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TTC for the first time

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bluefreckles Thu 17-Jan-13 18:50:24

Hello ladies

I would like to start a thread/bus/merry-go-round to meet, get support and share with ladies in the same boat as me:

TTC baby no 1!

Will you join me and see it through to the BFP?!

A bit about me - I'm 29, DP is 35. This will be our first child.

bluefreckles Sun 27-Jan-13 07:00:17

Oh my god roofio, congratulations!!

What stage are you at in your cycle??

roofio87 Sun 27-Jan-13 07:08:00

I can't be too sure. my cycles are a little hard to predict. if its a normal 28 day-er then my periods not due till wed. but I think I ovulated 2 days earlier than expected this month (no charting or opks though its more just instinct) so would be tomorrow. had a + test now and got a faint + Fri so guessing it might be earlier!!x

WakeyCakey Sun 27-Jan-13 11:39:54

Congratulations roofio
Yay so happy to see a BFP on here smile

roofio87 Sun 27-Jan-13 12:10:22

thanks wakeycakey still doesn't quite feel real!! feeling sick today but I think its more excitement and nerves than morning sickness!! grin grin grin

kd83 Sun 27-Jan-13 17:04:06

roofio congratulations!! Did you have any early symptoms?

Still one week to go before AF is due. Trying not to climb the walls!!

roofio87 Sun 27-Jan-13 17:11:43

kd83 I kept putting things to the back of my mind but now I know I'm pg I definitely feel it. I am really tired all the time and been having headaches. peeing a lot,but I'm drinking a lot of water too. boobs got bigger. feeling a bit sick today but I think its mostly nerves and excitement!! the 2ww is a nightmare,just try to take ur mind of it!!xx

Liquoriceallsort Sun 27-Jan-13 17:24:13

Good luck with your test grizzly - let me know how you get on smile. I've been doing some research and apparently taking b vitamin tablets is good to control spotting. I have started taking it this month so I will let you know if it makes a difference. Mine has been ever since I came off the pill a year ago- it has never bothered me as it has always been closely followed by af the next day but now we are ttc perhaps I should get it checked out...

Congratulations roofio how lovely to see a BFP on this thread!!

firsttimekat Sun 27-Jan-13 19:05:53

Congratulations roofio so pleased for you.

AF due by Wednesday, but a bit irregular so tempted to test earlier as that is the longest likely. We'll see how long I last!

bluefreckles Mon 28-Jan-13 09:35:52

Hello everyone

I'm on CD17 of an unknown cycle length.

Had EWCM (i think!) on CD13 and DTD 3 times that week.

I have had a strange 'pinching' feeling in, what I assume is, my womb since yesterday midday.

Anyone had experience of this? Almost feels like early/mild AF cramps...

DailySliceOfGato Mon 28-Jan-13 14:07:56

AHH, congratulations roofio!

Sorry blue, haven't experienced this myself. They seem a bit early for implantation cramps (according to this website anyway

WakeyCakey Mon 28-Jan-13 18:24:19

Hey blue I'm unknown cycle too as came off my pill at new year and have so far had two bleeds.
I suffer from endometriosis so can't work out if any pains are for AF/endo/ovulation or just completely random.

Are your cycles just long or completely irregular?

bluefreckles Mon 28-Jan-13 19:04:15

wakey - well I've only had two proper cycles since coming off the pill. One at 28 days and one at 42...!
I think I am ovulating at the moment and I'm on CD17 so hoping they are getting back to normal... We'll see!

vicki2122 Mon 28-Jan-13 19:34:21

Hi can i join ttc our first baby im 27 dp 29 we have been ttc for 2 months now and no luck i try and hope i am pregnant but need some friends in same boat as me smile

firsttimekat Mon 28-Jan-13 20:01:48

Welcome vicki

blue I had the same sort of feeling, but can't help identify what it is sorry!

So after visiting my parents over the weekend and getting the 'when am I going to be a grandparent' speech I tested this morning which was naughty as its early and I got a BFN which was still disappointing. Got home from work and was sick which is odd, and one to add to my random list of odd things going on.

I will wait till Thursday to test again, not giving up hope until AF arrives.

Anyone else getting pressure to have a baby and got any tips for dealing with people?

vicki2122 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:14:10

Can i ask is everyone excited but scared about being pregnant?

Poppy79 Mon 28-Jan-13 21:44:22

Hi Kat, yes lots of pressure asking when there'll be a baby! family, friends even people you hardly know make comments. Anyone else feel like they're being watched like a hawk for anyway give away signs? Like not drinking or eating certain foods, one guy even told me his wife had said as soon as I give up playing hockey that'll be it they'll know I'm pregnant. The way we usually deal with them is try and laugh it off, "yes, one day maybe,... He's got the dog that's OH's baby ;) ....enjoying hockey too much at the mo.....we'd like another nice holiday or 2 before we think about ttc...." Keep smiling & hopefully they'll get the message or hopefully by then you'll have some happy news to tell them smile x

WakeyCakey Mon 28-Jan-13 21:48:49

The worst is at work. Because they know dp is older than me they know we are keen to have kids soon, but I can't control when that happens.
If I feel sick at work: I'm pregnant
Have a headache: pregnant
New uplifting bra meaning boobs looking a little bigger: twins!!!
It's getting silly.

One of my best friends at work is TTC and has been for 3 years with no luck and she's 28.
I feel so bad when people do it to her knowing full well she isn't pregnant!!

Sshsecretenclosed Mon 28-Jan-13 22:06:31

Hi vicki, I'm scared too. Scared that we won't be able to conceive but also scared if we do conceive we will have a real life baby! It's a crazy idea but something I'm so dead set on. It's nice to come somewhere vent all these feelings and everyone understands :-) xxx

vicki2122 Tue 29-Jan-13 04:25:01

I no im the same as you
Scared about conceiving and scared about not being able to and to be honest im worried i wont cope when my dp goes to work and im alone i need people i can talk to i dont have friends xxx

Sshsecretenclosed Tue 29-Jan-13 17:06:09

I just worry that I'm thinking it'll be all to easy to conceive. I need to realise that if don't conceive straight away it doesn't immediately mean that we won't xxx

bluefreckles Tue 29-Jan-13 17:50:07

I think it normally takes a few months. A lucky few conceive straight away. Not me - we're on cycle 2... smile

Kittykat1978 Tue 29-Jan-13 18:00:22

Hi all, great to read so many women in the same boat! It's our first month ttc, I'm using the cbfm and have used for 2 months now as wanted it to know me a bit better when we started trying. First month text book low, high then peak by cd14...This month lows until cd17 then highs ever since! Wtf?! My cycle is only 25/26 days and now on 22. Mmm. Perhaps I didn't o? However bd'd loads anyway now in tww. Symptom spotting is doing me no good at all!
Anyhow my fingers are crossed for us all! X

Kittykat1978 Tue 29-Jan-13 18:01:25

Hey blue freckles- what did you do to distract yourself in the tww?!

vicki2122 Tue 29-Jan-13 18:07:04

Yea can i ask is it possible to have symptoms with the first week of pregnancy?

WakeyCakey Tue 29-Jan-13 18:18:02

I worry too about not being able to.
I had an MC 5 years ago and haven't tried since.
I always thought it was one night without protection as that's what they said in school.
I never saw myself having an app on my phone to track my periods and checking my pants for EWCM blush

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