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Ding Ding! The February Bus is departing...C'mon Cupid, please deliver some BFPs

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BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Thu 10-Jan-13 14:46:28

Hello all, I've been hanging around hoping to catch the February bus but it hasn't appeared....So I've decided to get this passion wagon on the road...Anyone else want to get on board?

Bridget&theHairyBrigands ttc#2 BFP due 1st February

Let's hope the month of luuurvve is lucky for us all...

lyndsey90 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:03:39

Haha there is no ignorance here, not really! All I know is OH wants more involvement with our baby than he did with his DD when she was born. His ex wife took complete control, he didn't have much to do with her until him and his ex wife split.

blondiedollface Tue 05-Feb-13 22:07:44

Oh I didn't mean like that!!! blush I just meant the birth-giving bit smile

lyndsey90 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:14:32

Oh. That. Well. That's what has put me off TTC, sorta crossing my fingers for next month pmsl. Obviously I'm only joking but ya understand? Lol. My sis had her DS when she was 16 on only gas and air, she was also induced and had 9pound12ounce baby!! I was proud!

Wardy17 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:28:19

Congrats Hayle and Lyndsey, so so happy for you both xx

QueenofClean Wed 06-Feb-13 06:25:27

Hayle I have a 7yr age gap between DD1 & 2 it's lovely. Think we are a bit crazy having another one so close together this time around tho.

Ooo congrats to all the BFP's hoping next week gets here fast bypassing the fact I'm 30 on Friday

No symptoms as yet. Only ones I had with DD2 were swollen boobs & need to pee every 5 mins. Nothing as yet.

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 08:12:14

AF is definitely approaching sad

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 08:29:38

Couldn't get a of test last night so used an ov test this morning, there was one dark line and one lighter, so I guess I'm probably off the feb bus

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 08:37:23

Sorry meant couldn't get a pg test!

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 08:42:33

Which was your dark line and which was The light one wardy

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:01:36

Im not entirely sure which line is which but I think the faint line is the one that tells me if I'm ovulating as when I was testing this was the line that was changing.

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:17:55

Still a second line is a line....

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:21:41

I thought that second line always appeared. I'm obessing now and driving myself crazy!!

MotherOfCleo Wed 06-Feb-13 09:26:42

wardy the second line should always appear as you say, if the second line is dark then you are OVing. I would get a pg test. smile

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:29:30

Yeah will get one this eve!! AF due tomorrow but really feel like it could be today

sambrads Wed 06-Feb-13 10:47:43

i have not idea how the ov tests work so cant give any advice wardy but hope its a good sign grin
blondie my DD is 6 months and i wanted to start ttc as soon as possible cause i know this can be a long process but hopefully we will get BFP this month. I had to get fertility treatment with DC2 cause i was ovulating at all so I do not take TTC for granted it really gets to you and takes over your life.

I havent a clue wat way my cycles are some months 28 days some 30 days last AF was 10th January so gonna wait til friday to start testing although im very tempted now. I know i ovulated day 15 / 16 so didnt ovulate late even though my cycles can be late.

blondiedollface Wed 06-Feb-13 12:44:50

Still no AF, still BFN...

lovesthechaos3 Wed 06-Feb-13 12:59:03

Same here Blondie poas about half an hour ago, bfn, af a day late which never happens!! Going crazy here

blondiedollface Wed 06-Feb-13 13:10:34

I think AF should have been here between the 30th Jan and 3rd Feb as 28-30 day cycle last AF started 4th/5th Jan so am now 3-6 days late...

Boo. Loves I feel your pain - I'm not gutted but I'd like to know either way IYSWIM... Feel a bit in limbo!

lovesthechaos3 Wed 06-Feb-13 14:20:52

I feel exactly the same blondie hate the not knowing either way

padster75 Wed 06-Feb-13 15:39:00

Af's just rocked up 2 days early ........ so guess I fall off the wagon and onto the next. Here's hoping that those still trundling on get the BFP we all dream of x

babyrose Wed 06-Feb-13 16:40:20

I didnt even say when my bfp was due, its the 14th which would be nice.

Wardy that sounds promising, I've heard some woman saying that ovulation sticks picking up pregnancy hormones.

chocoloulou33 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:18:57

Congrats on the bfp's.
padster boo hiss to the witch, more bd'ing for you this month x

Wardy17 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:32:27

babyrose I hope so I am going to do a pg test when I get home FX!!!

babyrose Wed 06-Feb-13 17:36:04

I Will keep my fI'd crossed for you!

My cramps are in my lower back now but very light.

lovesthechaos3 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:39:02

All to thread number two!! Can't believe we filled this up by the 6th smile Hopefully lots more BFP's to come. Keep Shagging Girls smile

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