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Newbie here - what the hell is going on?? Any thoughts?

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costumequeen Sun 20-Jan-13 10:43:27

Hi! First time posting on this board, so bear with me!
We decided to ttc baby no. 2 this year, so started on NYE! My previous period started on 19/12/12 soshould have been the right time. We have been lucky enough to concieve first time both times I've been pregnant (1 miscarriage, 1 2 yr old!) and for the past month I've had all the usual symptoms - sore boobs, nausea, headaches, achy limbs, various cramps and pulling etc. But bang on 28 days I get my period, but not usual 5 day heavy one, but lighter, shorter and more mucusy! Lasted just over 24 hours and now I'm back to feeling sick etc. I took 2 tests but both neg but prob too early as took them just before period due.
Off to docs next week as the cramping has been.on and off for past 4 weeks, and have been getting them in between periods for past 3 months anyway.
So what do you reckon? Pregnant? Early miscarriage? Nothing at all and just hopeful? Or something else - fybroids etc? Going crazy here!!

Craftsonsea Sun 20-Jan-13 13:23:08

Hey costumequeen, I wasn't sure about answering your question as I kinda know you through the bloggers bit but didn't want your stress to go unanswered and sadly I am lurking on conceiving quite a bit at the moment! With ds I has a v light period that lasted two days and also did 5 negative tests, so in my experience it is possible that you are pregnant. Having said that, when I started ttc this time my periods suddenly went totally random and I have had every effing symptom in the effing book. Bah. Cramps in between periods could be ovulation pains, but it could be something else, dr will prob offer you a smear or something else nice and maybe a scan if that's clear? Am crossing my fingers it's a BFP in waiting for you though x

costumequeen Sun 20-Jan-13 13:35:48

Hey Crafts - thanks for your reply I appreciate it, nice to see a virtual familiar face smile
Yeah I thought maybe the mid cycle cramps were ovulation pains as I'm regular as clockwork but it's been much worse this month and all over the shop - took to my bed a couple of times! Also really bloated and don't feel right at all! Was so convinced about bfp but getting a weird period has totally thrown me!! Have you been trying long this time round? Good luck to you too smile

Craftsonsea Sun 20-Jan-13 13:47:06

smile on month 7 of trying which is driving me batty, got pregnant straight away first time so presumed this would be the same. Umm... It's not. Will cross fingers yours was an implementation bleed or at least that you find out one way or the other soon, waiting and stressing is no fun at all x

costumequeen Sun 20-Jan-13 14:26:23

Blimey I'm not surprised you're feeling fed up! It's a natural assumption to make that it will happen the same way secobd time round though. Lets hope we bothe get good news before the end of the month then x

Craftsonsea Sun 20-Jan-13 19:15:54

Yes, do let me know! Obviously in RL we haven't told anyone but of course on mumsnet is totally different, no one ever looks on this site ;) x

costumequeen Mon 21-Jan-13 12:41:08

So went to the drs and urine test shows neg but she's done bloods to check hormone levels and swabs to check for infection. Now I've just got to wait!
A few rl friends know my nickname but would be very surprised if they ever looked here! Feel free to have a moan at me if you need to Crafts - it must get a bit lonely if you've told no one :-( x

Craftsonsea Tue 22-Jan-13 12:51:28

Ah, well have told two people but tbh I couldn't face many people either asking how its going or avoiding the question like it's something embarrassing. Will let you know when / if I get news! Hope the results come back quickly for you and they manage to sort out whatever the issue is x

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