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Anyone waiting till 2015 to TTC?!

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AmandaCooper Wed 09-Jan-13 12:20:00

I didn't have much choice!

lollydollydrop Tue 08-Jan-13 20:32:05

Thats a v good idea Amanda I will join it when I find it! (theres soo many?!!)

Then I can help all the young newbies in a couple years ;) I dont know how you managed to wait when you didnt know how long it would be for- ARGH!!!

AmandaCooper Tue 08-Jan-13 08:38:38

Lolly there may not be many in the same boat as you but there is a waiting to TTC thread that you could join, with your wait eventually you'll be a sage old timer with TTC knowledge to rival Toni Weschler. I waited from 2009 to 2012 to TTC and found the support on that thread absolutely invaluable. Time drags when you are waiting for something like that - for me it was waiting for DH to come on board; at least you know when your end date is. FWIW we conceived first month trying and so did a lot of people on the waiting thread. Good luck!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 07-Jan-13 23:56:53

lollydollydrop nope I have a 16 week son. So will be my second. He was unplanned but is amazing. That's why I'm not 100% sure when I'll ttc another as I want to enjoy him for a while but I don't want him to be alone.

Lolly that would be a very busy 9 months if you did all that, but I suppose it would be one way to pass the time smile

Hopefully things happen for you soon bearface

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 20:35:56

As we get older Bearface we are increasing our chances of multiples grin

I have a feeling in my bones that I am going to bear twins.. a psychic has told several members of my family that either me or my brother will have them, and so I know its silly but incase it does happen and it is me, I need to be more settled than ever! (own a house etc)

Its difficult when everyone around you is getting pregnant/married and its not your turn yet! fb is a swine for that.

I think I will wait till we have been TTC for 6 months, if it hasnt happened yet go to the doctor and pretend its been over a year LOL

Bearface Mon 07-Jan-13 19:08:57

Thanks Lolly - I'm okay. Lots of people have it far worse than me, so like you I'm just grateful forwhat I have got and that our potential baby is still in the pipelines so to speak!

I'm 34 in a few days and we stopped using contraception when I was 32. DH is the same age. But lots of my friends have had babies when they were that bit older than I am now. This year alone 4 people I know have had LOs at age 34, 35 and 41, so although age is a factor, it just depends on the couple I think and your own fertility.

BTW I'm just suggesting that you could get checked out if you wanted to - please don't think I'm advising you to. It's totally up to you, and you're right, I think they might tell you to come back when you're properly trying.

So far, I've only had blood tests, so I have no experience of the rest. It seems to depend on what they think your problem might be, if indeed you have one. Sometimes they can't find out at all. They only really send you on for invasive tests if you have something that can't be identified from blood analysis such as suspected blocked tubes. For blood tests, they check your hormone levels at different times of the month to check you're ovulating and that you can sustain a pregnancy.

This link might be useful to you, but I wouldn't read it unless you actually want to go and have the tests done. I don't want to unnecessarily scare you, but on the other hand, I'm sure you're a big girl and can handle it! smile

It's the PDF booklet from NICE in the final paragraph of this page:

P.S. I'm sure you can do all that in 9 months but would be crazy hectic!

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 18:42:08

Thankyou for sharing Bearface xxx I am sorry that you have not had your BFP yet (LO's means little ones btw!) and I do hope that you get the news that you both so want. I dont think it is you paying the price for not trying earlier- every couple deserve time together. It would be the worst thing in the world to resent your children, and this way when they arrive they will be treasured and the most precious and longed for things in the world.

May I ask how old you are? We will start trying age 30 at the earliest (OH would prob try sooner as he doesnt want to be an 'old' dad and has funny ideas what constitutes 'old'!!)

You say you would advise me to get checked out- I wouldnt have a clue where to begin? Do you just go to your GP and say you have been ttc with no luck? Do they refer you on to a special clinic and how invasive are the tests exactly (other than blood tests?) I am very naive to this- is it something you pay for or do the NHS cover it? I feel I would be laughed out the office at my age.. I would like to do it though- and how amazing if you could find out how many eggs you have in reserve!!

