Hi Hope,

Just found your thread - are you still considering VR?

My partner recently had a VR 12 years after his initial vasectomy. We went to Duncan Harriss, he was wonderful. It's still early days yet, so we don't know the results... but fingers crossed.

He did see his GP, but he was useless, just wrote a referral (which we didn't need) and gave him the same statistics that we had found online.

We decided to go for VR rather than IVF straight away because I really wanted the opportunity to try like a normal couple, and if it worked it would give us the option to try for a second 'for free'! A few months on from the VR, and the relief of feeling like we could be normal is lovely. I know I might be kidding myself, won't know until he has his SA, but for now, normal is nice smile

Hope this gives you something to go on x

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