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Weird discharge CD19 - wtf?

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JumpHerWho Wed 09-Jan-13 11:18:32

I came off the pill and had my first period on Dec 20th. Had lots of, erm, fun over Xmas with DH, but not officially trying (DS1 is 12mo)

Anyway I'd been feeling really crap over the week prior to this happening, stomach cramps and I thought I had a UTI - haven't had one before afaik but seemed to fit my symptoms. Then on CD19 I was sorting brekkie for DS and felt suddenly really nauseous, ran to the loo and sat down thinking it was going to be a poo and I had a fairly large clot thing come out of my vagina. It was about 2in long, brownish with whitish gloop too, followed by stretchy pale brown discharge. Nothing else came out, no more blood or tissue.

My question is wtf was it?! My instant thought was that it was an early miscarriage because of the pain and thing that came out, but it wasn't, was it. Could it have been implantation bleeding? Or some kind of leftover tissue my body wanted rid of? I've been cramping a little in the couple of days since it happened, but nothing like as bad, the general feeling of unwellness and total exhaustion has passed. I slept for 2 hours afterwards and did the day beforehand too.

Any ideas or advice much appreciated, sorry for the tmi!


JellyCurls Wed 09-Jan-13 12:41:50

Didnt want to read and run. I cant really help in telling you what it was but I can say I had something similar a few months back.

I had a cp in August and the cycle followign that I though I was pregnant again. All the signs were there except a positive test. Anyways had bad cramp feelings on night and though I needed to poo but all that happened was a lump of clear pinkish jelly passed from the from my vagina. Next day had stringy brown discharge and after a few days cramping my period arrived heavier than normal. I put it down to not having a period after my cp the month before.

So cant really help in telling you what it was, what about calling the family planning people to ask advice? Good luck and hope you are ok

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