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AMH testing - Hertfordshire

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flawless Wed 23-Jan-13 19:27:20

Thank you ScarlettInSpace - I will.

Irishmammybread - thank you for your message. I will look into it. Good luck x

Irishmammybread Mon 21-Jan-13 23:05:39

Hi, google DuoFertility, it's a programme that involves using a temperature monitor to chart your cycle, but they offer a range of blood sample kits you can order that are sent to you through the post. When I had my first miscarriage last year I phoned them to discuss using a monitor and they suggested checking AMH levels first. The kit was about £50, it arrived within a couple of days of ordering it and I just made an appointment with the nurse at my GP clinic to have the blood sample taken. There's a prepaid envelope to send it off and results were phoned through to me a few days later.
I don't think the NHS currently offer AMH testing. My GP was happy to run progesterone levels on the NHS to check I was ovulating, but despite having three consecutive miscarriages last year I was told I wouldn't be entitled to any miscarriage investigation. I'm 44 so I was told chance of miscarriage was high due to age anyway and we have three children already so that rules out a lot of chromosomal issues that can be tested for. The advice I was given was to try again if I wanted but to take aspirin if I manage to get pregnant again.
Good luck!

ScarlettInSpace Mon 21-Jan-13 19:48:26

Tbh with 3 MC you should really be asking your GP for a referral to an NHS fertility unit, they will set up all the tests including this one wink

flawless Mon 21-Jan-13 19:32:31

Hello - my acupuncturist said I should. I've googled it but can't find anywhere locally. I got a quote from a private hospital of £185!!! I was thinking of calling my GP to ask for advice?

ScarlettInSpace Sun 20-Jan-13 22:37:50

Hi, who has recommended you? I was recommended by my NHS fertility unit, they did the test there but I had to pay £77.

flawless Sun 20-Jan-13 11:03:48

Hi all - I've been advised to get my AMH levels tested - I'm 41 and 3 MC's. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the Hemel Hempstead/Watford/St Albans area please? Any idea of costs too? Thank you

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