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Clearblue Fertility Moniter

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viviennewestwould Fri 18-Jan-13 11:37:57

The CBFM works by demanding you have lots of sex over many days. It's not rocket science.

Pipbin Sun 13-Jan-13 12:31:38

Hi, I have a CBFM, and I have done trials for Clearblue testing the CBFM.
What it effectively is, is a gadget that looks at your opk stick for you.
The advantage is that you can test first thing in the morning and it tells you that you are in your fertile week. However they are by no means infallible. When I was doing the trials for CB I had my own monitor and the trial one. I would use the same stick in both. One month my CBFM only got to a high, however their one gave a positive.
This morning I got a positive on an OPK and the CBFM stick looked positive to me, but the CBFM said high only.
Also, it once said that I had a peak when actually I didn't OV until a week later.

cocoachannel Sun 13-Jan-13 12:08:28

I used mine to conceive DD after an ectopic left my cycle all over the place. You have to start it on the first day of your period, but I just set the cycle (pressing the 'm' button) but didn't bother POAS until around the time I knew I would be ovulating (I used a period tracker app to work this out). It meant I only used four sticks. I got pregnant that first month so didn't have to repeat!

Good luck!

NotADriveBy Sat 12-Jan-13 08:46:18

I've been using one for two months. It's pretty easy to use but does require commitment (e.g. you have to use first morning urine - and bleary-eyed POASing first thing in the morning is always a bit of a struggle).

The CBFM is different from the separate Clearblue ovulation tests. It's a little machine that you start to use when your next period arrives. You tell it each time you start your period (by pressing a certain button), and then you're supposed to turn it on every morning when you wake up after that, and it will tell you whether or not to POAS. The CBFM then gives three possible fertility 'statuses' - low, high (for the few days up to ovulation) and peak (for the two most fertile days during ovulation).

I've heard it's not as accurate as separate sticks which you can use any time of day e.g. in the afternoon, but the advantage is that it tells you 'high' days so you can start ramping up the DTD-action to increase your chances.

Once you get used to it, and to your own cycle, you can use certain shortcuts (discussed a lot in various forums around the internet) to reduce the number of test sticks you use.

Bubblegum78 Fri 11-Jan-13 21:07:03

I have started using the clearblue ovulation tests, is that what you mean?

I was under the impression that you peed on 1 stick a day and it will come up with a smily face on your 2 most fertile days.

Am I wrong? x

Irishmammybread Fri 11-Jan-13 21:01:07

Hi ilikebaking ,I like baking too!
I don't know much about the cbfm and you probably wont want to invest in more expensive gadgetry ,but when you mentioned you couldn't check your bbt because of varying sleep patterns I just wondered if you had come across the Duofertility monitor.
It's a small device you wear day and night that takes temp readings continually so you don't need to worry about timing taking your temp. You have a reader which you use to download the data to a fertility centre and it creates a chart for you.It is very easy to use. The team of fertility experts are available for advice by email or phone and they do a report with an overview of your fertility after a few months.
It will pinpoint ovulation but as it only detects the temp after it occurs it is retrospective,whereas your cbfm or using opk sticks should give you clues before. However after a few cycles you can start to see patterns and it suggests the 5 days you are most likely to be fertile.
It is stupidly expensive but in some cases they give a guarantee and if you don't get pregnant in 12 mths you are entitled to a full refund. As I found out though getting pregnant doesn't necessarily equate to having a baby and after several miscarriages I'm not entitled to a refund.
Might be worth googling it though?
I use mine in combination with opk sticks and monitoring ewcm but it's not an exact science is it!
Good luck!

greenlizard Fri 11-Jan-13 18:45:01

Not sure but I ordered one today too!! I have been temping for a few months and it is a bit confusing if you vary your waking times and travelling as i do but it has shown me a bit of a trend. Am hoping the monitor might prove to be a bit more scientific! Good luck.

deliasmithy Fri 11-Jan-13 18:41:23

Yep I have one of these.
Commitment is POAS days 6 to 16 or 26 for first cycle, will vary each cycle thereafter.
You have to POAS within the same 6 hr time frame each day.
It works by comparing each stick to look for changes. Mine detected a surge on cycle day 20 for me. Sadly nothing came of it, so trying again!

ilikebaking Fri 11-Jan-13 14:38:25

Does anybody have one of these?
I have ordered one and it is being delivered tomorrow morning.
The internet instructions are confusing me a bit, how does it work? What level of commitment does it require?

I can't chart BBT as I am up at random times and it just isn't accurate. I have tried using internet cheapie OPKs and never detected a LH surge.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!

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