I hear what you're saying about fertility problems, and I am very sorry that your baby is making you wait a while. I do wonder how much this site is biased.. surely most people who are on here and ttc are those who it is delayed for? Well, a lot of ladies anyway.. you dont hear as much of the 'i got pregnant in the first month' here. Like reviews.. people write bad reviews, rarely good ones. Just the cynic in me!! I would be freaking out a bit if we tried TTC before we were 'ready' and we Did fall pregnant (though I know actually I should be counting my lucky stars and feel blessed.) I guess we would have 9 months to plan.. can you buy a house, plan a wedding and get married in 9 months? LOL

Bearface Mon 07-Jan-13 18:28:21

Not sure what LO's are?? confused

I totally understand that. We waited when we could have got going on it about 4 years ago. Eventually we started 'not preventing' about 18 months ago, but didn't really know anything about TTC and some months we just didn't do it at all because of being different countries. Then when I went along to the docs I mentioned about having had an 11 day period which concerned me slightly and I just wanted to check that I shouldn't be alarmed (mine are normally 7-8 days). The doc then started asking about TTC and we told her we were. She then hauled DH and I in for tests saying we should do it to be on the safe side. Turns out DH's test was inconclusive - he's got to redo it as it's borderline and I'm redoing blood tests left, right and centre because I didn't ovulate last month and they seem to have found something wrong with my prolactin and testosterone levels. It could just have been that month, which is why I'm redoing them, but I'm also not pg yet after now 6 months of actively trying and 18 months of no contraception. sad

So, I'm not telling you this to scare you at all although I realise it looks like it. DH and I were talking the other day saying would we change anything about the timing of TTC knowing what we know now and we came to the conclusion that we wouldn't because we had some fab times just the two of us in the last few years which we wouldn't have been able to do if we had had children. Might seem a bit selfish, but we wanted to do stuff as a married couple together first. Maybe we're paying the price now, or maybe it was jsut meant to be this way? Who knows? Can't dwell on that anyway and have to look forwards.

For you, maybe it would give you peace of mind to get yourself and DP checked out so at least you know when you do start TTC there aren't any obstacles. A friend of mine did that and they were fine and pleased that they did. You might encounter some doctors who won't do it until you've actually been TTC for a while though.

Sorry for the essay/life story! blush

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 18:14:20

Bless you! <3 True love <3 Do you have LO's? I did wonder about waiting TTC until a couple years after marriage, but tbh the horror stories regarding women's fertility scare me. I am well aware it is normal to tale 1-2 years to fall pregnant, and if there are any problems you could do with being on the younger side to 'sort them out'. But also that it may happen straight away, and I want to have enjoyed the time without them fully/not have any regrets etc

Bearface Mon 07-Jan-13 18:10:33

Hee hee to 'his best friend' Lolly! No, my first love is acually my DH. [heart emoticon] We've been together for years and years and years. It'll be 15 years this year <goes all daft and soppy>

Stick with your plan though - there's no rush.

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 18:04:05

Aww Bearface! First love is still my love in a way- they always will be wont they-but now i'm with his best friend!!!

Penguin- we have waited bloody ages! I decided to go back to Uni September just gone as I knew it would be too difficult with a baby, so thats put it back another year. OH wants to buy a house before we tic, and I really want to be married first (he doesnt care about which way around that happens). Last year I passed my driving test at the age of 27(!) so have crossed that off the list.. and at the end of this year OH becomes debt free :D

Will it be your first Penguin?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 07-Jan-13 17:53:31

I might ttc in 2014/2015. I haven't fully decided when or if I def will. You've waited a long time if you've been broody from 23.

Bearface Mon 07-Jan-13 17:53:20

Ha ha - mine too! Except first love is still my love. smile

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 17:48:21

Thanks Bearface! Out of curiosity- why your name? Bearface was my nickname for years from my first love! :D

Bearface Mon 07-Jan-13 17:45:22

Ahh - waving your flag with you Lolly! Sorry but I'm in a different boat, but hope you find some folks to chat to about this. Good luck for when the time comes.

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 17:41:51

I think I am the only person so daft excited enough to be planning so far in advance? Feeling like the only person in the world right now! A check online reveals no other boards with ladies in my position, so maybe I'll have to wait another year for anyone to join me! waves my little flag

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 14:02:55

Just little old me?

lollydollydrop Mon 07-Jan-13 11:55:23

Or am I the only one?

We plan to get married in June 2015 and then start trying straight away, we each turn 30 that month also.

Been broody since we were 23 though! Its hard. I need to finish my masters and get a good job, buy a house and marry first. sad

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